Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sumptuous dinner in 8 road cafe

We joined my family side for Winter Solstice dinner last night. Since only me and kids, it would be fun and merrier to have dinner with them. *wink*
My boy as my reluctant model was holding the door

My dad suggested dinner at this newly opened cafe near his place in Taman Supreme, Lorong Wan Alwi (the new row of shops next to Choice World Supermarket).

I am not sure what in the name. Maybe 8 symbolized good luck as 8 in Chinese pronounced as "fatt". 

Let have a look at what we had last night. 

First dish was the roasted chicken. Very nice I have to admit.

The captain recommended this yam basket so we gave it a try. True to her word, the mixed vegetables in yam basket was very tasty. Soft inside but crispy outside. 

Another recommendation from the captain. The salty fish bun.

It was actually tilapia baked with salt in an aluminium wrap. It was good to our surprise. The fish was very fresh and marinated well with salt. No "fishy" smell even it has cooled off. 

We also had this stir fried yew chai. Loved this crunchy vegetable very much.

Lastly we ordered a 1kg of this buttery and salted egg crabs. Could not get enough of this tasty, salty crustacean.  They put a lot of butter in this dish so I enjoyed it very much. Plus the crabs were very fleshy so it was very worthy dish.

Thank you, dad for the lovely dinner. And Happy Winter Solstice. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Not short of food

We were here for breakfast on Sunday morning. Bored of the food in MJC so I drove slightly further to this food court. Sing Garden in Hui Sing. Need to be early to be here otherwise it would be hard to find parking and seats.

Luck was on our side as I could find nice parking as well as good table. I used to come here a lot last time so some of the stalls operators recognised me.

You could find almost everything here from kolo mee, laksa, chicken rice, porridge to banana fritters and popiah here. Too many choice to choose from.

Sis wanted to try the Hakka Lui Cha from this stall. I told her it was good. And glad when she tasted it, she agreed with me. She had the normal bowl whicj was RM4.50.

The only lui cha my hubby loves is from this stall. Not too bitter and yet full of flavour from the vegetables and blended soup. The taukeynio was very generous too, she would give extra peanuts if you requested.

My girl never failed to order the breakfast set (RM3.50). I could make it myself at home but I don't usually cook on Sunday. ^^

Jay initially wanted kolo mee but unfortunately the stall was not open, maybe of the Winter Solstice festival which falls today, so I ordered this fried taugeh noodle (RM3.00) for him. Not bad, I tasted. Business was good. 

As for me, I was annoyed because my initial order of fresh milk fish head vermicelli did not come. They forgot my order and I were told to wait for few more minutes while those came later than me got theirs first. Why would not they served me first since they made mistake and forgotten mine? Instead I have to wait again? So, I cancelled it and ordered laksa. Not so tasty looking but alas. It filled up my tummy. Not cheap for this bowl of laksa. RM4.

After our breakfast, we went grocery shopping. Need to get ingredients for my Christmas eve's cooking. Have you done shopping for your Christmas dinner?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Croque Madame : my perfect simple breakfast

After read Mun's Croque Madame few weeks ago, I were so tempted to give this French classic a try. I searched through the internet and read few recipes on this gourmet. Some called for Dijon mustard, fried egg etc but I wanted a simple yet tasty recipe.

So, that was how my simple breakfast was created. I tested what I have gathered a bit here and there from internet. It may not be how the original croque intended to be but I believe everything can be adapted and adjusted according to personal taste. My croque recipe is really easy, trust me. That is why I called it perfect simple breakfast. 

2 slices of hams
1 slice of cheddar (or better, go for grated type)
2 chunky slice of white bread (can sub with wholemeal bread)
2 tbsp butter
1 egg

1. Break egg into simmering water in a pot.  Cook for 1 minute then remove from heat and set aside for 10 minutes to poach.

2. Heat up a pan in medium. Place ham and cheese between bread slices and press to seal.  Spread half butter on outside of each bread slices.

