Sunday, December 23, 2012

I heard the Christmas bells

Are you ready for Christmas??  Tomorrow is already Christmas Eve!

One thing I love Christmas is its decoration.  We get to buy and decorate our own tree, put up what ever decoration to make the season merrier and colourful.  And not forgetting those wonderful and serene Christmas songs filling the air.

A look into our Christmas decorations in our house.  We put up an 8ft-tall Christmas tree with purple and red theme.    I get a little bear to be the Santa, so please let me introduce Santa Bear to you.

Santa Bear is sitting cozily on the little couch next to the tree.  Just missing a fireplace for him to warm himself!  Lol!

Hi!  I am Santa Bear!

Now a close peek at the decoration on the tree. 

The kid's presents placed under the tree
The real Santa Claus' face on the tree

I like this purple gold ribbon.

What did you see in this picture?? 

The little singing angel

Are Christmas tree a good backdrop for photographs?  I simply love those colours.  It does brighten and beautify that corner of our living room.
I told hubby that the tree look suffocated with all those decorations but hubby assured me it is not.   He likes to put as many decorations as possible on the tree while I am the type that like simple and less decoration.  Lol!  At the end, we were both satisfied with the tree.  After all, it is our very first Christmas tree in our home so it does leave a good first impression. 

And check out my Christmas-themed nail art design. I were in the mood to paint them red, so the birth of my funny and crazy nail designs.  My snowflakes do looked weird.  Maybe when got more times, I will do them more tedious and tidier.  For time being, it is enough to sizzle my Christmas mood. 

Wishing all my blogger friends and readers, a Merry Christmas!


wenn said...

lovely xmas tree. You may post it at our facebook page at

Coffee Girl said...

Purple! oh lovely christmas tree! Too bad i cant really decorate a christmas tree, id end up messing it up. Merry christmas Rose! Have fun!

yvonne said...

A lovely and huge tree :D

Maybe I should get one next year, since I'm lacking of Christmas tree in the house.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family~

Ezvina said...

Funky nail color.

Lotus said...

I love purple colour!