Thursday, December 3, 2020

Her other dishes

After tasted her nice Mee Jawa not long ago, we came back to taste her other dishes on the menu.

One morning, we ended up with these for breakfast from her stall. 

My man ordered its Mee Goreng with beef. So so good. The noodle was nice and fried well. 

As for me, I had this Mee Kari. Yes, something to trigger my tummy in the morning. Slightly spicy, the curry was tasty. 

RM13 for both plates. Satisfying and warm Malay breakfast on an early Saturday morning. 

Then few days later, we dropped by again for her food. 

Again hubby had his fried noodle but he requested for fried egg on top. 

I didn't ordered the same as I rarely take such noodle. I was more of a meehoon person, so fried meehoon for me. 

Big portion for me but I did enjoyed it. I don't mind having it again. 


mun said...

I don't think here we have Mee goreng with beef like your delicious Mee Goreng beef photo. It uses yellow noodles which is similar to our su ham chow fen (goreng yellow noodles with cockles aka kerang). Your curry Mee and meehoon goreng looks delicious too. So you are dining out already? So good. I don't think I dare to dine out until after CNY next year.

suituapui said...

How much was the mee goreng with beef? Only RM13 for the two. Beef is expensive. We may have fried kway teow with beef here, not mee, and very rarely to.

Nux V said...

Never see mee goreng with beef in KL before...That's definitely a good plate of mee goreng!

Twilight Man said...

It has been a long time since I ate Mee Goreng with beef in Penang. Here in KL, I cannot find a stall selling this way. They put sotong instead.

Nancy Chan said...

We don't mee goreng with beef in my area. Both mee and mee hoon goreng looks good. Mee kari looks nice too. I can't wait to have dinner now.

PH said...

Mee goreng with beef sure sedap! I like it very spicy :)

Lotus said...

Mee Kari and meehoon look good.

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