Friday, March 24, 2017

Punching and Kicking!

Last Sunday was the kids' first Taekwondo upgrading test. Held in Lodge secondary school, we were first few people to reach the venue around 1130am. The test started at 1pm with the white belt participants started first followed by other belts in ascending order.

First batch of white belt included Jay. Thanks to hubby, Jay got some practices  at home before the test. Hubby joined Taekwondo before but that was 20 years ago. He is planning to continue his green belt by joining the kids in Taekwondo class. Hopefully he will go to the test with the kids in another 3 months time.


2nd batch with Jan in it. Not as nervous as Jay was. Way to kick, girl!


After all the punching and kicking, it was almost 2pm when we arrived in this food court, 38 Food Street in Jalan Stutong Baru.

The place was clean and many food stalls to choose from. I finally got my dose of ayam penyet rice from this food court.

Ayam penyet rice for RM9. I love the sambal dipping. Very spicy and fragrant. Like how we Malaysian loves to say it. Ada kick! Syiok!

The fried chicken thigh was very moist and juicy, just the way I like my chicken. But not that "penyet" as I expected. No "smashed" chicken here. Nevertheless no complain from me. However I would prefered a fragrant rice like what they have in nasi lemak. Pandan or coconut infused fragrant rice. Over here, they just serve plain white rice. But not so disappointed, as I were pleased that the rice was not dry or lumpy. Warm and soft. I do not like rice that choke me!!

Hubby, Jan and I had ayam penyet that afternoon while the boys, always noodle persons went for this soy sauce noodle with roasted meat and char siew (RM6.50).

If you are wondering where is this 38 Food Street, it is in the new developing area of Stutong (next to airport). You could use the road turning left from Jln Lapangan Terbang (traffic light before the airport traffic light). Drive for about 2 minutes then you will see the new shops on your right hand side. This food court is behind the under-constructed row of shops.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I said no

Remember when I said I wouldn't be coming back here anytime soon, but I have to take back my word.

Ironically I came back to this Chinese restaurant within a week! Why? Because the man of the house wanted to eat dim sum and do some shopping in the mall that day. So how could I said no?? 

We weren't that hungry after we spent an hour or so shopping and walking so we did not order much food.

Hubby did the ordering and after the waiter passed us the processed order chit, I did the courtesy to check it. Thankfully everything was available. Lol.

We had this plate of roasted duck noodle for sharing. 

And this steamer of pork bun was specially for Jan as she enjoyed it the first time we were here.
I did not taste the bun but I did tried the har kaw. It was alright.

Hubby had this lo mai kai. Not a big fan of sticky glutinous rice myself.

Did we enjoyed the lunch this time?? Our honest opinion. Well, it was alright but nothing fancy or great that will make us come back. At least we have tried the noodle and dim sum so this time, I could say we would not be jumping on the bandwagon and coming back anytime soon. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

We're too early

Last Saturday we went to Boulevard Shopping Mall for a walk and relaxation. However we're too early as we arrived way before 10am so not all the outlets were opened then. 

We decided to hang out and have a light breakfast in this "I love Yoo!" shop first.

I Love Yoo! is at the side of the Boulevard Restaurant in the old wing.

They serve snack such as the yue tiaw, ham chee peng, sweet potato ball etc with fresh soya milk as their main attraction. Sound like a nice and healthy breakfast to me. I love fresh soya milk.

And oh boy. I love its crispy yue tiaw. So good. Simply crispy and light and no greasy or oily taste.

So we ordered set breakfast with yue tiaw in each set. 3 sets in total.

2 sets of 1 yue tiaw and 1 cup of fresh soya milk. Another set is this oyster mushroom porridge with yue tiaw for RM5.60.

I also tried its sweet potato balls (RM4.20 for 5 balls)...

...which I love. I basically devoured all the 5 balls by myself.

Hubby had this kuih bomb which has peanut in it.

After our simple but nice breakfast, the outlets have  opened and we started our window shopping and walking till lunch time. 

I love Yoo!

Friday, March 17, 2017

That day

That day when we were in Boulevard Shopping Mall for the Matta Fair, it was way after 1pm. Many people, the place was packed.

Just few minutes walking and scouting around the booths, Jay was grumpy as he was hungry. So we decided to eat first before continue with the rest of Matta Fair.

We went down to the basement to this Chinese restaurant. Boulevard Restaurant.

Some good reviews on its dim sum and roasted meat but we thought of having noodles for lunch. The place was crowded as it was lunch time but thankfully we managed to secure a table.

First impression when you walk into the restaurant. Very spacious and very Chinese ambience. And the yellow lights make the place looked cold but thank god the air con was pretty cooling and comfortable because the other parts of the shopping mall were stuffy. Maybe too many visitors on that day.

So, back to this restaurant, it is a non-halal restaurant. Most of the staff were non-Chinese. And one comment I would like to put down here was the service was slow and unfriendly. And it took me twice to order my drink and food before it was served to me.

