Saturday, December 21, 2019

Wuxi | we feast

A detour from our tour. Right now, I am going to talk about food!! 

Actually most of the food we had in China were more or less the same. Lunch and dinner, almost the same dishes that by 2nd day, we were pretty bored and kind of missing our  Malaysia's much flavourful, versatile dishes. 

But when you are travelling, trying out the local cuisine is part and parcel of travelling and living like the locals. 

We arrived in Wuxi from Suzhou in time for lunch. In this Chinese restaurant, we were treated to a live Chinese musical orchestra while we were dining. Actually those elderly were practising and after they were done, they were treated to lunch by the restaurant. 

On our first night in Wuxi, our Wuxi tour guide arranged for us to taste their Lake Taihu's specialty dishes. 

The white prawn is one of their specialities. Very very small fresh water crustacean. I tasted one and it was nothing much to shout about. The prawns were cooked in soup so they were sweet but too small to my liking. Hard to peel the shells. 

Wuxi people like their food sweet. They basically add sugar or sweetener in their food. Like these xiao long bao. They were sweeter than what we tasted in Shanghai. 

Another Lake Taihu specialty was this fresh water fish. Many bones but sweet flaky flesh. 

Their vegetarian dish was nice, I remembered that I enjoyed it very much. 

Another delicious dish on the table was the roasted duck. Delicious. Other dishes, I did not take photos of. More or less the same like what we had in other places. I will write about it another day. 

The next day we went to pearl shop to see some pearls products. 

No, we didn't buy any pearl jewelleries, but I ended up with many packs of pearl powder. I took pearl powder as kid so I knew how good they were. 

After a visit to pearl shop, we had grill and steamboat in this restaurant for lunch in Wuxi. We enjoyed this lunch the most. All you can eat buffet. 

Of course we took a lot of meats, beef, pork and chicken. And also fresh oysters. No lemon slices on the buffet table so we used oranges instead. 

See, I was happy to cook and how I enjoyed the grill.

The kids also enjoyed walking around and checking on the buffet spread. Jay for instance helped himself to 2 cones of ice-cream at the dessert table!! Nothing wrong to take ice-cream on winter day!! 

We spent more than 2 hours there before we bid Wuxi goodbye and headed to our next destination, Hangzhou! 


mun said...

I like to eat prawns but small prawns with shells are too difficult to peel I agree.

Natalia said...

Oh yum, everything looks amazing ☺

lina said...

What a feast!

Libby said...

Oh you took pearl powder since young, no wonder your complexion is so good.

suituapui said...

The prawns sure are tiny. They grill their food too? Like at those Korean places here.

Nux V said...

I prefer peeled prawns....coz I m lazy to peel! haha!

Iwona said...

Yummy food :)

The Yum List said...

Ooh, that bridge is so picturesque at sunset.