Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A break

It was last Friday; the weather was rather nice but warm. Morning was busy as usual with kids busy doing school works at home.  By afternoon, everything was done and I even managed to take a short afternoon nap.

Hubby was at home, not working.  He suggested to have an afternoon tea break at Song Kheng Hai Hall in Padungan after I woke up from my nap.  The idea was enticing as it has been ages since we went there. So together with him, we drove over to the city area. It wasn't that jam as it was afternoon and everyone was still at work.

Hock Hai Hall was also not so packed as it was already after lunch time. Luckily there was few stalls still opened.  Both of us weren't so hungry so we ordered a few dishes to share.

We had char kueh, fruit rojak and meat stuffed kompia from 3 different stalls. I mostly had char kueh and rojak while we packed the kompia when hubby ate only 1.  

The char kueh was salty version, which I enjoyed most.  Not a fan of sweet char kueh.  As for rojak, I wish I could had more of those peanut crush topping. A very addictive snack, don't you agree?
It was a delightful afternoon break; both of us were very full and we had a late dinner that day.  For the kids, we bought back a pack of fried kway teow and kompia home.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Binge-worthy brunch

We drove all the way to Bako on Hari Raya Haji after picked up my hubby's niece who is furthering her study here.

Bako village wasn't so packed as it was early, before 10am. After found a nice parking space, we walked to this well-known seafood place by the river. 

Bako Seafood Restaurant, right in front of the jetty, next to this sundry shop. We were having our brunch in this place. 

The very first customers were us, so the food came out pretty fast after we placed order. Highly recommended by the waitress, it was our first time order this fish vermicelli soup. It was something like the fish head vermicelli soup which was spicy, sour and sweet. A very appetizing and tantalizing starter to our binge-worthy brunch!! 

Mee hoon with fresh fish balls, fried fish chunks, few clams, tomato slices and mustard vegetable. The broth was so flavourful. Everyone enjoyed it very much! 

Next came the stir fried mani cai with egg. It was very flavourful with the wok hei, no fault detected. 

One of its signature dishes and must have was this seafood beancurds. I loved it with or without its special chilli sauce., but be warned. HOT! 

Another signature dish was its deep fried oyster balls. Never fail to impress the kids and adults alike, it was crispy outside and moist inside.

The king po squid was as good too but mostly hubby and I took it as the kids can't enjoy the mild spiciness. 

Lastly but not least, its steamed prawns were fresh and tasty. 

It was an enjoyable brunch, binge worthy once in a while!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Newly opened

Since this food court was burnt down few months ago, we did not know where the Bishopgate mixed pork soup and vinegar noodle has relocated to. 

It just happened that one of hubby's ex-colleague opened up an eatery recently and was told that the noodle guy moved to her newly opened food court. 

Abundance Food Centre at Bormill Commercial Centre (across the road from Kak Bedah Cafe). The lot was previously occupied by Eco-Fresh Market. Distinctive yellow painted food court, you wouldn't miss it!! 

We drove over to check it out on Sarawak's Day. As it was a state holiday here, the place was pretty packed but we were fortunate to find an empty table. 

Renamed as Fat Aunty Pork Soup, this noodle stall enjoyed a good business over here. Most tables were having its well-known vinegar noodle and mixed pork soup. 

As the guy told us we needed to wait for at least 30 minutes, so we ordered this RM6 5-pieces stuffed kompia from Ding Bian Hu stall to fill up our tummies. Just hubby and I that morning, so each of us took 1 each and brought home the remaining 3 pieces. 

As we were waiting, few policemen were there to inspect the food court. The owner was warned on the table arrangement and SOP. But nothing serious as the policemen left soon after. 

And our food arrived just in time. The soup and noodle were still as good as we remember it to be. 

RM19 for 2 sets of noodle and soup. That was our brunch. We bought takeaway for the kids as we rarely brought them out during the RMCO. They did not mind either!