And you need to write your own order in the order chit before pass to the waiter and even when they do not have that particular food that you want, the waiter would not verbally tell you so. They will just write down the unavailable items as "S/O" (I assumed it means "sold out) on the order chit without telling you so. So I have to check the chit twice to discover my 2 items were not available after all the food and drinks were served. Oh well. Maybe I am too used to waiter serving and taking orders on the spot. *lol*

The char siew buns arrived first to keep the hungry kids busy and filled up. 

Bbq pork bun (RM6.50)

Followed by the crispy pork belly. I thought the pork was good. The skin was crispy. 

Crispy pork belly (RM19.00)

Then our noodles came in a push cart at the same time. 
Roasted chicken noodle (RM9.00)

And so was this sambal belacan kangkung which I enjoyed very much. Spicy and full with flavours.

Stir-fried kangkong (RM9.00)

Personally, i thought the food was so-so. We could find another place that serve better food and with good service. Not going to this restaurant any time soon. Not with hungry tummies and grumpy and restless kids who keep asking, "Where is my food? I am hungry!" Sigh!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Matta & Miao

Sarawak Matta Fair 2017 was held last weekend in Boulevard Shopping Mall and we went to check out what special offers the exhibitors had after our church service.

Hubby and I planned to go for an overseas vacation this year so we took the opportunity to scout around for good packages. My sis is in travel agency line so we also bumped into her in her booth.

As for our holiday?? We have paid deposit and counting down to the day we fly. *wink*

There is this cafe that I have been wanting to check out for the past months. Miao Cafe. Located in Soho East, Jalan Wan Alwi (at the side of Earthlings Coffee), I read on good reviews about its fish fillets.  On Saturday, together with my kids (hubby was not around as he has gone for a day of training), we went to Miao Café around 2pm for our late lunch. Kids done with their semester exam, so it was a mummy's treat for their hard work and effort. 

Not so hard to spot the café. Set up is simple and clean. The servers were friendly too.

Their main menu is fish but they have chicken, toasts and coconut ice-cream desserts to accompany your lunch, tea break and dinner.

A quick look at the menu. We decided to order a set of 3 fish fillets + 6 side dishes + 3 dipping sauces for sharing at a price of RM61.90.

We have to order at the cashier counter where you could check out the kitchen and what they are up to. *wink* Food will be served to your table.

Since only 2 tables that afternoon, we did not wait so long for all our food to come.  Ta-da!  This set is fit for 4 persons to share.

The fish fillets were good.  Not crispy as not much batter coating but I like it that way.  It was very fresh; no fishy smell at all. Definitely not those frozen dory as they claimed they use good premium fillets.

Our 6 side dishes consisted of thick cut fries, mash potato, coleslaw, mix salad, coconut rice and onion rings.  We opted for 3 dipping sauces, namely tartar sauce, aioli sauce and sambal belacan.

And our lunch ended with an ice cream dessert for sharing among us. The BRB, which is a coconut ice cream with grass jelly, lychee and basil seeds for RM8.90. I love coconut ice cream; very refreshing and not overly sweet.

For deliveries, do check out their website.

Monday, March 13, 2017

All by myself

When I worked in bank, I used to eat alone. I did not have privilege of going out for lunch with colleagues back then since everyone was busy and bank required few staff to be on duty during lunch time. So we took turn to have lunch.

I would had my lunch outside all by myself or brought lunch from home back then. Since then I seldom eat by myself outside. 

Last week on one of the weekday, I were super hungry since I had little for breakfast. So I decided to drop by this restaurant nearby for a quick lunch and takeaway. It has been a while since we have dinner here. Hubby complained its quality has dropped and food not so great sometimes. I thought the food is alright but nothing great though.

So as usual they have their chap fan section and I went to check out the dishes. Suited me well so I had my plate of chap fan. Self-service where we take our own dishes and I ended with these 3 dishes.

Bittergourd with black beans, stir fried pork belly in spicy soy sauce and soft beancurd. RM5 for my lunch. And I did not order any drink that day since they gave me a bowl of soup.

A vegetable soup. I did find the waitress that served me that day was generous with the soup. She gave me a bowl full with carrots, winter gourd and beancurds.

And they had kacangma that morning, so I bought RM4 of the kacangma (motherwort chicken) home for dinner later that day. 

After my lunch, it was time to pick the youngest from kindergarden and went on with my usual busy schedule for the rest of the day. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

He's back, I pack

After a year in Sri Aman, hubby is finally back to Kuching. He spent wonderful time working in Sri Aman town during the 1-year period.

At the same time, he is happy to be back home but excited and vigilant for the new challenge ahead in takingover the new branch. So, I wish hubby all the best! Jia you! You can do it.

Since my girl started her afternoon classes in school last month, I have been cooking more lunches than buying outside. More economical and healthier, my personal opinion. It could be tiring on my part but I do enjoy cooking for my family. 

And with hubby is back, I also started to pack his lunch as well on some days. 

So more cooking and less eating out. And what makes my day is when my girl commented her lunch is wonderful and tasty. She must be enjoying her takeaway lunch from home. *wink*