Friday, July 15, 2022

Little further

Little further down the road, there was new development by Lee Onn. Pines Square, facing the MJC big roundabout.

Some blocks were completed and few shops have moved in and started doing business sometimes this year. 

One of them was this Premier Food Republic. And since I was getting better and almost bored of staying at home, hubby suggested to make a visit to this new food court on Monday. Jan also joined us for breakfast since she was an early bird. 

It wasn't 8am yet but the place was pretty occupied. 

Many choices of cuisine and type, from Asian to Chinese, Thai, and Western, fusion etc. Not all were opened in the morning but yet, there were more than enough to spoil your palate.

My choice of breakfast was this claypot seafood yee mee!! It has been quite a while since I had one.  This one was alright. Not too much MSG, soup was rather bland. RM10 for my breakfast.

Hubby went to order this Yong tofu, something he missed having when he studied and worked in KL. Compared to the one he had at roadside stalls, this one cannot beat them. The sauce not so great and fried stuff not that fresh, according to him. 

Jan had the pancake set from the Breakfast Factory stall. Hubby also ordered another breakfast set from same stall. Total RM14 for both. 

Yes, pretty delightful breakfast amid the hot morning. We left slightly after 830am. 


  1. It has been a long while since I last took western breakfast in shops. Once awhile I would like to have a set too especially the last picture... it looks good!

  2. good that there is a foodcourt at a newly developed area...otherwise the residence would have to drive out far to get food.

  3. Claypot yee mee! We used to have that at a few places here before but I don't see any anymore these days. Maybe too expensive, not popular so nobody's into it. I would love to have that for a change sometimes.

    Wahhhh!!! Your girl is real ang-mo-lang eh? LOL!!!

  4. the Western breakfast is the best. Now I feel like eating Western breakfast too, if I can still remember by tomorrow morning.

  5. Not really my kind of breakfast, except the scrambled eggs. I had 5 boiled eggs today...should have cooked 6..

  6. The pancake looks good. I would go for the pancake set.