Monday, September 16, 2019


The start of the 4+3 days this month. 4 working days and 3 long weekends. 

On this particular Monday, we went to Nanyang Food Court for breakfast. 

First time we ordered and tasted prawns and egg chee cheong fun. Normal prawn ccf cost RM5 but with add-on of egg, it costs RM6. Every bite of prawn and egg slice. Surprisingly it was good. We loved the CCF at this food court; one of best in our own opinion. 

With or without the dipping, it was equally nice. 

The kids had their normal breakfast, namely kolo mee. 

Yours truly did not feel like having noodle, so instead, I opted for vermicelli. 

Friday, September 13, 2019

The next night

In my previous post, I mentioned that I wish to see real sea turtles in action. Well, we did get to see some sea turtles. Baby turtles to be exact.

It was on the 2nd night, that we were fortunate enough to see baby turtles. They hatched and we get to see and hold them before releasing them to the sea. 

It was around 1130pm that night when the national park staff called us to inform us on the baby turtles. Everyone quickly got up from their beds and followed the staff to the hatching station.

The hatching station

9 turtles hatched that night

Hubby was holding this cute baby turtle

Mid Autumn festival is here and since we were at Tanjung Datu last weekend, we took the chance to release a couple of sky lanterns there. 

We were not allowed to venture to the beach after 6pm (due to turtle activity) so we can only let go of the sky lanterns at the camp site. 

First lantern was a success, flew straight to the sky under the yellow-coloured moon. Second lantern had a bit of disaster as it caught onto a tree. It burned on one side but somehow it got loose and managed to fly off to the sky. I guess our wishes were granted eventually. Lol. 

Let it heated up

When hot air developed, let it go!! 

Fly up and up!! 


One was the lantern and the other one was the moon. Guess which was which?? 

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, guys! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

In the national park

We spent 3 days 2 nights in Tanjung Datu National Park. Our first family camping experience in the forest.

After a 2 hours drive from Kuching, we took a boat (return fare RM300) from Teluk Melano jetty to the national park on Saturday afternoon. About 10 minutes boat ride, we reached the beautiful, clean and untouched Tanjung Datu National Park after 1pm.

The beach and water were clean. Amazing and quiet place to relax and enjoy the Mother's Nature. No line, no wi-fi, no internet. Away from the outside world. 

There were 2 European couples other than us that stayed during the weekend. We made new friends with the German and French couples.

We spent mostly at the beach, had morning walks, swimming and snorkelling. The beach looked like belonging to us, totally peaceful and quiet.

If only there wasn't any haze, the view would be amazing. All we could see was hazy scenery but it didn't dampen our holiday mood.

On the first night, we set up our tents on the camping site. 

The kids learnt how to set up the tents with their dad.

The next night, we were offered 2 forest huts so we wouldnt need to squeeze in the uncomfortable tents. Lol.

Equipped with 5 beds plus mosquito netting.

It was nearer to the kitchen and bench and table. And also nearer to the beach. 

We were also allowed to use the stove in the kitchen but with charges. We brought our own utensil although they do provide with charge. 

We brought mineral water, dried food and canned food enough for 3 days and at the end of the holiday, we still have some instant noodles and canned food left.

We slept early at night as there would not be much to do at night. Lighted by kerosene oil lamps, it were uncomfortable and warm nights and the boys complained of heat. Luckily we survived the night through. The beach was closed after 6pm as to avoid disturbance to any sea turtle activities. So we slept pretty early on both nights.

We brought some touchlights and LED light and mosquito coils. Touchlights are useful when you need to go to the toilet at night as it was pitch-black with sounds of insects and wave from the ocean around you. 

There were few jungle trails for those who love hiking and enjoying the wild nature.

We had a 500m trail hike on the 2nd day. We took the shortest trail as not to tired ourselves out. The trail wasn't that easy though but we managed to finish it.

Everyone was sweaty and tired but a good hike in the forest.

We also had snorkelling on the other side of the beach in the evening. A few minutes jungle trail to this quieter beachline. Low tide in the evening and some corals on the rocks could be seen on the shore. We did not go too far to see some corals and fishes. However the water was muddy and not crystal clear near the shore.

A nice and different weekend getaway for us. Other than the kids complaining of heat and unable to sleep without fan or aircon at night, we had a wonderful holiday and enjoyable time there. We may be back next year, hopefully to catch real sea turtles in action. 

