Tuesday, November 25, 2014

In the beginning

It is hard not to think about our days in Sibu and not missing it a bit.

Missed my sil and her hubby who have been helpful during our stay there. Missed my cousin sis who I were able to meet a couple of times there.

Not forgetting the charming Mr Suituapui who is gracefully acted as my breakfast date on couples of times and as my directory when ever I need help or idea on where to go. Oh yes, thank you STP for the thoughtful farewell gifts. You are very sweet and I am glad to meet up with you in person.

Thank you once again, STP!

Of course I missed those lazy days, some nice and some quirky people I got to know; and great places and food that I have been to and tasted!

But life goes on....since more than a week ago.

For the past one week, I were busy settling ourselves down that I did not have much time to go online. Too many unpacking, re-arranging our stuff and settling everyone at home. Some boxes still left untouched. Maybe better leave it that way. ^^

Some more Jamie and I were not feeling well since moved back. Allergic reaction and caused dry cough. Jamie also develop some skin rashes on his face, legs and arms. We both went to see doctor on Friday morning. I am fine now but Jamie is still recovering from cough; and he contacted flu bugs yesterday. So a little cranky on his part but he is adjusting fine now. No more crying pot whenever I am out of his sight.  And he is getting along with my parents too so I have "baby sitters" to carry him whenever we went out together.

As for updating, it is quicker and easier to upload photos and updates in Facebook than sitting down in front of pc drafting a blog post. And the only peaceful time I can do that would be once the kids have fallen asleep. I think I would do that more from now on.

I still blog-hopping and leaving comments but have not have times to gather my thoughts and put them into words. Hopefully to find times to update and blog more. I find writing to be therapeutic and de-stressing. I missed writing over here. *wink*

It is tiring and testing period for me to take care of the kids full time without hubby or help around. But I am happy that the kids are around. They meant a world to me.

It is school holiday some more so basically I am stuck with my kids. Fortunate for me, Jay has gone for a short holiday in hometown and be back this weekend. Not so miserable with Jan and Jamie with me as Jan can be independent and help me around. It is wonderful to have a girl as a big sister. Reminded me of how I were when I were the big sister to my siblings.

I am so look forward to the weekend. Hubby is flying back for a weekend break. Jay is coming back too. Missing them. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Spent our Saturday

I were whatapps-ing with hubby on Saturday morning and I were surprised that he replied me back as it was just a little before 7am that day. Thought he would sleep through the Saturday morning in his hotel room in Miri but he told me he needed to do some paperwork so need to get up early and get done fast. 

After have few rounds of whatsapp-ing, I brought the kids to the nearby shop for breakfast. It was around 730am so it was not packed (which I like the best). Our noodles came in less than 5 minutes wait.

Jan has her usual bowl of kolo mee which came with mince meat and charsiew. I had its seafood noodle. Very fresh prawns and crispy deep fried fish fillets. I do not mind to have more of these prawns and fillets than those sliced meat. Lol.

I also ordered a cheng laksa (all ingredients without mee hoon) to taste. Love it so much!

By the way, I blogged about coffee shop before. I like its deep fried fish soup very much.

We stayed at home in the afternoon as the sun was very warm. Good day for laundry. That was what I did!!

School holiday is here so it means I need to crack my beautiful head to entertain my kids. Bring them here and there, let them relax and de-stress and venture into something fun.

So in the evening, we went to this building which open for business early this year, Megalanes Adventure World for a game of bowling and dinner with my parents, and sis.

Only me, Jan and my sis played. "Cuci longkang" more but at least we get to do some exercises right? Fingers exercise! ^^

We had dinner on the floor above the bowling alley thereafter. The Redpin Restaurant serves Indonesian and Western cuisine.

I ordered chicken chop set that comes with drink and soup (RM20). Reasonable price, I think.

My chicken chop that has separate black pepper sauce for you to dip or pour onto your chop!

Creamy mushroom with garlic bread

Big glass of Iced Ribena Sprite

Sis had its prawn pasta (RM17) which was tasty and well cooked.

Jan as usual, had fish and chips for RM15. Rather dry, I think.

My dad and mum each ordered ayam penyet rice (RM9.00 each). The chicken was not too dry but I thought the chilli dipping was good. Very spicy!

With full tummies, we headed home. My sis spent a Saturday night sleepover with us. Great to have her around. And she and I had a nice chit chat in the bed like the old days when we would hid in our blankets and talk. ^^

Friday, November 21, 2014

From Sibu

Officially school holiday starting tomorrow in Malaysia but my kids are taking a week early because of a wedding and moving back here. So my girl kind of missed out on this week's activities in her school but we got my sil to help in that matter. She went to collect some of Jan's stuff this morning.

Today is the last day of school so it was the last school assembly held. The principal presented some trophies to the best students and one of the award goes to Jan. 

She took part in an English story competition last month and won 1st prize in her category! 

Her Primary 3 textbooks to be brought over to new school here.

And not forgetting her report book. Well done, Jan for the good marks. Happy that she has improved her Chinese subject.

Just this morning Jan told me that she could not wait to go back to her previous school in Kuching. Counting down to 6 weeks time. Lol. School holiday is just starting and she could not wait to go back to school??

