Friday, September 14, 2012

Family day and a wedding

My girl's kindergarden, Q-Dees is having a family day this Sunday. We are going to the Family Day since it is first time for my girl.  And also the first for the kindergarden.  Some more it is final year for my girl as she is going to Primary School next year.  There will be games, food and meeting the teachers so it would be fun for the kids (and adults).

Guess which games we are participating?  Lol!  We cannot stay the whole day because of Baby Jay.  He would need his afternoon nap so we are taking the 1st 2 games.  Just for the fun of it.

On Monday we are going to attend a wedding dinner as baby sitter's eldest son is getting hitched.  And hubby is getting people to do thorough scubbing and cleaning at the new house on Tuesday.  Meaning we can bring in all the new furniture and beddings in next week.  And I can start arranging my kitchen next week too!  *Excited*


wenn said...

wow..busy weekend..

Merryn said...

Yeay! Arranging our very own new kitchen is always the BEST part! :D