Saturday, December 29, 2012

Miss the burger

One thing I miss about not having the shop is the pork burger.  It was sold in one of the stall in the food court near the shop.  It has varieties of burgers namely pork, chicken, lamb and beef.  It is hard to find pork burgers in Kuching so it was a wonder to find one that really sell nice pork burgers.

RM4.00 for a burger.  If add cheese, additional RM1.00.  Used to enjoy my burger time with my sister when we were at the shop.  She is also addicted to its burgers.  How I miss the burgers now.  Maybe one of the nights I will drop by and have a burger supper.  Same time visit my old staff.  Miss her too.


Lotus said...

I love burgers too! especially with juicy meat patties.

Hayley said...

I miss the Thai McD pork burger!!

My Little Angel said...

The burger looks yummy, ~