Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Miscellaneous Picture # 18 : Lovely colours

 It is mid-week again!  Just want to wish everyone a good Wednesday.  Something to cheer your day up. What else but beautiful colours to brighten up your day.   

If I have a pond at the back of my home, I would love to plant water lilies.  Beautiful and bright pink.

Yummy looking strawberries in a glass of water

P/S: Photographs were taken in Bangkok 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Me day

Another Tuesday. Another weekday. A cold and raining morning some more. It means I have the whole morning for myself. 

Catching up on my novel.

Made myself a simple breakfast this morning. Bacon & egg mini bun. Yum yum.

Bought some soft rolls from Giant yesterday. RM4 for 14 soft rolls, so cheap. I like its soft rolls.

Besides soft rolls, I also went for my grocery shopping there. Supposed to do it on Sunday after church, but baby was restless so we did not go.

So, I went for a Monday grocery shopping in Giant and ended up with these in my shopping bag. Mostly kids' favourites as you can see. *wink*

Glad I remember to bring my own shopping bag. No plastic day on Monday in Giant!

Monday, April 21, 2014

I cook, I read

I have been planning to cook ayam masak merah for long time and have bought a packet of ready-to-cook paste last week. I never cook masak merah from scratches so I opt for the easy and convenient way. Directly from the packet.

Doesnt't look red but taste-wise, it is nice

I used this paste

Very easy to cook. Need to marinate with turmeric and salt before frying the meat. Deep fry the chicken pieces till cook. Then just throw the whole paste of masak merah in wok, add in the chicken and a bit of water. Mix well for 10 minutes. Done!

Currently in my reading mode. Last week, I bought these 2 novels. Cheap, just RM8.00 and the story lines sound good, so why not? I don't mind those expensive novels, unless I really wanted to. Only when there is sales, I will definitely grab some books to add to my shelves. Used to read romance and fiction period novels, but now more into fiction, thriller and drama. What is your current reading?

And what make you smile everyday? For me, cook for my family, have a little quiet time to catch up on my reading and spend times with my kids. :)

Have a great Monday, everyone.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekend Menu #61: Pork belly and bean curd stir fry

Another cooking weekend. What is on your menu tonight? 

No, this is not in my menu tonight.  Few evenings ago, I were cooking all my favourite dishes. *wink* I had stir fried sawi, fried mackerel, pork belly and beancurd stir fry and chicken in curry and dark soy sauce. I am going to share my pork belly and beancurd stir fry recipe here.

This recipe is passed down from my mum. We do eat a lot of beancurds at home. In soup, deep fried, stir fry with vegetables, braised dishes and so on. They said the Hakka is famous for beancurd recipes. *wink*

This pork belly and beancurd stir fry is very easy and delicious. You can use sweet soy sauce if you like it sweet but here, I used the salty dark soy sauce. 


300g pork belly, sliced thinly and blanch for few minutes before cooking
2 beancurd (you can buy the ready fried beancurd but I prefer to fry my own)
Few pinches of salt
2 -3 tbsp dark soy sauce (sub with sweet dark soy sauce if you like sweeter version)
Cooking oil

1. Rub few pinches of salt onto beancurd and leave for about 30 minutes before cut them into smaller cubes.
2. In wok, add in cooking oil enough to deep fried the beancurds. Under small fire, when oil is hot enough, slowly place beancurds cube by cube into the wok. When bottom has turned brown, flip over and brown the other side.

3. Dish out the beancurds and drain the oil.
4. In wok, leave about 2 tbsp cooking oil to stir fry the pork belly. Stir fry for few minutes till pork belly is almost cook. Add in the beancurds and mix them for few seconds.

5. Turn off the heat, toss the dark soy sauce and mix them around.

Remark: For added flavour, you can add some black bean paste too, about 1 tsp.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Good Friday

It is going to be a long holiday as tomorrow is a Public Holiday.  No school, no work and it means everyone would be at home. More tv fight, lazy on beds, brunches outside and spontaneous activities.

This Friday is a special day for us because exactly a year ago, my 2 kids and I were baptised and accepted to the house of God. The ceremony was still vivid at the back of my mind. A big moment in my life.

I love Good Friday. And grateful and blessed for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ done to mankind.

Let's pray for peace, happiness, and salvation.

Source: Google image

Happy Good Friday and Easter Sunday to all my friends and readers!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Not so fried-tastic!

My kids love fried food. Who don't?

