Thursday, February 21, 2013

Long absence

Sorry for not updating.  It has been more than a week since my last update.

CNY was a busy time.  Mostly we were out visiting, about 2 - 3 houses per day. Could not afford to go to many houses as it was rather tiring especially for the kids.  The weather was pretty hot in Kuching on first 3 days of CNY.

On 4th day, we went back to Sibu to attend my SIL's wedding which was held in Paramount Hotel Chinese restaurant.  Her wedding is last Friday with church wedding and lunch reception.  Actually my first time attending a wedding reception in the afternoon.  Met all hubby's relatives there and we had wonderful times as relatives including hubby rendering some songs during the karaoke session.  My kids also did not miss out in performing "Oppa Gangnam Style" dance on stage.  *wink*

I have not been well since way back before CNY.  Coughing and sore throat. So with those long holiday and too much of curries, I fall sick again after came back from Sibu.  Did not drink enough fluid and I am rather disappointed with the hotel room condition.  The carpet rather filthy.  Doctor diagnosed I am suffering from allergic cough.  So after back from Sibu, I spent most of my time sleeping and resting at home.  Recovered slightly this morning, and I was able to drive my kids to school and did some chores with my mum. 

The Spring Celebration is almost come to the end as Chap Goh Mei is this Sunday.  Where to have your Chap Goh Mei dinner??  Maybe no cooking at home as my mum suggested dinner at my parents' place.  So save myself a headache thinking about what to cook. Lol!


Hayley said...

Opps, sorry to hear that you're sick! Actually many people fall sick after CNY, must be the food and lack of sleep.

Take good care ya!!

Ez Vina said...

Take care and happy Chap goh mei.

yvonne said...

We tend to fall sick easily during CNY. I put the blame to the weather and cookies, haha!

Take care, ya.