Friday, November 16, 2018

Walk, see, buy

It was a beautiful Sunday last week. We went to the other side of the city after breakfast to get some plants.

Crossing the calm Sarawak river to Kubah Ria centre. We only come here to buy some plants.

So last Sunday, we had a short walk at the market where all the plant stalls are located. 

I couldn't resist taking photos of some of the beautiful blooms.

Many lovely flowers around; so tempting to bring them home but alas, we came for some herbs.

And that was what we bought home. RM5 for 2 pots so we bought 4 (3 mints and 1 curry leaves).

After church and lunch, we went to Hills Shopping Mall for the yearly year end book fair.

Not many people browsing around, that was a surprise but never mind. We could browse through the collection with ease.

But we didn't buy many books this round. Somehow, I felt the collection wasn't that extensive compared to previous years but I did get few books for myself and few for the kids.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Settle our dinner

By the time Jamie's graduation concert finished, it was almost 6pm when we reached home. 

We took a quick shower and rest before we went out for our late dinner. We decided to settle our dinner at Premier Food Republic. Yes, we have been patronising this food court quite frequently now.

I was ravishing and just ordered what in front of me. Too lazy to walk around the food court and check out the stalls. Thankfully, the Hainanese chicken rice that I had wasn't too bad. The steamed chicken and chilli dipping were good but I found the rice too wet to my liking.

Hubby ordered something new from the Foochow stall. Stewed pork mee sua.

And a plate of stuffed kompia too. He commented the kompia was nicer than the mee sua.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Cooking something else

I had a pack of this glass noodle since CNY and it was only not long ago that I finished up the pack for dinner.

We didn't feel like having rice one evening so I thought of cooking something else for dinner.

My simple version of stir fried glass noodle. This recipe is "agak-agak" for one person, so adjust accordingly. 

Glass noodle, soaked in ice water for few minutes till soft (approximately 15-20 minutes)
3 cloves of garlic, minced
2 eggs, beaten
1/3 carrot, sliced thinly
2 stalks of bak Choy, sliced thinly
Half portion of big onion, sliced thinly
3 luncheon meats, diced
Salt and pepper to taste
Light soy sauce to taste

1. Prepare all the ingredients before cooking.
2. Heat up about 2 tbsp cooking oil in a pan. Add the beaten egg and break them well before dish out.
3. In the same pan, add some cooking oil. When hot, add minced garlic and saute.
4. Add in luncheon meat and cook for few minutes before add in onion and bak Choy.
5. Toss in the glass noodle and egg and mix well. Add light soy sauce, pepper and salt to taste. Dish out and serve.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

After a month

My father-in-law came for his scheduled check up early this month and on a Saturday evening, we invited him for dinner at this BBQ King Seafood.

Our first time here was with my mother-in-law in October and after a month, we were back for its sumptuous food.

This round, my brother-in-law did the ordering as they arrived first. 

We had the lala soup which was nice and comforting. Not overly seasoned but good enough on a cold evening.

We didn't forget the delicious pork satay we had previously, so few sticks of that on the table.

Not forgetting the lovely curry squid we had previously, so we had that on the table as well.
My bil ordered this dry curry lamb cutlets which nice but it would be nicer if the meat was more tender.

I remember to take photo of this plate of mixed vegetables after we took half of it.

We also had this fried prawns. And sweet fish fillets. By then we were rather full so we hardly finish half of the prawns and fish fillets.

Lastly was this sambal stingy beans with prawns. The truth was my first time tasting stingy beans (petai) and surprisingly I liked it. Not overly strong taste. I took few pieces of the beans so you bet I wouldn't mind tasting it again.

Overall our dinner was slighlyly over RM270' 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


I have never been to a TCM shop for acupuncture session but that changed last week.

My first time witnessing an acupunture session. Of course not on me, I didn't experienced that. My man has sprained his foot when he was in KK and it took him over a week to finally get proper treatment due to travelling and works.

He took a day off and I brought him to a TCM shop in MJC, as friend recommended  it to my hubby.

As we went in, we could smell the strong medicines as well as seeing smoke. I wondered why then?

Okay, that was how my man's right foot looked like before seeking treatment. Very very swollen, right?

So, the sinseh had a look at the foot and told us it wasn't a big matter. Just sprain and the dislocated joint, so he told my man to lie down on a bed and proceed to "relocate" the affected joint. A little pain there, according to my man. 

Then the sunset used acupuncture needles to treat the problem.  A needle on the leg and 3 around the ankle with 2 needles burning. So that was where the smoke and strong medicine scent came from.

The whole process took few minutes, maybe around 10 minutes. And after that, my hubby was able to walk properly and the swell subsided as the day went by.

As of current state, he still have some pain on the same foot. Maybe too much walking over the weekend. May get him to go back and do the treatment again.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

It's the time

It has been a busy week. The kids finished their school final exam this week. Finally. Merdeka for them (and me).

But the buzz didn't end there. The eldest is busy preparing for her school dinner night which would be next Saturday. After that, the school trip for all Primary 6 students. This year they would be going to Cats Museum and Sarawak Cultural Village. And then soon enough, the UPSR result would be out and then it's time for her graduation.

This afternoon the youngest had some performance for his kindergarten graduation concert. We attended the function to give him support.

Kids! They do grow up so fast, right in front of our eyes!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Miscellaneous Picture #83 : October favourites

She may not have continue her arts class for almost a year now but her passion in drawing is there. My eldest draws and sketches whenever she is free.

The children's school won the WAK Cardboard City competition this year. My girl was one of the participants and involved in cutting, assembling and labelling for many weeks. Well done. First time joining the competition and they got first prize.

The daddy has been busy travelling last month. One in KK and another in KL. His first meal in KL, banana leaf! He always travel more at the end of the year.

While he was away, my kids took the opportunity to sleep in with me.  I didn't mind at all; love where everyone gets together in one room once a while.

It has been crazy hot and wet all round the month of October. But some plants strive well like my lime tree.

Every year we would join in the love and joy sharing to the needy. Love Box organised by our church. We are sponsoring 10 children in fulfilling their wishlist.