Friday, December 6, 2019

Big bowl

It just happened that I needed to buy Jamie's lotion at the pharmacy in Brighton Square, Jalan Song that day so I thought we settled our lunch in any outlets there. 

Brighton Square has many food outlets to choose from and we have not been to most of them. This Chimian cafe is one of them. 

Its signature noodle is beef noodle but I wasn't into beef noodle that much so I didn't try it. 

This Chinese noodle cafe sserve noodles, dumplings and alcoholic drinks. 

The 3 of us had the same dish, namely char siew noodle. I wasn't expecting much but when our food came, I wasn't expecting to be served in a big bowl. The bowl was big and the noodle only occupied half of it. Lol. 

Char siew mien (RM8) 

They didn't have the normal kolo mee noodle that day, so we opted for handmade noodle. 

Tastewise, it was alright. I wasn't wowed! The char siew was good, I liked it in the sense that it was pork belly and the fatty part really made the difference when you bite into it. Lol. 


mun said...

Looks like a lot of noodles! Good that you like the fatty pork belly!

suituapui said...

Sometimes, it is best to go to those good ol' kopitiam, These classier places simply can't make the grade.

Purple Queen Fairy said...

Nice. but this area is called Song Plaza area. Often mistaken for Brighton Square which is over the other side where the Tooth Fairy is.

Libby said...

The shop name in cantonese means anything also can. Lol.