Monday, June 20, 2011

Switch places

Hubby asked me the other day, what happen if we were to switch body for a day? Er, I don't think that would likely happen. Anyway for the fun of it, I just answered him "NO". Reasons:

1) I would not want to be in his body. 10 years ago body-fit him, I would consider. Not in his current body size. He grows many waist inches and put on weight. So, a "no-no".

2) Working in office, in a cubicles. Oh no!! Definitely I would not want to go back to such state after I have not been working in a office hour for more than a year.

3) Drinking and entertaining. Nah! I am a homey-type of person. Perfect to be lazy around the house.

4) Nagging. Men usually do not nag. So I would miss nagging even if I were a man for a day!

5) If he were me, he will commit suicide! Because he prefers to work than look after my two "monkeys"! Lol!

So, a no for both of us. This question remind me of Beyonce's song "If I were a boy". Lol!


Merryn said...

I so wanna answer but my answers wud be too notti anyway.. so.. just shaddap ME! lol.. :D

Rose world said...

Merryn, I already finetuning to "not so notti" answers here. hahah! So the list is actually longer than this! :p

Oliveoylz said...

I wouldn't want to either as I love my long hair too much! hehehee.