What and how much we spent at the national park:

Entrance fee  26 (RM10- adult, RM3 - 6-18yo)
Camping site  20 (RM5/pax/night) 
Forest hut       40 (RM10/pax/night) 
Bedding          60 (RM15/pc/night) 
Gas & Stove    10 (RM5/day) 

If you look at the map of Borneo, Tanjung Datu is at the tip of the Borneo. The 'tail' part. For more information of this beautiful national park, click on to this site.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Few occasions

Jan and I had been here on few occasions  for lunches.

On one particular day, we came for its Western dishes. However it was not ready eventhough it was past 11am. So we did not get to have that for lunch. What did we have?? Economy rice from New Satay House stall. 

One day, I saw a FB post on a new stall, Nasi Lemak Rasta. The guy commented it was good.

So I had it on my next visit. My choice was nasi lemak ayam goreng (RM8).

Surprised that I got 2 drumsticks. Now that worth RM8. The rice was good, fragrant and rich with coconut milk. The sambal was equally nice. The salted fish was fried till you could eat everything including the bone. I would definitely back to try other dishes such as the sotong and lamb.

Another day, my girl and I went for the ayam penyet stall. She had her ayam penyet RM10 (above) while I had this lovely pecel tilapia for RM15. I loved the fresh and flaky whole tilapia, well fried to perfection.

Don't mind coming back to this food court. I have yet to try other few stalls such as the Indonesian stall and the bak kut teh stall. 

Thursday, September 5, 2019

The result

After the visit to Normah hospital yesterday, we finally got the allergy blood test result. 

The result was not so good as he is allergic to cow's milk, dust and mite. And mild allergic reaction to egg white and cheddar cheese. 

So in other word, he has quite a list of food that he cannot take as most stuff contains egg and milk. And he has to stop his cow's milk (Anmum brand) and switch to soy based milk.  

As for housedust and mite, it would be slightly difficult to control as dust and mite are everywhere.  But we must try to keep the environment as clean with minimal dust as possible.  Time to invest in a good dust vacuum. 

His condition is much better compared to a month ago. Yesterday, doctor gave me a couple of this mosturiser. Suitable to carry around. 

Few weeks ago, I bought the bigger bottle to be used at home. I bought it from a pharmacy (Shine Pharmacy in Song Plaza) and it was over RM250 at member price. Not very cheap indeed. And not all pharmacies selling this brand. At least it fits Jamie's dry, sensitive skin. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

In the morning

It was Sunday and since my man was up early, I suggested to him to go to the Sungai Maong market to buy some fresh supplies.

Some meats, chickens, vegetables, fruits and dried ingredients. After we were done, we kept the stuff in the car and headed to the nearby coffee shop for breakfast. 

There was this makeshift stall in front of the shop. Ooo, I don't think I get to see this much around. They slaughter the poultry on the spot. Some chickens and a duck in the cages; I saw a boiling pot for scalding and cleaning. 

We continued our way to the coffee shop and ordered our breakfast. 

I had a bowl of Sarawak laksa. It was alright but the broth was oily. 

Hubby had the fried noodle with an egg for RM6. I loved the look of the fried egg. 

We went home after our breakfast session. By then, Jan and Jamie had woken up. Jay wasn't well so he had an sleep in till late morning.

He had an allergy attack the day before and when he woke up after 10am, we found out the allergy getting worse. So we took him to a clinic for injection and medicine. Thank God that the clinic opened as most weren't on Sunday cum public holiday. Not sure why the sudden allergy.

The red patches came and gone these past few days, and most of the times, Jay was seen scratching. He did not go to school today since he hasn't fully recovered. Tomorrow is a holiday for him as UPSR is starting. 

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Miscellaneous Picture #91 : August favourite

August was a warm month but very good for the plants as they strive well in such temperature

A family dinner in Hon Ang restaurant early of the month. I loved their birthday noodle, specially ordered for me and Jay. 

Jay celebrating his 10th birthday, started off with a super yummy and big bowl of kolo mee, his favourite food. 

First time trying smoked duck with pork dim in Boulevard Restaurant. 

Hubby has been enjoying his monthly fishing trip

Jan's masterpiece for her school's National Day competition