Sunday, July 30, 2017

On a plane

If you are wondering, I got my Europe package from Matta Fair early this year. We could not get the RM4688 for the same deal but in the end, we bought RM4988 package + RM700 Eurostar ticket for 9 days 6 nights including accommodation, breakfast and dinner.  Some thought it was a good deal as it was a summer trip and we covered 5 countries throughout the trip. And I thought so too.

What were I not so looking forward to the holiday?? The long flight. I hate long flight. So what did I do when I were on a flight, especially the long-haul one?

I've travelled and seated on a plane for more than 9 hours from KL to Central Europe. Turkish Airlines to Istanbul and connecting to London, another 3 hours plus in the plane.

The plane model

By the way, did I tell you I have a little plane anxiety? I hate sitting inside a plane doing nothing. I couldnt even doze off. Even if I were tired, how can I get comfortable sleeping with the plane floating in the air.

I used to travel quite often during my working days but mostly to West Malaysia which takes about 1.75 hours only. The longest flight I took was from Singapore to Korea back in 2010. That was it.

So what did I do in this long hours flight which takes more than half day and from one continent to another??

1. Dining!!
We dined 2 times from KL to Turkey and then once from Turkey to London. I were actually looking forward to the meals. International cuisine was simply good and comforting when we were airbound.

2. Reading and talking
Bought some travel guides and learn a bit of foreign language onboard. Felt like honeymoon again with hubby.  Yes, it was quite rejuvenating to travel without the kids (not that I did not missed them while I were abroad).

3. TV screen
Watched most of the movies before so I couldnt bother much. But I caught up with some live international news and interactive games.

4. Get comfy
I took off my shoes on flight. Don't worry, in my clean socks and no one complained. *wink*  Stretching myself now and then. Since I started off with night flight, I did catch on some sleep for few hours. Need all the energy for my Europe adventure so I tried to sleep as much as I could but again all those wine and food did not helped much as I am always a light sleeper.

5. To the loo
I tried not to visit the plane's loo as many times as possible. Hate the long walking to one and passing many people looking back at you. Lol. But actually the thought of many people using the same loo just freaked me up.

6. Sky gazing
Who doesn't love the sky with its beautiful clouds. I took out my camera and take some shots of the sky and what's below me.

Day started to break

Beautiful sky

We stopped for a couple of hours in Istanbul international airport for the connecting flight and believe me, the airport was so impressive and busy with activities and people!!

Alright, time to go back to my next travel destination.


suituapui said...

One day, I am going to get a package like that and go on a long holiday. Right now, we still have to stick around for my mum.

Merryn said...

I dislike long flights too. During our flight to Europe, it is a common sight to see passengers walking in a circle on board the flight. I think it is okay to walk in a circle (eventhough u look like crazy) to help with blood circulation.

lina said...

Good la you have things to keep you occupied.

I hate walking down the aisle to go to the loo too. 😌

Sharon D said...

I think the package price is crazy good, Rose! I'm with you on long flights - makes me anxious too. I don't enjoy sitting around and staring at nothing in particular

Nancy Chan said...

I don't like flights whether long or short ones. I don't like sitting long hours confined to a small place and I don't like airplane toilet! That's why I seldom go on oversea holidays. Ha ha...

Phong Hong said...

Oh! Just the thought of the long flight makes me think twice of going to faraway places. I also cannot sleep on the plane, no matter how tired I am.

mun said...

good that you found ways to cope with your long flight.

Libby said...

That time I took a over 20 hours flight to Turkey, sit until my buttock painful, LOL