Saturday, July 4, 2015

The convert

My girl is really into Japanese food now. She fell in love  with unagi last year when we dined in this outlet in Sibu. From that day, she will order the same dish every time we visit a Japanese eatery.

So now our young princess is a convert in Japanese cuisine. I do not mind. Japanese food is deemed healthier.

So if you ask my princess what would she likes to have, you could expect her to answer either Japanese or Western cuisine. Her two most favoured cuisine at the moment.

Last Saturday, my dad treated me and kids to a Japanese cuisine in this Bento Ramen in Brighton Square, Jalan Song.

Our 2nd visit here. Grandparents who have been very doting to the grandchildren will comply to their requests. My girl has been asking her gung gung to bring her for Japanese food. Since last Saturday, hubby has gone to Pontianak for a 2 days trip, we have dinner together in Bento Ramen.

It was Saturday night and thank goodness we managed to find a vacant table.  And we did not wait that long after placing our order, this tobiko sushi (2 sets of 2) came to fill up my hungry kids' tummies first. No, we did not order any sushi platter since we have our own main dishes.
Tobiko sushi (RM18)

Next in the line was my princess' favourite. Unagi don. She never grew tired of having this every time she dines in a Japanese outlet.

Unagi don (RM28)

We ordered this Tako Karaage (deep fried octopus) to try to. I think it was rather dry. Could not taste much seasoning to it. A spoiler.
Tako Karaage (RM16)

Dad had this delicious Yaki Kimchi Ramen. I like it as it has that mild kimchi taste to the fried ramen.
Yaki Kimchi Ramen (RM15)

I shared this Tempura Ramen in miso soup with my boys. Jay finished most of the ramen. There is no denial that he is a noodle person.
Tempura Ramen (RM20)

Everyone shared a bit of the deep fried tempura.

Tempura Ramen

I did not expect a phenomenal dining in Bento Ramen. It is just like other small eateries surviving and making another dining option and experience for Kuching residents.

Having said that, the food was acceptable and good. The staff was friendly and efficient. I do not mind to come again.

Friday, July 3, 2015

To the weekend

Cheers to the weekend!

This weekend should be fun and eventful.

Plan to go some place with my family this Saturday. And l arrange a play date for the kids this Sunday. Hope to bring them to the pool to beat the brutal heat.

So happy weekend, guys!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

When least expected

Last Friday I went to this cafe for breakfast with my mum and Jamie. Not too sure of what to eat there. Actually we wanted to eat here which was next to it but it was so packed. So given no choice, we decided to go next door for our breakfast.

Few choices in this cafe but after looking around I decided to eat fish fillet mihun. 

It took quite a long time for my food to cook.  And mum was telling me the guy was taking his sweet time to cook. 

Not only that but when the food did come, it was not what I expected!!

Opps, what is this??

Oh dear! I were thinking of a nice mihun with fresh fish fillets in a clear broth but it did not turned out anywhere near!

It was what we called "zhao cai hung ngang", a Foochow dish. Zhao cai is the salted mustard while hung ngang is a type of thick rice vermicelli. It resemblance silver needle noodles.

This zhao cai hung ngang was so-so. Not to me liking. Some more it was not cheap, a bowl costs RM7.00! My mum also ordered the same dish and she did not enjoyed it at all. What a breakfast!

And my morning did not started pretty well too. My car's air-con switch broken.

Of all day, it must happened on a very warm day. Luckily I could turned it on so there was some air con for us. However I still need to get it fixed.

It was a good day for laundry though. Everything dried under the sun.

And Jamie started to be cheekier. Likes to pose for photo. This one made my day!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Something good

Gone here for lunch after done some banking in a nearby bank.

This time, I tried its chicken rice stall.  I were pretty famished by the time I were out from the bank as I had little for breakfast that morning.

I saw the dessert advertisements pasted on every table tops and I were tempted to try them. After all, it was a very warm morning and that sound like a very valid reason to indulge in something cooling.

RM3.90 for this big bowl of dessert

I ordered its Set A out of 4 sets. It consists of grass jelly, barley and pearl. 

