Monday, January 11, 2010

Miss the breakfast

i know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the spark to start up your day with. But me being a lazy mum, did not properly prepare food for my little gal in the morning. Or you can say I am lazy to wake up early to ready breakfast for her every day. Alternative day, I would do it, but cannot do it every day.....

But I make sure my girl took her 5 oz milk every day before going off to school. I add a tsp of rice bran into her milk. At least I know she has some nutrients and the rice bran can be filling up to her snack time which is around 9am. As for her snack, I will pack her favourite snacks like croissant, white bread with cheese, chocolate muffins and chocolate chip cupcakes. Her snack menu has also increasing and more choices. I am glad that she has better appetite and dare to try new food now.

But her good appetite is a concern to me, especially at night. She can finish half of fried rice all by herself. Even hubby is scared looking at how she finished almost the whole bowl of fried rice! Lol! I know she is in the stage of growing and she has more appetite, but sometimes I tend to control her intake of food, especially oily food like fried rice and fried chicken. She can eat a lot of those, but I am concern about her health in long term. Either way, I am trying to balance her diet, make sure she eats more greens.


wenn said...

ya, children should eat more vege too.

smallkucing said...

add some vege into the fried rice?

we , mothers, very cham. When our kid refused to eat, we worry. When they eat a lot, we worry.

My boy also like that now. Just after having his lunch/dinner, he would ask for biscuits.

Cat Cat said...

My eldest, Annabel (8) is in the stage of eating ALOT too. It scared me as well how much this young lady can actually eat. On the other hand, my 4-years old Emma, eats like a bird - very little. :D

Mama Mia said...

a balanced diet is the key to good health. so i agree with you on controlling her intake on oily food. :) Good thing that your daughter would eat her vege..most kids hate vege.