Thursday, February 12, 2009

Got to save more and spend less this year

Valentine’s Day is 2 days away. There are few stalls selling Valentine’s gifts and flowers along the major road side but it is definitely lesser this year compared to previous year.

We have our early Valentine’s Day dinner last night at our favourite spot, Sidewalk at Green Heights. We have ours too there last year. I think on most special occasions we have our dinner there that the owner mostly give us 10% discount on bill. *wink*

There were not many people last night at Sidewalk. Only 3 tables full including us. We sat there from 8 till 915pm. We have Cajun Chicken with spaghetti, Bolognese spaghetti and Grilled lamb. Guess what? Hubby have both spaghetti and lamb. No wonder he couldn’t sleep after that and play his online game till late at night.

There wouldn’t be any gifts exchange this year. We have present exchange during last Christmas, so nothing much for the Valentine's Day. Well, let’s say it is to cut down expenses. Expenses are mounting and we have to save more money. Our new house probably ready by next year and we would need money for furnishing and furniture.

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