Friday, March 27, 2015

Weekend mood

A very good girlfriend just messaged me telling me that she has undergone an abortion. Oh dear! Her 3rd baby is almost 20 weeks and doctor discovered that baby has genetic problem called Trisomy 18, which affect the brain and heart development. So given no choice, my friend has to abort her baby.

Really heartbreaking. I shared my friend's feeling and loss. I am a mum too. Wish her and hubby will recover from their loss and get on with their lives.

Thinking of it, I am blessed to have 3 wonderful children. With them around, my life is complete and contented. My prayers always been for them to stay and grow healthy, happy and well; and follow God's words.

This week has been nothing but busy. Rushing here and there. And am I so look forward to the weekend.

Weekend means I can breathe a bit and slow things down. No rushing here and there. However I have been planning to bring the children out this weekend.

Picture taken from here

I know the children have been bored over the school holiday as we basically stayed at home away from the warm sun. And just a blink of the eyes, the school is here again!

I did promised them I will bring them out after Jay and I recovered from our illnesses. I have been taking a rain check from them for over two weeks now. So, weekend, here we come!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rat tails in my soup

Oh, no worry. What I am saying here is rat tails noodle in my soup for breakfast.

My childhood favourite noodle. Lao Shu Fen (rat tails noodle or more fancy name is silver needle noodle). This rice noodle is tapered at both ends so it resembled rat tails or needle. It basically like kuaw tiaw but thicker and cylinder-shaped.

I have this lovely lao shu fen soup the other morning. Something different from my usual kolok mee for a change.

And I bought something after my breakfast. Another of my childhood favourite. A snack! For the children.

Kuih Bahulu or Ji Dan Gao as fondly called. Don't think it is that nice as I could remember. Soft and fragrant. This one that I bought was too dry and did not taste good.

Oh well, not everything survived with the times I guess. Or maybe I should look else where to find better food.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

An egg a day

Think of it, it is more than an egg a day!

My family is an egg lover. We eat so many eggs that we buy 2-3 cartons per month. For breakfast I would cook at least 4 eggs for the whole family. I have not yet count lunch and dinner where I would whip up an egg dish.

If hubby is at home, he must have his usual breakfast set of bacon, hash brown, baked beans and omelette. Used to be 2 eggs for him but he has cut down to one.

The kids like to have their sandwiches for breakfast so I would fry the luncheon meat and egg for their sandwiches. Most of the times, they bring this sandwich to schools in their snack boxes.

Some days I would go for French toast as it is easy, delicious and goes well with a cup of tea.

The week when my mum-in-law was here, she introduced me to her breakfast recipe that she sells in her canteen. She called it "Roti Koboi" as she first saw it in a jeans advertisement few years ago. So from that day onwards, she experimented and cooked it in her canteen.

One morning she cooked her "Roti Koboi" for me. It turned out to be what people known as "egg-in-the-basket". She beat the egg before pour in the middle of the English bread. Feel like eating a French toast, except it is hollow in the middle!

Last week, I made my own egg in the basket breakfast. Just cut off the middle part of the bread. Once butter melt in the pan, I added my bread and let it toasts for few seconds. Flipped over and break an egg into the centre of the bread.

Let it cook for few seconds till the egg has set. Add a pinch of salt and dash of white pepper before dish it out into serving plate.

I love my egg yolk soft and runny while the egg white is not too set. I run out of cheese, otherwise I would add a slice of cheese underneath my egg. Nevertheless I enjoyed my egg in the basket.

What do you think? Does this entice anyone for an egg-y breakfast or brunch today?? What is your favourite egg breakfast? ^^

Sunday, March 22, 2015

What's the name?

The name of this place? Bo Jio Pai.

"Bo Jio" in Hokkien means "did not invite". "Pai" is name, sign or address. However if combine the 3 words together it would be "no signboard or name". So, literally this place has "no name".

