Monday, December 5, 2016

As it happened

This is not planned. It is unexpected.

It was 2 Sundays ago. We were supposed to have our breakfast then to church. However hubby needed to go to petrol station to fill up his car so we proceed with it first.

Everything looked normal, we had our car filled up with diesel and continued with our drive but about 2 or 3 minutes into our drive, our car suddenly rattled. It shaked softly at first and then it became vigorious. 

So we had to stop our car and restarted but then the car was still shaking. Something wasn't right. Immediately our thought was the diesel oil. Something wrong with the oil?? 

So after consulted with the car dealer, we decided to drive back but made a stop in a coffee shop to have our breakfast. We were famished.

We had our breakfast in Ice Buddy Cafe, which was not too far from our place. I ordered this special sandwich for RM6 and a small bowl of laksa for RM6 too. The sandwich was good and very filling. I love the butter in it. The Sarawak laksa was quite a portion although I ordered a small size. Taste-wise it was okay.

We went back to our car but it wouldn't start. We knew the engine was affected and leaving with no choice, we walked home. About 1km walk. It wasn't that far and it was raining, so it was a bearable and pleasant walk for everyone. 

Well, we never did have such walk before so it was pretty unusual for the whole family to walk from the shops to our residential area. 

We also caught something in the bushes.

Many families of pitcher plants.

Our collection from the bush. *wink*

As for the car, it was been towed to workshop for checking that Sunday.

As it happened, hubby pumped the wrong oil into his car! OMG! How blur could he be that morning!!

Anyway, we thought it was a blessing. If the car did not broke down, we wouldn't walk home. And what a rare family moment we had. Walking in the rain, enjoying ourselves although we got wet all over our feet but we did enjoyed ourselves.

Maybe something is meant to be. Never perceive your situation negatively but turn it into a positive thought.


suituapui said...

Wahhhhhhh!!! Still got appetite to eat after that!!! WHAT??? How could your hubby do that? Oh dear!!! Lots of things on his mind or what? That happens sometimes.

ausiroo said...

Like suituapui said above, if my car breaks down, I don't think I can eat! I'll be so anxious!

mun said...

Good that you count your blessings and look on the positive side. Just need to remove the diesel and put in petrol and the car will be ok, is it?

PH said...

Glad that all turned out well. I think your hubby will be very careful the next time he fills up the car.

aki! said...

That's good the car troubles were not more serious and easily fixed!

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Hayley said...

Wrong oil?? >.<

Anyway, sometimes pleasant things happen when some unexpected things happened, luckily all of you were fine ;)

Nancy Chan said...

I hope the wrong oil didn't do serious damage to the car. Good thing you all are looking at the whole issue in a positive way. Whatever it is, enjoy breakfast first and enjoy the walk home. Sweet memories.

Reanaclaire said...

All well ends well.. no worries, I also make blunders every now and then.. that is how I learn.. hahaha...

Merryn said...

I like how you all so selamba can eat before knowing what actually happened to the car. LoL. If my hubby, sure he very kancheong habis and will die die find out first before eating.

Sharon D. said...

I love your positive outlook, Rose! It could have easily escalated into a horrible day but you took it in stride and that made all the difference. :D