Sunday, December 29, 2019

Shanghai | one big table

I am back to the first day in Shanghai. The very first morning after we landed.

I didn't wrote much on our first morning then. Basically we landed after 1am, then waited for a friend to retrieve his phone on the plane and by the time we reached and checked into the hotel, it was after 4am.

We took our bath and slept. Alarm set at 9am. First thing first, breakfast. The breakfast in the hotel wasn't appetizing. Pretty oily and not much choice. After we took our food, there wasn't any refill and much left for next guests.

What I liked throughout the holiday, I got to drink fresh, warm soya milk. Lol.

So we packed our luggage and left the hotel around 1030am. We headed straight to our lunch venue which took more than an hour drive. Luckily for that as we didn't eat much and enjoy our breakfast. 

Our lunch menu was this cafe. 2 floors and we were seated in a room upstairs.

We were served with 16 courses lunch. The most courses we had in China. Other places served more or less the same dishes but not as many as 16. Definitely 10 or more plates per table. 

For our first lunch in Shanghai, we were seated at one big table. 19 of us, including 4 infants. Slowly our food was served by waiter and waitress. Everyone took out their phones to capture the photos of each dish. 

I know, a delicious spread of Shanghainese cuisine, really fit for a king!!! Impressive for our first lunch in China!

Let's dig in!! 

Stir fried eggplants

Stir fried clams

Vegetarian dish

Sweet sour chicken

Peppery and sweet pork

I don't know what this was, but type of gourd, my guess

Stir fried cabbages

Steamed egg

Stir fried sweet potato leaves

Fried noodle

Potato cubes 

Another vegetable dish

Steamed fish

Pork rib soup

Xiao long bao

Black version of xiao long bao


mun said...

so many dishes!

suituapui said...

No refill? That's bad. I like the look of the steamed egg.

Rose world said...

No refill but the white rice can refill. Yes. The steamed egg was good.

shwet said...

Looks delicious !!

Natalia said...

Wow,16 courses sounds amazing, I eould love to try them!☺

Kinga K. said...

Cool dishes♥

Nancy Chan said...

I like the 16 courses lunch. So much to eat.

Lotus said...

The peppery and sweet pork looks good. I like the steamed egg too. 16 course, that is a lot, spoilt for choices, i like.