Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Small Coconut

One would not miss this big signboard at 38 Food Street, MJC

Small Coconut, another outlet opened by Big Coconut in Hui Sing. I have never been to Big Coconut outlet although heard good reviews of its Western delight. Even my sis enjoyed the food there and recommended me to try.

So when Small Coconut opened a stall in 38 Food Street, there isn't any reason not to try it anymore.

With my Western food lover (Jan, of course) we went on one fine day.

Nothing but fish & chips for my girl. She would never get bored of it. RM10 for her fish & chips with fries, coleslaw and dipping sauce. Not tartar sauce, it was more like thousand island dipping to me. I prefer tartar sauce to go for fish & chips.

My sis asked me to try its grilled chicken chop, so I really ended up with it. Also RM10, I got a nicely grilled chicken chop with fries, coleslaw and mushroom sauce.

I liked that they served the mushroom sauce seperately instead of pouring on the chicken chop, making the fries all soggy and inedible.

I poured some of the sauce on my chop which I liked as it gave some taste to the grilled chop. The meat wasn't dry and tough. Overall, I was happy with it. RM10 only. I couldn't expect much but it was a nice lunch, I had to admit.


  1. Good to have affordable fish and chips and chicken chops to be eaten frequently.

  2. Look good, so cheap...but where are the coconuts? LOL!!!

  3. Good food at reasonable price. I love Western food too.

  4. Both the fish and chips and chicken chop look good, wow the price is so affordable.

  5. Oh, I was hoping to see coconut dishes! Interesting......

  6. very reasonable price...I dun mind to tapao back for dinner, LOL!

  7. I was expecting some coconuts in this post... hahaha.. Missing their freshness over here..

  8. I also prefer tartar sauce than thousand island dipping