Monday, December 19, 2022

In the morning

We woke up early the following morning, to hunt for food and have a look at the place where hubby used to stay and studied many years ago. His first college when he came to West Malaysia, and this area in Wangsa Maju was the place he stayed for few years. 

So we had walk to the old shoplots to look for authentic Cantonese breakfast. 

Along the way, we saw interesting thing like a stall selling fried stuff and snacks in the neighbourhood. And many students and working adults walking and buying food at the coffee shops and food stalls early in the morning.  

For our breakfast, we went to this coffee shop, named Restoran Chiew Soon. Hubby still remember this shop as he patronised during his college days. 

With his good Cantonese dialect, he ordered the food and drink for us. We ended up with this vegetarian wonton noodle. 5 wonton noodles for RM31.50.

After our breakfast we went back to our hotel to pack and ready for check out as we were moving to new accommodation, in KL city centre. We rested for a while in our rooms. After check out and placed our luggage with the reception counter, we walked back to the same area for early lunch. 

We saw this corner coffee shop selling Yong tau fu earlier in the morning, so we have already planned to have that for lunch. It wasn't noon yet but the place was pretty packed.

Chee Cheong fun RM11.60 for sharing but I took the most as I only had that, no other food. 

Jamie wanted this braised pork noodle RM8 from pan mee stall. He finished almost the whole plate!!

Hubby had this RM7 noodle set with soup which he enjoyed very much. 
Jan and Jay went to order fried Xing Hua mee hoon (RM6.50 each) for their lunch. Tasted good, they commented. 

After this lunch, we went back to our hotel and took a Grab car to our next stay. 


Angie's Recipes said...

Delicious street food! I would love to have some Chee Cheong fun.

suituapui said...

A walk down Memory Lane - that's nice!

Nux V said...

good that food are easily accessible nearby the hotel. Can go down have meals whenever hungry.

Marianela Beauty Tips said...

Thanks for sharing.
I invite you to visit my last post. Have a good week!

mun said...

That braised pork noodles look very tasty! What a nice walk down memory for your husband and good that he has shared that part of his life with you all during this vacation.

Nancy Chan said...

Always interesting to revisit old places to see if there is any changes and recalling old memories for your hubby. Food looks good.