Sunday, December 19, 2021


Remember the imported Eurocake croissants that I bought from 7-Eleven convenience shop last month?? Other than croissants, I also bought a pack of this lova chocolate molten cake (RM3.60).

Blame on my love for chocolate, I just have to buy and try it out.

Manufactured in Dubai, they even have Facebook page printed at the back of the wrapper.

The cake came in a microwavable cup. I followed the instruction to heat it up for 10 seconds before enjoyed it.

Result? A slightly warm and soft chocolate cake. Sweet and moist. For those who loves sweet confectionery, you will like this lova chocolate molten cake.

My honest opinion? I could still taste the sugar in the chocolate so too sweet for me. The sugar did not dissolved completely so I could bite on those sugar. But I glad I also bought another chocolate dessert which was much nicer. Coming up in my blog!!


Angie's Recipes said...

Moist and warm...sounds good, but not sure I would enjoy it if it's loaded with sugar.

suituapui said...

I loved the chocolate lava cake at Noodle House here and their spin-offs, Nica and NicaPlus, so very nice...but now that I am on a low sugar diet, this is something I must live without. So sad. Sobsssss!!!!!

mun said...

If it is too sweet for you then it is definitely too sweet for me. I don't know whether this eurocake products are available here or not because I didn't notice them.

Nancy Chan said...

I don't like biting on undissolved sugar. Definitely not for me.

Rajani Rehana said...

Nice post

Nux V said...

the molten cake looks moist, but too sweet is definitely not for me!

Jennifer Davison said...

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