Thursday, December 10, 2020

Been there

When I was young, I used to follow my mum to Kenyalang Park. We stayed in Chawan road, so both of us would walked early in the morning to Kenyalang market.

There was one noodle stall that my mum and I liked and we used to eat or tapau home. It was a stall in a corner coffee shop next to the staircase leading to the hawker food stall centre at the back of Kenyalang Park. I can't remember the name but the noodle stall had been there since I was young. 

Operated by a couple, with help of a worker, they enjoyed good business. Some day you have to be patient to wait for your food to arrive. And kolo mee back then was around RM3 and as years went by, it was getting more expensive, over RM4 per bowl. 

From the front row of shop, they moved to the back in this location. As loyal customers, we patronised the shop quite frequently. Of course, tasty food, I have to share with my hubby and kids. They loved and enjoyed their noodle and cheng soup as well. 

After many years, the couple and son then planned for retirement and passed the business to a relative. Since then I hardly went there. The taste of the food was not the same anymore. As they said, different hand, different taste. 

We thought that was the end of one of our favourite noodle, but then few years later, they were out of their retirement and opened up a noodle shop in this area.

We have been there few times but not recently as it was out of the way. It just that hubby was craving for its soup last Saturday, so we drove there early in the morning. Opened at 7am, there was few occupied tables when we reached there slightly after 730am. 

I used to take its kolo mee but I was kind of missing its mee hoon that morning. So I went for its mee hoon with soup set. 

It wasn't a long wait and soon our noodle came.

The soup. Unforgetable taste. So nostalgic to me. Hubby passed me all his prawns in his soup so that was why so many prawns in my bowl. Each bowl originally has 3 prawns. 

Oh yes, both of us enjoyed our food very much. The last time we were here was last year in October! I remember on that occasion, hubby and Jay each had two bowls of noodle!!! 

Price-wise? Not the normal price you would pay for kolo mee, that's for sure. We don't drive all the way to eat it that often so once in a blue moon, it was fine, I think. 


suituapui said...

The soup looks really good. Gosh, kosong mee RM3.00 a bowl. That's expensive.

mun said...

Wow! I super love the prawns in the soup! And you get double prawns too! Double yummy! So very tasty!

Twilight Man said...

I often eat at my wife's relative's home every weekend and many of them don't eat prawns too. So my plate is full of prawns like yours. LOLOL

Nancy Chan said...

The soup with prawns and other ingredients looks so delicious. I love this type of cheng soup. These days, prawns not cheap especially during rainy days.

Libby said...

Price a bit on the steep side but it is ok if it tastes good. I love cheng soup and the prawns look yum!

Jennifer Davison said...

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