Last Friday, I brought them to Anson in Wong King Huo road for dinner. Saw this outlet and meant to try it out as everytime we were at this area, this outlet was always packed and people patiently waiting to find seats. This Anson café is the same row with Pelicana Chicken outlet.

So last Friday, we were early to avoid the crowd. We reached there around 6pm but after finished our food about 45 minutes later, the place was crowded! Business was so good. I do not understand why as the food was so-so, but maybe it was cheap and service was fast that attract people to eat here.

They serve Western food only. Mostly fried food, pizza, pasta, and ice cream. With my kids, we would not go wrong by ordering fries and fried food for them. I think I would not come back so soon for its food as nothing fancied me other than the pizza maybe. Will try it out another day.

Our starter is a Caesar salad. A rather pitiful sight of salad if you ask me, but cannot expect much for RM4.50.

Next came the breaded fish with chip for the kids. RM6.20 for this plate. The kids finished up the fish and after that they could not finished the chicken nuggets (RM3.50).

Fish and chip

Another kids' fave - nuggets with mayo sauce

We also ordered cheesy wedges, which was yummy and sinful but once a while I do not mind having this RM5.30 plate of cheesy wedges.

My pork burger (RM6.20) came last and I thought they forgot this order. Wanted to cancel itbecause I were full from the other fried food, but it was out of the kitchen right when I asked to cancel it. Well, I tasted better pork burger in Kuching and this burger was nothing special. The minced meat was rather hard. Again, fries. We hardly can finish them. Or maybe it was not as tasty as McD's. Lol.

Wonder how many calories that I have gained from this dinner!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

6 money saving tips to stretch your salary

(This is a guest post by Ryan Del Villar. Ryan is a content strategist for MoneyHero. He is also a freelance writer who specializes in Online Reputation Management)

We’re all guilty of overspending or going over our budget every now and then, especially in situations such as when we’ve just received our paycheck, there’s a big sale at the mall, or we simply can’t resist a good bargain. If you always find yourself broke before the end of the month due to your wayward spending habits, the following money saving tips might be able to help you stretch your budget:

Share your dilemma with a friend.

The first step towards reform is to admit that you’ve a problem. Actually voicing it out is a good first step toward realizing your wish to modify your spending habits. If you know that you won’t be able to make a change on your own, letting others—a friend, a spouse, or anyone who cares about your financial welfare—in on your goals to save more will probably reinforce your resolution and push you to work harder on your goals. 

A confidant may also help ease all the stress and anxiety you’re feeling. Talk to someone whom you know can offer words of advice and support as you try to cope with your money problems. Another good idea is to seek the help of a non-profit organization regarding your financial situation. They can give you expert advice on how you can manage your money better.

Make gradual changes.

If you really intend to save, don’t hesitate to make even the slightest lifestyle modifications. Start with small things, such as walking or riding a bike instead of driving, bringing packed lunches to work, decreasing instances of dining out, using discount coupons and vouchers, and cancelling magazine subscriptions or gym memberships that are not used, among others.

Track all your spending.

It’s easy to declare that you’ll start saving more money and avoid overspending, but actual implementation is not so easy and might take a little time. To motivate yourself, note down every purchase you make—no matter how small. You can use a notepad or download free mobile apps for keeping a record of all your spending. Proper tracking can guide you in creating a realistic budget and help you see areas where you tend to overspend.

Talk to your loan provider.

If you’re having a problem paying off your debts, it’s best to talk to your loan provider or lender to explain the situation. State the reason why you can’t make the repayments required. Your bank may be willing to make a special arrangement to make it easier for you to pay; just as long as you let them know before you incur further penalties and high interest rate charges.

Refrain from using your debit and credit cards.

As much as possible, minimize using credit and debit cards in your daily transactions. Budgeting and making payments using cash may be an easier way to track your spending. Nowadays, you can easily compare credit cards online. Because of this, people tend to be tempted with the idea of using credit cards than actual cash. Of course, using credit card is good as long as we do it in moderation. Taking trips to the ATM may seem like more trouble than it’s worth, but if using your cards has so far given you nothing but heartaches, this is one strategy you can definitely apply.

Pay your bills on time.

Always prioritize your monthly utility bills: gas, electricity, water, mortgage payments, rent dues, internet subscription fees, telephone bills, credit cards, and other necessary bills. Paying these should be a top priority as failure to do so can result in grave consequences.

Remember these money saving tips and try to apply as many—if not all—of them in your everyday living. With discipline and strict compliance, as well as the support of family or friends, you will start noticing a big difference in your personal finance. Keep at it and in a few years’ time, you will begin to reap the rewards of having financial freedom.