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Barks N Meows

These photos were taken last month in Sibu on a morning when sending Jay to his kindergarden. Noticed at the side of the road, a dog was barking at 2 cats. At first, all three were looking at each other and then the dog started to bark. The cats stayed put and purred at the dog. Could not help but took shots of them as we watched for a minute or so on the animals.

Eventually the cats left and the dog stopped barking. Maybe the dog was claiming his territory and asked the cats to go away.

I do not have pets at home but I do love dogs and cats. I grew up loving dogs more as my mum keeps few dogs around the house. Cats, I adore them as I used to play with my grandma's cats when visiting her almost every weekend.

Maybe when the kids are bigger, I can keep a pet at home. Probably a cat as easier to take care of. 

Jamie really loves dogs. He does not even afraid of my mum's dog.

For now I let my kids enjoy the company of my mum's pets when we visiting her. Introducing Mimi or we nickname her "Ah Pui" for the obvious reason. She is a darling when around children.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Still going

Hi guys! A quick update while Jamie busy playing and do not disturb me. ^^

Time really like ticking very fast this few days. Firstly helping out with a cousin's wedding on Sunday. It was a simple ceremony with Hakka tea ceremony, Registrar representative visited and officiate the marriage signing ceremony.

First time I witnessed a marriage cert signing in a house. Something new and a trend, maybe?
At night we went for the wedding reception in Grand Margherita. I always love to attend wedding dinner. Firstly get to dress up for the occasion, secondly when it comes to family affair, we get to catch up with other relatives. And I also look forward to the wedding guest gifts. Isn't the pair of salt shakers lovely and creative as a gift??

 Yesterday before dropped Jay to the airport (yes, he has gone back to hometown with the grandparents), we went to Sin Chong Choon for breakfast. I ordered a big glass of its teh c peng special to go with my kolo mee. Oh boy. I shouldn't drank this big glass so early in the morning. Caused stomach upset the whole afternoon and evening and luckily everyone was tired that we slept before 9pm last night.

Btw, before I came back, I developed a pretty serious mouth ulcer. Not one but 3 or 4 of them! Ouch! So uncomfortable. Must be the past weeks' activities coupled with lack of sleep and not enough fluid. Luckily they are getting better today. The past few days I have been continuously spraying the compound watermelon frost onto the ulcers!! 

This morning, gone to settle my girl's school transfer. These are some records and student files to be passed to new school. 

We went to the Padawan administrative office for issuance of an approval letter and then we gone to the school. Bumped into the old class teacher. So we had a quick chat with the teacher and my girl will be placed back to his charge. Need to go back to school for registration and fees on 29th next month.

We did not do much at home. Pack and arrange a bit here and there. Jamie is adjusting but he is super clingy and a crying baby more as I cannot leave the car for a second. Poor kid. Hopefully he will get better as we go along. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Go solo

Tomorrow is a new milestone for me! Hubby is flying to Miri to work, leaving me with the kids in Kuching. For the first time since I become a full time sahm, I am going to be solo parenting my 3 children. No extra help, and hubby will not be around most of the times. 

Solo parenting. Not a new term around parenthood world. Solo parents, are not the same as single parents although both go single-handed without partners. Solo parenting can be overwhelmingly exhausted as no breaks and all parenting and decision lie down to one parent. 

Am I nervous, you ask?  Of course I am. I have never been alone with all 3 children for more than a day. I have nanny to look after the youngest one while once a while my sil helped with the older kids.

Of course I have my parents around but cannot expect them to help most of the times. They stay pretty far from my house.

So I am trying to train my 2 older kids to help to look after the youngest one. Wish me luck on that!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Going home + transition begins

We are going back to Kuching tomorrow. A cousin is getting married this Sunday so we move back instead of later date.

We have stayed in Sibu for a year and 4 months and 15 days, and one cannot imagine how one can accumulate so much stuff! 
My car was packed with stuff!

Too much house cleaning and packing for past few days till I have blisters on my palms! Ouch! My dearest hubby even has the heart to tease me. Said I seldom do so much house chores till I could get blisters on my palms! Damn! I did all the cleaning, mopping, packing and moving while he did nothing! Must be the new mop that I used last week in Kuching. Should wear gloves but did not think about it, too much to do. ^^

This week has been on nothing but packing and stuffing my car to be shipped back to Kuching. Astro contractor has dismantled the dish and decoder so I can bring back to Kuching and get the Kuching contractor to connect it back.

Regardless of our conundrum, we have decided this is the best for the kids. I am happy that we are finally going home, although hubby will be stationed in Miri and travelling a lot in the central region of Borneo. We probably be seeing him once a month when he is back for meeting or taking a leave. Just hope one day he will be able to transfer back to Kuching. Hope that day would not be long.

For now, I will be busy with settling ourselves down and making everyone comfortable with the new transition especially little Jamie.

Okay, I shall update when we are in Kuching. Need to get ready for Jay's graduation concert which is starting at 7pm this evening. No, he is in K1 and another year before he is officially graduated from kindergarden. Jay has few stage performances to perform tonight. Got the kids to nap otherwise it would be so tiring as I remember how late the concert finished last year.

Have a great weekend, guys!