Sunday, September 21, 2014

A place to be

Hubby brought us to this Uncle Dom in Lorong Chew Siik Hiong last Sunday for dinner after our walk in the park. My first time here and I like the look of the establishment. Lovely and comfortable dining place with free wifi. And the lady owner was friendly too, spoke and explained to us in English.

Just as we reached there, the rain started to pour. So we stayed pretty long there while waiting for rain to subside.

The place where I would want to be again....for dinner!

Nice corner with big wall poster depicted the old shophouses during those day. Did you spot Uncle Dom in the poster?

That night's special drink was starfruit with apple so I gave it a try.  Sour+bitter and I thought it was refreshing and great after a heavy and oily meal.

For our starter, we had the Taiwanese sausage platter (RM7.20)

  and my boy shared this nasi lemak with beef rendang with my bil. RM9.30 for this plate.

I had its fried mee hoon with mani chai. I liked it and it went well with sliced chilli and soy sauce dipping. I must be starving as I devoured it quietly and in few minutes time!

Not so great for hubby's steak in black pepper sauce as he complained the steak was not well seasoned or probably just came out from the freezer. 

No complaint from my girl on her fish and chip as she finished up the fish. But she still prefer another fish and chip from another place.

Thought we gave this Hakka deep fried flower pork a try. RM9.90 for this nam yue dish and the spicy dipping was good too. Coincidently I have marinated some pork belly slices at home for a Hakka Nam Yue recipe. Maybe I will share the recipe in another post.

Total bill came out slightly less than RM100.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hing Hua Memorial Park

It was a lovely Sunday evening so brought the kids for a walk and play over here.

Kids were more interested in the slide than a jog

The park is clean and maintained properly

There is a basketball court over there

Lovely park and we would love to come here again.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Crimson (almost)

Look at the colour of this mee sua soup! Wow! Very red, right? The chicken, the soup and even the mee sua were red in colour!

Very kick if you are able to finish the whole bowl of piping hot soup! Very flavourish, with ginger, ang chao (red wine residue) and sesame oil. RM7 per bowl from Aloha.

Other than the red mee sua, we also had Sarawak laksa. I love laksa goes with warm teh C.

My big glass of Teh C

Hubby also devoured this delicious fried kuaw tiaw for breakfast! By then he was too full till lunch time.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The feast

The night before we departed to Kuching, we invited hubby's uncle, sister and brother-in-law for Mid-Autumn celebration dinner in this restaurant.

It was packed and luckily we managed to get a table.  We did not make any reservation so it was fortunate that we got a table.  We did not wait long for our food to come although it was full.  Our first dish came in 15 minutes flat! Talked about speed.

We had its fish maw soup as a starter, which we loved.  Again, it was clear soup to our liking. 

Next was the wild boar meat, which was flavourish as they added lemon grass and pepper to get rid of the meat smell.

Then, this unique-looking soft bean curd dish arrived and we actually enjoyed it very much.

Next in queue was this deep-fried chicken with Thai sauce.  The surprise was underneath the meat.  The jelly fish was hiding in there.  Interesting dish.

Again, midin was in the list.  It was one of my favourite vegetable.  Just simple stir fried with garlic was good enough!

This steamed bass was so-so, probably because the meat was not so soft because it was frozen fish.  

And so was this deep fried pork trotter.  Too tough and we did not like the sauce that go with it.  Prefer this restaurant's trotter more as it was tender and tastier.

How much the dinner cost, you may ask?  Just over RM200 plus drink!!  Super cheap!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Not happy

We went to Rejang Park to collect some sweet piah for my sis from Jason Bakery on Saturday before we flew back to Kuching the next day.

Since we were there, we went to this cafe for breakfast. We never been to Happy Hours Cafe although we always hang out at this area as we usually ordered the fried mihun from the cafe across this place.

My girl and I wanted mihun for breakfast so I ordered this wet mihun to try. Not bad but a bit small portion for me. And so few meat pieces and vegetable that I could count them!

However different story for my girl's fried mihun. Very bland and my girl did not like it at all. She prefers the one from the cafe across.

Hubby had this liver soup to go with his chao zhu mien (Foochow noodle). No picture for the noodle.

The breakfast cost RM15 but we did not really enjoyed it. Next time we will just stick to our usual fried mihun. *wink*

Monday, September 15, 2014

Not the same

Used to come here for breakfast when hubby worked in Kuching. The food was good and price was reasonable. But those were the days, I guess.

NK Food Network served halal fusion food. 

I liked to come here because of its drink.  They served fresh juices and I always ordered its fresh honey lime juice.

The other day, we dropped by for breakfast since we wanted to check on our studio shots in the nearby studio.  The place still looked much the same except most staff were new. 

My princess had its kaya toast, which she finished up in no time.  Must be hungry as we ate our breakfast around 9 something that day.

Hubby had its usual breakfast, the NK Big Breakfast.  Not so nice anymore.  He used to enjoy it a lot but now he complained they did no longer served chicken ham but chicken sausage.  He is never a sausage guy.

I ordered its nasi lemak with chicken wing (RM8.00).  Used to love its nasi lemak with curry but for my children's sake, I had it with fried chicken wing. Remember they served the whole piece of chicken but now they chopped it into smaller bites. Not so appetizing at all and did not look presentable as well.

The boy had its chicken kolok mee since the food he initially wanted (i.e. waffle) not available that day.  He finished half while Jamie had few spoonful of the noodle.  I think I will like the authentic Chinese kolok mee more!  *wink*

Alright, that wrapped up our Kuching holiday's food adventure.  It was a wonderful one week stay in Kuching.  We did not go to many places; just relax and eat the food we wanted to eat.  Planned for a night stay in Damai Puri but last minute, we cancelled the booking as hubby was called to attend a meeting in Kuching branch.  Otherwise we would have a complete itinerary of our holiday in Kuching!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Couldn't get enough of it

This dish was worth mentioning and a post by itself!

The coffee shop has been there for a year now and yet I never been there till this week. Brought my cousin for breakfast on Monday and everyone agreed the noodle was great and so were the fish fillets.
kolok mee

I loved the soup very much that we came back for 2nd time on Saturday morning. This roind, hubby ordered its mix pork soup to try too.

Mix pork soup

Noodle has its elasticity; neither too soft nor too hard. The fish fillets were super tasty and fresh. We loved the soup very much.
fish fillet and home made fish balls soup

In Kuching, you either have Sarawak kolok mee or Sarawak laksa for breakfast. The tip is to find the right taste that fits you.
Choo Choo Cafe

Glad to be back to my own territory where people speaks Hakka dialect! lol.

In case you are wondering the location of this shop, it is in Batu Kawa MJC and the shop is facing the still under-constructed Papillion. What so unique about this Papillion? Heard it has a ramp in the centre of mall and you can drive your car into it but that for us to see once it is open.

After our breakfast, we went to Rubber road to buy some sio pau and yam puff to be given away to hubby's relatives. Having them for breakfast.