Ok, I am not so fond of those big chewy black pearls but I do not mind having in once a while. So, I got to mix all the ingredients and the shaved ice was underneath those 3 ingredients.  They mixed some flavours like Sarsi syrup in the ice. That was why the ice was brown in colour.

Thankfully my chicken rice came in a jiffy. And I instantly knew that this was a good Hainanese chicken rice by the look of it!

I have the drumstick part which costs more. RM4.50 for my chicken rice. I love the rice which was not too oily yet it was soft and nice.

The drumstick was soft and moist too. Quite a big portion of a drumstick. I enjoyed dipping the meat into the chili sauce and soy sauce but it tasted good by itself. 

If only they give me more of the dipping. I could finish a saucer of a good chilli sauce. Lol.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Miscellaneous Picture # 42: Growing

I love looking at my mum's garden every time I visit her.  Probably because I do not have the privilege of such green in my own home so I appreciate her little green plot. 

My mum is very hard-working and diligent in growing and taking care of her plants. Some has over-grown so she chopped them off while some died off. However I still could find some plants are growing well and bearing fruits.



Forgot what this plant called

Young papaya tree

Monday, June 29, 2015

Beg to differ

Went to this cafe with a girlfriend for brunch the other day. It has been a while since I have eaten here.

Located next to NK Food Network, this Kwong Hup Cafe has never been short of crowds. The cafe is noted for some nice choices of food, mainly its Penang fried kuaw tiaw, Sarawak laksa and kuih-muih stall.

Reason that I seldom come here is I am not so fond of any of its food. It is not that the food are not nice but nothing much to shout about. Nothing really addictive or super delicious for me.

People keep saying the fried kuah tiaw, laksa and popiah were good but I beg to differ. Yes, when they were in Bormill Cafe, I find the laksa was yummy but somehow it was not the same when they moved here. Other food are decent and good enough but I would not particular come here for any of its food.

RM3.00 popiah

However, I could do with a nice plate of healthy popiah on any day. Kwong Hup Cafe serves a nice popiah that goes well with its sweet and spicy sauce. The popiah is made on order so freshness is guaranteed.

RM3.50 sambal panggang

Different story for this kuih. My friend bought this panggang to try from the kuih stall. Soft texture but not enough sambal to please me. It was salty though. A disappointment for both of us.

RM3.00 fried kueh tiaw

I ordered this normal plate of fried kueh tiaw. The kueh tiaw was broken to smaller pieces but enough wok hei fragrance with its spicy paste. However I personally prefer the whole kueh tiaw than this broken noodle. Looked messy and unappetizing to me.

By the way, you can have special order such as add clam, prawns etc to your preferred noodles.

RM3.00 fried noodle

My friend had its fried yellow noodle. She requested for the salty flavour but ended up they gave her the sweeter one.

We were there for about 30 minutes but could not stay any longer. Weather was warm but luckily it was windy. Bearable for us but my boy was hot and his cheeks turned rosy under such weather. So after finished our brunch, we headed home to stay away from the sun before it was time to pick up the other schooling kids.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekend Menu #70: easy Sunday crepe

Nothing beats the weekend like an easy home-made crepe. It is so simple and quick to fix. Enjoy and hope you like the recipe.

Of course I got myself a little helper in the kitchen. My princess was eager to learn and help so I let her whisk and sieve the batter for me.

100g plain flour
2 large egg
300ml full cream milk
Pinch of salt
Butter or vegetable oil for cooking

1. Mix the flour, egg and milk into a bowl. Add pinch of salt and slowly whisk the mixture.
2. Sieve the mixture into a bowl and let it sit for 30 minutes in room temperature.

3. Heat up the butter or vegetable oil in a pan under medium heat. Slowly pour some of the batter onto the pan. Fry each side till golden brown (approximately 1 minutes on each side).

4. Serve with your favourite filling i.e. honey, butter, maple syrup and fruit slices or cubes.

5. Enjoy the sweet and savoury crepe.