Thursday, December 8, 2016

Cheat meal

Hubby has started to go exercising, gym and swimming for few months now. And also eat healthier food whenever he can in Sr Aman. 

When he is back for the weekend, he will continue his regime and sometimes I joined him for a morning walk and jog.

He still take care of his diet but some days he will have cheat meals. A little break from the hi-protein diet especially over the weekends.

For instance, last Sunday we were meant to have a healthy lunch in this Kuching Clean Food but it didn't opened that day. Maybe they are off on Sunday, we are not too sure. So instead of a healthier option, we drove to this Penang Mamak shop that was just a minute drive away to indulge in some sinful food. We had our cheat meal in this mamak shop that we had never been before.

Nasi Kandaq Hanipah located in Jln Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, within Satok area. The row of shop next to Thompson Corner. It opened for business early this year and hubby had been to its other branch in Matang before. A Penang Mamak shop.

So many dishes in the serving trays that we would be spoiled for choices.

We could choose white rice or briyani rice to go with the dishes. They even have roti canai, thosai, Maggi goreng and other fried selection too.

After looking around, hubby and myself chosen the similar dishes. Briyani rice with curry mutton, stuffed squid and a vegetable dish.

Oh gosh! Couldn't remember the last time I had briyani and such hearty and sinful lunch. Really a cheat meal. Didn't want to think the calories and cholesterol we put into our bodies that day!

Of course, a glass of teh tarik to complete my lunch. Satisfying lunch. Think about diet and exercise later.

Total lunch RM40 plus drinks and 2 plates of papadum. Reasonable charge as portion is generous.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Since we were here

In the late afternoon, we dropped by Precinct 88, Jalam Song to get something. After settled our stuff, we walked passed by this place. 

Used to be SCR Express outlet here before it changed its name and concept to 1 Junction, a Singaporean food outlet.

Hardly anyone there. Maybe too early as it was just after 4pm and not many food to choose from. 

Since we were here, we decided to order and take-away our dinner. None of us were hungry as we had late lunch that Sunday.

We bought 2 packs of Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng and another 2 packs of Herbal Duck Noodle.

By the time we reached home, I got ready hubby's stuff as he hitched a ride with a staff to Sri Aman that evening due to his car broken down. 

Hubby and Jay had their noodles so I did not took any shots of their food. 

I had my nasi lemak after everyone finished up their dinner and hubby left for Sri Aman. 

I could detected the mild scent of pandan and coconut milk in my rice. Not overly "lemak". The fried drumsticks was a surprise. The skin was crispy and the meat was juicy. Just like how I like my deep-fried crispy chicken.

The peanuts were good as well. So crunchy and totally no over-roasted or burnt and bitter taste. As for the sambal, it was just okay. Not too spicy or too sweet. 

Overall it was a nice nasi lemak. Just wish I have some crispy anchovies or salted fish to go with it and it would be a perfect nasi lemak dinner.

As for the herbal duck noodle, I did get to taste the roasted duck. Jay almost finished up the noodle and left the meat for me. The duck meat was nice; not too fat and well seasoned. I also could detected the herbal scent in the duck as well as the noodle.  And I spotted a piece of dang gui in the takeaway too.

That's it. Our Sunday dinner was settled that evening. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

As it happened

This is not planned. It is unexpected.

It was 2 Sundays ago. We were supposed to have our breakfast then to church. However hubby needed to go to petrol station to fill up his car so we proceed with it first.

Everything looked normal, we had our car filled up with diesel and continued with our drive but about 2 or 3 minutes into our drive, our car suddenly rattled. It shaked softly at first and then it became vigorious. 

So we had to stop our car and restarted but then the car was still shaking. Something wasn't right. Immediately our thought was the diesel oil. Something wrong with the oil?? 

So after consulted with the car dealer, we decided to drive back but made a stop in a coffee shop to have our breakfast. We were famished.

We had our breakfast in Ice Buddy Cafe, which was not too far from our place. I ordered this special sandwich for RM6 and a small bowl of laksa for RM6 too. The sandwich was good and very filling. I love the butter in it. The Sarawak laksa was quite a portion although I ordered a small size. Taste-wise it was okay.

We went back to our car but it wouldn't start. We knew the engine was affected and leaving with no choice, we walked home. About 1km walk. It wasn't that far and it was raining, so it was a bearable and pleasant walk for everyone. 

Well, we never did have such walk before so it was pretty unusual for the whole family to walk from the shops to our residential area. 

We also caught something in the bushes.

Many families of pitcher plants.

Our collection from the bush. *wink*

As for the car, it was been towed to workshop for checking that Sunday.

As it happened, hubby pumped the wrong oil into his car! OMG! How blur could he be that morning!!

Anyway, we thought it was a blessing. If the car did not broke down, we wouldn't walk home. And what a rare family moment we had. Walking in the rain, enjoying ourselves although we got wet all over our feet but we did enjoyed ourselves.

Maybe something is meant to be. Never perceive your situation negatively but turn it into a positive thought.

Friday, December 2, 2016

It is NOT up!

What is not up? The Christmas decoration of course! The merriest season of the year is finally here! 

I love to visit the shopping malls at this time of the year, check out their Christmas decoration. This year, my first stop was The Spring.

But somehow, the mall is behind schedule unlike previous years where the decoration was up very early. Their previous years were so festive, extravagant and magical.

A little disappointed that their decoration was not completed when we visited on Monday. Actually we did dropped by once last week. And still when we were there on Monday, it was not done. Hopefully by the time this post is published, they have completed all the decoration.

Anyway, I did snapped few photos. Not sure if I would be going there again.

I personally love the locomotive set. So real and it even has seats in the passenger car.

Giant Santa peeping out the box

Musical reindeers

Another angle of the reindeers

Red themed arch and trees

Choo-choo train

Love the locomotive

Nutcracker with a drum??

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I can't believe that I am approaching 9 years of awesome blogging.

Rose. The name that I use in this blog. I am so in love with you as you are mine. You are like the pearl in the ocean of green.

Enchanting medicine for this weary soul. Wine for my eyes.

Couldn't believe you last this long. Never thought you and I stay till today.

A big thank you to all for supporting, commenting and reading my blog. This blog couldn't be one without you. You know who you are, my dear friends.

card made by Jan

Happy Blog Anniversary!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Wow-ing art

Read this article in paper last Tuesday on the newly-opened interactive 3D art museum in Kuching. Wow! It is about time we have this museum here.

On Saturday, we checked out this new place in Penrissen.

The building is next to the Chinese temple, opposite the Kota Sentosa.

Not the whole buidling occupied by the museum so you need to spot the entrance to the museum.
After paying our entrance fee which wasn't cheap (my personal opinion), we were accompanied by a staff touring around the gallery. She guided us on how to pose with each art piece.

We did have a good time posing and looking around the gallery. The wall arts as well as the giant replica of Sarawak's specialty food.

Those books are for sale at RM69 each

Let out the famous Bujang Senang

The cat and burung kenyalang

She caught a big fish


Yours truly was getting friendly with Orang Utan

Replica of a little house

Riding down the Main Bazaar

My mum used to have this old- fashioned dressing table back in the 80s



Kolo mee

Kek Lapis

Her favourite, roti canai