First time here on one afternoon. Pass by this place every time send the kids for their swimming class and have been wondering about the food they served. It is a big plot of land with a single storey brown house in the centre. The set-up inside the "house" is very simple; nothing impressive. Long tables, ceiling fans and open concept. Rather warm on a very hot afternoon. Feel like I am eating in a canteen. ^^

One afternoon I brought my 3 musketeers for lunch here. I ordered barley lemon drink as it was a very warm day that day. Jamie loves barley so I could feed him some of this drink.

The waiter recommended its Bo Jio Pai fried rice so I agreed. Fried rice with a little twist of fruit. Green apple!! Can you see the cubed green apple in my fried rice? RM5.90 for this delicious fried rice. I quite enjoyed it. Not too oily and enough "wok hei". Taste-wise, it was just nice. Not much msg or salt detected, which is good. It would be even better if they could add more prawns and sliced chicken than what they served me.

The kids each have a plate of fried mee hoon. Nicely done from the look of it. Quite a lot of ingredients to it too, compared to mine. Both kids said it was good. RM5.90 per plate.

Not cheap considering the price but at least I give it a try.  They have economy rice too. Dishes look very home-cooked. Should not be too expensive, I assume.

If anyone interested to try this place, it is situated at Stapok-Sky Garden junction. It is pretty easy to be spotted with its big banner on the road side.

Friday, March 20, 2015

As simple as that

Did not go out much over the school holiday. Warm weather and I were super lazy to drive under the crazy weather and jam. 

This afternoon I cooked a simple fried rice for lunch since there was leftover rice from last night's dinner.

My fried rice consists of these simple ingredients such as minced garlic, sliced shallot, sliced sausages, chopped long beans and egg.

Just toss in garlic and shallot into heated oil. Fry till they are fragrant and then add in sliced sausages. Fry for few seconds before adding in chopped long beans.

After a minute, break an egg into the pan. Let it cook for few seconds before break and cut the egg into smaller pieces.

Mix all ingredients in the pan then add in the white rice. Mix well and break any rice lumps. Dash in white pepper, salt and light soy sauce to taste. Mix well and dish the fried rice out.

Simple, right? Tasty and appetizing too!

And for a side dish, I grilled a black pomfret using my flip pan. Just rub some salt and white pepper onto the fish, leave for few minutes and grill it. 5 minutes on each side before flipping over and then repeat another time on both side. Sweet, soft, flaky, yummy and healthier than deep frying it.

That was my simple lunch.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pretty & Yummy

I love a refreshing fruit salad on a warm day. I make it a habit to prepare at least 1 fruit serving for the kids every day. Some day it is dragon fruit, other day is oranges while red apples on another day.

The other day, I saw these super beautiful grapes and strawberries in the supermarket so could not resist buying them home.

Immediately I prepared my fruits delight. I could not resist combining my strawberries and grapes in a fruit salad - a refreshing dessert on its own or over a scoop of ice cream.

Lovely bowl of fruit salad, don't you think so? And the kids love it as they keep forking up the sliced fruits.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A tonic after illness

Bird's nest is one of Chinese delicacies and there are 3 types of bird's nests : white, blood and feather. The white one is the best of all. It is useful to ease coughing, fatigue and diarrhoea. And it is believes to help the body to recuperate after illnesses and hence it is a tonic for our bodies.

I have a pack of bird's nest from the CNY hamper so I used up one piece over the weekend. We also have some unprocessed bird's nests that we bought from my SIL that are full of feathers and impurities that I have no time to clean and use yet. Another day for that.

Very simple to prepare the bird's nest. I just soak for an hour or so. I used some big red dates too. About 6 red dates.

Toss the washed red dates and bird's nest in slow cooker and put on high heat. Let it cook for 3 hours. 

Off the slow cooker, toss in a lump of rock sugar to taste. Give it a stir and let the rock sugar melt before serve it warm or cold.

You can add a knot of 2 pandan leaves (screwpine leaves) together with the bird's nest like what I did here to give that fragrant taste.