Check out Abundance Food Centre at their FB Page.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Just the two of us

This used to be Expert Kopitiam but they changed new owner last year. The coffee shop was renamed Wang Seng Heng Kopitiam. 

The stall operators were mostly the same. Although it was near my house, I seldom came here. However when my girl was studying in primary school, I used to go here to buy packed economy rice but that was 2 years ago. Since then, I hardly come here. 

With the new management, the shop was much cleaner and tidier. Glad to see the improvement when hubby and I dropped by sometime last month. 

Just the two of us; the kids had kampua for their brunch so they weren't too hungry. 

We ordered Sarawak laksa for our lunch. The same operator who happened to be one of Jan's ex-primary classmates' mum that mend the stall. I bought her laksa for takeaway once. 

Surprisingly her Sarawak laksa has improved and tasted so good after all this while. RM7 for our special order. Big portion, so much ingredients. We were full to our heart's content that afternoon. I thought this was one of the best that I've tasted so far in MJC.

I will definitely drop by when I am craving for Sarawak laksa. And give a friend a support as well. 😊

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Nostalgic taste

A place where I would not go by myself. The area of Jalan Pisang. It happened that hubby and I sent some fishes that hubby caught to my dad at his shop in Green road. After that, we used the Pisang road to go back but my hubby told me to have breakfast at his friend's shop in Jalan Jambu. 

A row of old shop in Lorong Jambu 2. His Kapit friend had a shop here next to a sundry shop, operating a coffee shop selling kampua. No name or sign board, but not hard to spot. 

My first visit here. My man had been here few times. He told me, the shop and kampua reminded him very much of his hometown and that nostalgic taste as he grew up. 

So he had his kampua in soy sauce while I settled for the plain kampua. 
Which one you prefer?? I don't fancy the soy sauce taste so I usually go for white kampua if I have a choice. 

We also had pian sip soup. It was good!! Really tasted like those sold in Sibu. I rarely had kampua in Kapit so I can't compare to this. 

Not much meat filling in the wrappers but the dumplings were nice. That taste of the filling was different. 

As for the kampua, I rather enjoyed it. Not so oily like some Kampua. It was more in between Sibu Kampua and Kuching Kolo Mee. 

The kampua takeaway for the kids at home. 

Monday, July 27, 2020

Miscellaneous Picture# 99 : from the sea

Sharing with you few photos taken during hubby's recent overnight fishing trip. Hope you guys like them. As for me, I am not so into such activity. Prefer to stay on land and wait for him to bring home the catches. 😁 

How about you?? Do you like such activity? 

Good day to go out

In Kampung Santubong

Passing the Mount Santubong

Far at the sea

Morning sun

Sea mirage

His catches after 3 days 2 nights outing

Friday, July 24, 2020

Not too long ago

Used to be one of the well known food centre in the past where you could enjoy good and reasonable seafood. Very popular 15-20 years ago. Pending seafood centre. 

It has been ages since I stepped foot in here. Used to have many family gathering and dinner here. Our other usual place was Batu Lintang food centre. 

Not too long ago, we went for a countryside  drive to Bako and on the way back, we decided to stop here for lunch.  The place was deserted, nearly no one was there. 

We saw this shop was the only one that opened. Kak Kak Seafood Cafe. 

Being the only customers that day, we waited pretty long for our food. Maybe because it has only opened and was getting ready for business that afternoon. Anyhow, we were happy when the food finally arrived to our table! 

First was the o'chien. Kuching-styled oyster pancake. The kids must be starving as they couldn't get their hands off the dish and it was gone in a quick time! 

We ordered 2 plates of greens. Both stir fried with garlic. 

Seafood tofu wasn't something to shout about. Tasted like those frozen seafood tofu where I bought and cooked at home. 

The kung pao stir fried squid ring was next. Tasted alright but the squid was tough. Overcooked, I thought. 

I enjoyed the fish the most. Steamed sea bass was fresh and tasty. 

Our lunch was around RM115 plus drinks.