3. Fry in the pan, pressing down the bread for 1 - 2 minutes on each side till golden brown. Keep warm in oven, if necessary,

4. Use a slotted spoon to remove the poached egg from water. Rest egg on kitchen towel for few seconds to absorb the excess water. Top croquet with egg. Season the egg with some salt and black pepper. Serve warm!

I know, cannot see my hams in the bread slices! Lol.

Now you can see them!

Hope you like my very own version of Croque Madame.  I just need to master the egg poaching method more to create that runny yolk. Then, it would be my perfect simple breakfast. *wink*

Friday, December 19, 2014

In our sanctuary

Some days it starts as early as 630am. I have to be contemplating to get up, prepare breakfast or have a quick shower and nag my kids to hurry up and go out for breakfast. Some days, I have to be grateful when they allow you to lie down in bed and have a few minutes of peace.

Most of the days, I prefer to stay at home than going out. Sure, I love to wander and enjoy what the city has to offer but home is where the heart is.

I have my 3 kids to keep me busy about. I can run around with messy hair in my pyjamas without been judged. 

Really not easy trying to manage the house with the kids up and about. So I finally decided that the only time to do cleaning and chores would be at night after all the kids have fallen asleep.

That is also the time when I do my laundry, washing and some reading. A little me-time where I can have tv all to myself and put on mask on my face.

Once a while, I do meet up with friends for yum cha or my family for breakfast and dinner. But most of the times, I just snuggle with my kids, play fools and have some fun around the house. Schools are going to start in few weeks time. So now it is time to rest and relax before things get heated up! ^^

Wefie with the boys

Btw, Christmas is just a week away. And see what I bought for myself?

I know, it has been a long time since I painted my nails. Well, I think it is not too much to put on some colour for the coming holiday, right?? Add some glitter to my life (I mean, my nails! *wink wink*)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Miscellaneous Picture #31: books

A room without books is like a body without a soul. - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Books. They are my companions when I am alone, bored or thirst for more knowledges or imagination. What would I do without them?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

More glittering

After I made the Christmas tree for them, my kids requested me to allow them to make their own. I thought, why not? Let them have some fun and it is school holiday after all. 

I decided to let them have a little fun with glitters. Not just the normal colour painting. 

What we need.....blue coloured papers, cut-out tree from cardboard (I used milk powder box), glue, toothpicks, cotton balls and of course the glitters.

I have 2 kinds of glitters.

So, let the art class begins!!

If you do not want to get the table all dust with glitters, better place a paper or newspaper on the top of it.

Align the cardboard on the coloured paper. Leave few inches at the bottom. Apply glue on the middle of the tree. Start dashing some gold glitter dusts.

Leave it to dry for few minutes before remove the cardboard from the colour paper.

Then apply some glue on the bottom of the tree. Place the cotton balls one by one.

Same goes with the other glitter. Jan is happily arrange her bear-shaped glitters using toothpick.

She used the facial cotton for her creation. And she even apply some cotton on the tree for the snowy effect.

I did not helped them at all. Just guided Jay and helped him apply the glue and the other work were done by him. Jan just see and follow along. 

Glad they enjoyed themselves with this little fun.

Monday, December 15, 2014

That little tree in the room

The kids requested me to decorate their bedroom wall with cartoon stickers so I let them do it themselves.

I kept few stickers in boxes but the other day when cleaning out the boxes, found that mostly have torn or unusable. Ended up only managed to salvage 3 stickers.

And since Christmas is less than 2 weeks away, this morning I made a simple painting for the wall. Please don't laugh at my awful painting as art used to be my least favourite subject in school!!

A simple Christmas tree using water colour. Free style sketch with lines and dots.

Next I used a red cloth tape to frame the painting to the wall.  So there is my Christmas tree painting for my kids.

My girl helped me to give it more "blink blink" by adding letters to the tree.

 Our Christmas tree painting on the wall.