Friday, October 31, 2014

Miscellaneous #27: October favourite

What I like about October? 

Another new Octoberfest mug to my collection! Yay! And this year it comes with a cover. How cool could it be.

And for the very 1st time, I tasted macarons. You know me, not so into sweet things so I never fancy macarons till hubby brought home 2 packs from his KL-Kuching trip.
The macarons were not in good shapes as hubby put them in his bag. Still, I adore its vibrant and lovely colours.

Even my girl complained they were too sweet and she only ate one. Hubby would sure bump into this popular sweets in Paris! Btw, he is now in Paris!

Did you know macaron was born in Venice, Italy? It was voyaged with Catherine de Medicis on her marriage to the Duke of Orlean, then later the king of France. 

Oh yes, it is Halloween night so what would you be doing tonight? Me? My girl asked me to tell a ghost story tonight so I got to think of one soon before bed time!
Source: Wikipedia

If you asked me, it has been a while since I watch scary or thrilling movie. For me, the best horror movie got to be "A nightmare on Elm Street". I still got goosebumps watching it. What is your best horror movie of all times?

Tomorrow is another new month. Goodbye October and hello November.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Healthier & Raw

Not our usual Sunday dinner. My girl has been telling her dad that she wanted a Japanese food for the past days so the daddy obliged to her request last Sunday.

Hubby wanted to get some stuff for his trip so he suggested to have dinner in Sushi King.

Jan and Jay as usual occupied the side where the conveyor belt was located and helped themselves to the moving sushi. 

Other than the meal set, we also ordered this fresh salmon platter.

I did not really like the taste of this shishamo as it was more of fishy smell although they marinated with seasoning.

This kinoko soup was very healthy. Love the generous amount of shimeiji mushrooms in the clear soup.

This tako wakame looked tasty from the menu but we did not really enjoyed it very much due to the mayo dressing on the fish. Underneath the slices of fish is the Japanese seaweed (konbu).

Last but not least, something that we seldom do as a family. A family selfie! ;)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Simple dinner

We spent our whole morning in Superbowl, Kin Orient Plaza last Saturday. Hubby's company had a friendly bowling match there so we went there to cheer them. By the time we reached home around 2pm, everyone was so tired that we knocked out as soon as we hit the beds.

In the evening, we went to this Wonderful Cafe (next to Delta Mall) for a simple dinner.

My princess had the yang chow fried rice, which we thought it was good. Not to mention the big portion of rice!

Hubby was interested to try the Hokkien fried noodle. It looked good, dark and thick. Tasted sweet from the soy sauce and I can tasted the fried noodle as they fry the noodle before add the gravy to it.

I shared this fried noodle with Jay.  It reminded me of the Maggi goreng that I had in KL.  Tasted alright. Not too salty.

I like this beef dish with onion. The meat was tender and fragrant with Chinese cooking wine.

The bill of our simple dinner plus drinks came out to be RM53. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Be light

Given the concern over safety lately (and I believe that it happens anywhere), I have decided to go out without bags. 

I know, we ladies love our bags. And we love to bring everything along when we go out. But there are always some bad guys with bad intention to steal from you and may eventually harm you. I have been a snatch thief's victim before so I do have a phobia when ever I bring my bag out. I ever have the habit of glancing to the back or at motorcyclists when walk along the sidewalk. Sorry but I could not help being paranoid here.

Actually I started to develop the habit of not bringing my handbag (if possible) when I am out from the house by myself. Even if I do, my bag is nothing but all baby's essential stuff. If I am going out by myself, all I need is my mobile phone! And phone case is indeed a very handy accessories.

I keep few important cards in the case. And I always keep a RM50 note in case I need to get something on impulse. So no pocket? Never mind. I have my phone! Who needs pocket or bag to keep your stuff? Lol. I always travel light! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

No-frill prawn omelette

My mum cooks this dish very often at home. We simple enjoy this simple omelette. She just fry the prawns before pour in the beaten eggs to the wok.

When it comes to me, I love to experiment with new ingredients for added flavour. *wink* Talking about spoiling my mum's original recipe!

Okay, I did not totally spoil the original taste of this tasty and simple omelette but I added big onion for that onion-y scent and crunchiness.

This omelette is very easy to prepare. Very little ingredients and you can get them easily. The kids love it too!


150g prawns, de-shelled and seasoned with salt and pepper
1 big onion, sliced
3 medium-sized eggs, beaten
1 tsp light soy sauce
salt to taste
Dash of pepper


1. Heat up the pan with about 3 tbsp cooking oil.
2. Saute the big onion for few second till fragrant and turn translucent before add in prawns.
3. Stir fry for a while till prawns turn pink.
4. Whisk beaten eggs with light soy sauce. Then add to the pan.
5. Flip the omelette once bottom is brown to cook the other side.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

He shares my bed

This picture explains all!

My little lover. He has been sleeping in the same bed with me since he was a month plus and since then he had never wanted to go back to his own cot. 

I know that I should not encourage him because sleeping in the same bed may cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SID). But who could resist having this cutie not to snug and share bed with me?

Hubby is always travelling most of the times and the bed is big for me to sleep alone. The other kids have their own beds. So you could understand that it is easier to have the little one to sleep with me without me going up and about his cot and bed.

People said that boys are always closer to mums and this is true for me. Jay for instance, started to sleep on our bed when he was about 1 year old. Since then he was reluctant to go and sleep in his baby cot. However as he reached 3 or 4 years old, he loved to sleep with the sister and started to sleep in his own bed.

Jamie, like the brother, is very clingy and protective of me. He would not want his dad to sleep close to me and whenever the other kids give me a hug, he will come and hug me too. So, I nicknamed him "my little lover". 

Now after a year sleeping together, I would need to get him sleep in his own bed soon. I do not mind him sleeping with me once a while but I think hubby and I need a little privacy sometimes. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fun and informative expo for parents

Wish I am in Kuching now so I could attend this fun expo and join in the fun. 

However for those who stays in Kuching, do not miss this Parenting Expo in Boulevard Shopping Mall starting today till Sunday. More than 80 booths on display, parenting talks and sharing by experts and celebrity mums as well as stage activities will be held for 3 days. And interesting games and lucky draws for everyone, including your babies. 

Check out the schedules below.