Sunday, July 12, 2020

Our outing plan

We finally dare to bring the kids out last Saturday for breakfast and grocery shopping. It has been more than 3 months since we went out together as a family and did things together.

Schools are opening on 15th for Jan and Jay while Jamie only get to start on 23rd July, a day after Sarawak's Day.

Of course they were thrilled to go out but cautious at the same time. The youngest kept asking questions on how safe it is, when to put on mask etc. After a while, they were at ease and forget about it except remembering to put on their masks!

The next day, we promised them to bring them out for an outing. No where far, just a drive to Telaga Air for lunch and sight-seeing.

Along the way, the beautiful Matang hill accompanied us. The road to Telaga Air was narrow but the scenery was lovely.

Few coconut shake stalls as we were nearer to the village but we did not make a stop as the long queue at the roadside wasn't enticing.

Less than an hour drive, we reached the Telaga Air Village. However the village was packed with cars and people. Definitely no social distancing over here.

As it was a small village, the road was narrow and we couldn't find any parking. After driving around for quite sometime, we abandoned our lunch plan. Initially we wanted to go to this well known D'white Station for lunch. We did came back another day for that. Will blog on it! 

As for our lunch that day, we drove back and to Sungai Maong for a Chinese economy rice. Fast and cheap. After all the driving, we were too hungry to think anymore. Lol. 


  1. I find that at the supermarket, many people are not conscious or make effort for social distancing. Today at the queue, one lady stood so close behind me!

  2. So good, the little one especially, can keep the mask on. So very hot, so hard to breathe and I would be sweating plus plus underneath the mask.

  3. Yes, Jamie is so well behaved and wear his mask properly. I read many children are not used to wearing masks. Nice scenery to telaga air village. I guess many people want to go out for sight seeing so there are many people. When there are many people, sure cannot practise social distancing because too many people, not enough space to space out. Good that you all made the wise decision to go to another place to eat due to cannot find a parking space. No point being hungry and keep looking for a vacant car park lot.

  4. I have been to Telaga Air before, but not my kids. Plnned to bring them over the weekend, but with new cases in Kuching, plan cancelled. Just stay at home.

  5. the kids are so obediently following rules...Hopefully they would be able to adapt to wearing mask whole day when back to school soon!

  6. Sometimes i pity the kids these days so small hv to wear mask and maybe uncomfortable, but no choice is for their safety.