Monday, August 5, 2013

Divine and mystic temple

Heard about this biggest temple in Sibu (and some claim to be biggest in SEA) so we drove along Sibu-Bintulu road to hunt for Jade Dragon Temple (Yu Lung San Tien En Si) after our breakfast in Farley yesterday morning.  But before we went there, we drove along Jalan Salim.  Just car ride along the road.  We could see the view of Rajang River on our right as we drove along the country-side.

We diverted to Sibu-Bintulu road after the Durin junction and hunted for the temple.  It is not difficult to spot as it is along the main road. 

Indeed a very mystic and divine sight.  It was very hot yesterday.  We reached there around 12.00noon.  You can say we were crazy enough to stop and walk around under the hot sun without any sunblock and umbrella as protection.  Lol!

View from the car before we parked in front of the temple.

The main arch

The Chinese 12 zodiac

My girl posed with her zodiac

Not to be left out, he also posed with his own zodiac

Journey to the West???

Planned to bring my mum and sis who are flying over on Thursday morning to this temple for a visit.  They will be here for a night only.  Could not wait to meet up with them and bring them around Sibu!


suituapui said...

We drive past every week on the way to Selangau, never stopped by... Hehehehehe!!!

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Temple always amazes me because of it's unique structure, crafts and colour. This is a nice one.

mun said...

Your children pose so cheekily beside their chinese zodiac statue. Good to go sightseeing around Sibu.

Libby said...

Your kids are so cute! Look at the clouds in the first photo, so beautiful!