Monday, December 19, 2011

Munching away

I am not a big fan of snack times, but sometimes exception is inevitable. *wink*

Fall in love with this mixed fernels when I tasted it last week. And me and Baby Jay can finish up the whole container if no one stopped and took the container away.

Baby Jay feed me raisins (a bit sourish) and sunflower seeds (because the seeds a bit spicy) while he takes the rest. I like almond nuts the most. Healthier (I think) as they are not fried.

Some days I would be lazy to have my lunch or cannot think of anything to eat, I opt for something easier like bread.

Raisin & sesame seed bread with olive oil spread! Yummy! I could finish half loaf.

2011 is almost comes to an end. Don't you agree with me that 2011 is flying very fast??

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Small Kucing said...

havent had my dnr yet. duno know what to eat