Monday, July 15, 2019

Taking our sweet time

It was on one rare morning when I asked my girl out for breakfast. Usually we eat in but when I told her I wanted to go here for breakfast, she jumped out from bed and agreed to follow.

She had set her mind on what she wanted. A breakfast set RM5.50. I rarely cook such at home so I guess she was craving for it that morning. Lol. 

She seemed to enjoy it but left out the egg yolk. Overly cooked, I would not enjoy that too.

As for me, I had this lovely and tasty Cantonese fried kway tiaw (RM5.50). I loved it, the wok hei of the fried kway tiaw and the delicious egg gravy all over the noodle.

We were taking our sweet time enjoying our breakfast since we were not rushing to anywhere.

For lunch, I ordered this fried rice (RM5.50) from the same stall that serves Cantonese fried kway tiaw. We love its fried rice and I usually buy it once a week for lunch.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Barley + aloe vera drink

What do you cook to cool yourself down on this warm day?? 

Some day I made mung bean soup, other days, bird's nest soup. By now my family is bored with taking both drinks. So yesterday I cooked this barley and aloe vera drink. 

A simple drink recipe. And not many ingredients used. 


I harvested 4 leaves of aloe vera from the pot. 

Quite tedious work to prepare and clean the aloe vera but it is not a difficult task once you are used to it. 

How to prepare and clean aloe vera:
1. Cut the leaves thoroughly. Be careful with the yellow sap and if in contact with your skin, rinse and clean it thoroughly with soap and water. 
2. Clean the leaves under running water. 
3. Start with 1st leaf. Chop off the top part. Then cut off the serrated sides of the leaf by running down the knife along the leaf. 
4. Run the knife on both back and front part of the leaf till you get the clear aloe vera. 
5. Slice the aloe vera to small size. Do the same with other leaves till you get a cup of aloe vera gel.
6. Rinse few times to remove any aloe latex residue. 

Barley, soak in water and keep in fridge overnight
1 pandan leaf, tied in knot
1 cup of aloe vera gel
Sone wolfberries (optional)
Rock sugar to taste
Water to boil

1. In a pot of water, add in pandan and barley. Boil the barley till soft.
2. Once barley is cooked and soft, add in rock sugar. Let it boil for another 10 minutes before add in aloe vera and wolfberry (optional). Turn off the fire. 
3. Serve warm or chilled. 

Hope you like and try this recipe out.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

It is mid-week again

I am not going to post a lenghty post today since it is mid-week. 

It was one of the weekdays when I brought Jan to this food court for lunch before sending her off to school. One of the days when I was lazy to cook (or rather, too hot to work in the kitchen!) 

Initially we wanted to go for another stall but the staff wasn't ready to take orders so we ended up with ayam penyet stall. 

We loved the deep fried chicken thigh and the sambal dipping. I was not crazy about the crackers though. A satisfying RM10 lunch each. 

Monday, July 8, 2019

Last weekend at home

We stayed mostly last weekend at home.

Only me and my 3 kids at home as hubby flew to Cambodia (Phnom Penh and Siam Reap) with few of his school buddies for a short holiday.

We woke up late on Saturday. I caught some live matches the night before and stayed pretty late till wee hour. For breakfast, I fried some Lee Fah mee. My simple fried noodle with just egg, some greens and dried prawns.

The weather stayed warm over the weekend. Good to hang out the laundry. What ever you put outside will definitely dry up in few hours time.

In the evening, we had a dip in the pool. This boy just could not stopped himself to try the snorkelling mask in the pool. Lol. Beware of him!! Pool monster!

The next day, I cooked ourselves chicken sandwiches for our breakfast. I had leftover chicken patties in freezer so I used up all of them. Since no burger buns at home, I just used up the white bread for it.

As for lunch, we had pizza take out. The kids requested for pizza.

In the evening we went to pick up the daddy from the airport and then a supper at mamak shop near our house. I had my usual, the fried mee hoon.

After we got home, everyone had their bath and off to bed as another week is here.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Pass the time

It started with hubby who tried to instill a new hobby in me. He bought few 3D puzzles home and has been busy with one in his room.

Out of curiosity, I tried out one early this week. He handed me the simple puzzle. Ok, I never good with such thing but it kinds of fun and challenging at the same time. I am always the kind of person to challenge my limit.

So an hour passed and I succeed!! My very first 3D puzzle. A wooden house.

Yay! Actually I finished it in less than an hour.  That was a nice accomplishment from me. Lol. 

And so it went. I did the second one the next day. 

I am sticking with the simple design before going for the bigger and complicated design, like this teahouse. My man built this and it took him quite some time and patience. 

Would I take up this hobby? Not sure but for time being, it is something for me to pass the time at home. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Icy fruit popsicles

It is mid-week so I am not going to bore you with lenghty post.

There is one stall that recently opened in emart Batu Kawa. A fresh fruit popsicles stall. I did nor get to try it till last Saturday. 

The kids had rehearsal for their church repertoire that evening. From 6 to 830pm. So with my man, we went to emart for our grocery shopping. Sound like a pratical Saturday night date with my other half, right? Lol.

Anyway we did our shopping and my other half had his monthly hair cut. As we were about to leave the premises, we spotted the popsicle stall. Few people surrounded the stall. Business must be good, considering the hot spell we are having. 

So out of curiosity, both of us approached the stall and checked out its produce. 

RM4 for fresh fruit popsicles. Well, we could not resist and we still had time for some icy fruit popsicles before went to pick up the kids. 

Watermelon kiwi for me while my man had passionfruit popsicle. Pardon his popsicle as he bit into it before my camera could do so. Lol. 

Yummy and sweet treat. The taste of real fruit in every bites. We would not mind having it once in a while. 

Monday, July 1, 2019

Miscellaneous Picture #89: more food

Random photos of food that we ate last month.

My man wanted to eat lui cha for lunch so I recommended this Big Mouth Food Centre and he loved it so much that he bought a pack for dinner that day

Kolo mee in our usual coffee shop, Huan Lok Cafe

Weather has been slightly cold over here, some mornings, I cooked chicken porridge. My best combo, with salted olive, radish omelette and cruller!! 

Thank you to my bro-in-law for this delicious wild boar dish

Tasted the chocolate pie and it was good. Eat while it is warm to enjoybthe oozing molten chocolate. 

Elmo cookies for guests on a birthday party. Kids are so lucky! And I wonder if they know it.