Saturday, April 4, 2015

A day out on Good Friday

It was a public holiday here yesterday as it was a Good Friday. 

I had 2 options; either bring them to Logos Hope, the world's largest floating book fair or to some place cooler. You guess I choose which option? ^^

We went to The Spring for a walk and shopping together with hubby's cousin and niece. So 2 adults busy taking care of a bunch of active kids around the mall.

The mall has their lovely Easter decoration so the kids were excited to take shots with the decorations.

Mostly shops are on sales. We went to Ta Kiong supermarket, H&M, Padini and La  Senza.
I got something for myself in La Senza. Could not remember the time I bought something for myself in there.

After an hour walk, everyone was hungry so we adjourned to the Food Republic on 1st floor for lunch. I tried this Malay food stall for the 1st time. Nasi lemak ayam penyet for RM10.50.

Looking good with its spicy but delicious sambal dipping. I liked the chicken thigh. Very tender and juice. Not dry unlike the one that I had in other outlet. 

The paku was rather green as they just blanch or dip in hot water before serving. But with the sambal, it tasted alright to me.

They were generous with the sambal but I only used up a bit as it was too spicy for my tastebuds.

It was a wonderful shopping and window shopping with the kids although they were rather noisy and disobedient, running around. I let them run and misbehave as I guess, they need something to let go of their energies. After all, it is not everyday that I bring them out and relax. Some more no one took afternoon naps so I brought them for a swim in the clubhouse in the evening. After dinner ordered from Pizza's Hut, the kids have few rounds of play with their cousin before we called it a night by 9pm. I think they were pretty knocked out from the day's activities.

Kids! If they are too quiet, you would be worried too. ^^


Somewhere in Singapore said...

I didn't see any Easter decorations over here...

Linda said...

La Senza has some great things, Rose, and your chicken looks delicious. :)

Princess Ribbon said...

So nice, as usual we were still working yesterday, and on Monday too of course..I like that nasi lemak ayam penyet, can finish 2 pieces of fried chicken, hehe..

Anonymous said...

We went to church, fasting all day...and after sundown, we did go out for dinner and dropped by the mall nearby - post on that coming up!

Anonymous said...

Food looks great, THIS is the kind of stuff that I like.

Nancy Chan said...

Nasi lemak looks good, especially the plate of sambal. I would have finished all the sambal.

mun said...

Hope all of you had a blessed Good Friday.

Merryn said...

I love La Senza. Very fun designs they have :)

Sharon D. said...

Logos Hope brings fond memories. I wonder what it looks like now.

What a great day at the mall. Am loving the decorations! ^.^