Monday, January 9, 2017

What's the flavours

It was the day before the schools began.  A movie date and lunch in Vivacity.

We caught the 11am movie slot so by the time we finished our movie, it was slightly before 1pm. Tummies were rumbling, so we headed to the next door food court.  Kuching Flavours as it was aptly named. They house some of the local food and delicacies such as kolo mee, mee sapi, laksa, kueh chap etc.

Kuching Flavours

It would not be hard to miss this food court as those big red lanterns are catchy to the eyes. Doesn't it feel like walking in the old lane of Chinatown???

After walking around and checking on the food stalls, we finally decided on our lunch.  Hubby and the kids went for Ah Mui Beef Noodle stall while I stuck with its next door stall, Lau Ya Keng Mui Xin History Laksa stall.

Hubby's was a big bowl of soupy beef noodle while the kids went for the dry version.  

And no, I did not have laksa from the laksa stall, but instead a normal plate of nasi lemak. 

A very simple plate of nasi lemak but I like how they coated and fried the hard-boiled egg on the outside.


  1. Your nasi lemak looks good. Usually I find this type of fried hardboiled eggs at Malay stalls only.

  2. The dry version of the noodles look good, my girl will certainly love that... now in JB, she gets to order kolo noodles when she gets the chance to. Have been eating kolo for the past few days and still not giving up as yet.. hahaha..

  3. Nice d├ęcor in the food court.

  4. These kind of fried boiled eggs very sedap for sambals.

    I love going to these type of place where everything is under one roof. Doesn't matter if the price is a bit steep, we can save of petrol and enjoy our preferred choice. Haha.

  5. red red lanterns again! cny feel to me. i like beef noodles especially when the beef is tender.

  6. Both the noodles and nasi lemak look good! Nice and bright place with lots of red lanterns.

  7. Yummy food, Rose. I am loving the ambiance of this place. ^.^