Friday, July 20, 2018

In comparison

It was a school day last Saturday so only me, hubby and Jamie went to Megabite Batu Kawa for breakfast that morning.

Initially we mulled over where to eat at that area as my man wanted to get a haircut at the nearby hypermarket. In the end, we decided to go to Megabite to eat something other than kolo mee in Nanyang Food Court.

I shared the mixed soup + noodle set with Jamie from the Supreme Prince stall. I enjoyed the fine Angel's hair-like noodle and soup very much. Worth the price, RM8 with livers, lean meats and other parts.

Hubby on the other hand, went for the kampua stall that morning. He ordered the mixed pork soup set too but it came out like this! They called that mixed pork soup??

RM7 for this set, the soup was totally unappetizing in comparison to my order. Hardly any pork in it. Crab meats, fish cake, meat balls, fish balls to few slices of livers and pork meat. Totally not acceptable. 

Some more the noodle had a smell to it. Hubby commented the water that they used have that stale smell. Maybe they didn't change the hot water, so it had smell to it when they cooked the noodle. In end end, he ordered a black soy sauce kampua (RM3.50).

Still, the smell was there. But bearable for my man as he added lots of chilli sauce to it.  He did complained to the stall owner on the smell. 

Never would we ordered from this kampua stall should we come here again.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Hot day and weekends over here

We are currently having a hot spell here. I haven't see a single drop of rain for over a week now. It is nothing but hot day every day.

Since that day when we went to Borneo 744, the heat has soared to a certain discomfort. I hardly do my gardening lately; and I don't go to my morning walk anymore. Too stuffy, too hot (and too lazy! ^^)

I try to keep everyone indoor as much as possible with air con switched on most of the time and get everyone stay hydrated and cool. Now I bathe thrice rather than twice. And I lost count of how many times I cook mung bean soup for dessert over the weeks. Great dessert for such weather and some more, it is nutritious and cooling soup.

Lately, we are crazy over ice-cream. Maybe the craving for something sweet and cold got over us. Last weekend,  we have been stocking the freezer up with different types of ice-cream.

When the weather has cooled down slightly in the evening, we would have a dip in the pool. Our weekend routine is a round of swimming in the pool.

That's how we mostly spend our weekends over here. How about you? Any remedy to cool yourself down?

Monday, July 16, 2018

Cook our food

It was Saturday again! And that means, to binge on something as a family. Eat out!

We had our movie day that Saturday in Vivacity and after we were done, we went for an early dinner in the mall.

We spotted an outlet that we had not try before. Soi 19! Soi. As "lane" in Thai. So, we knew it was a Thai eatery.  And it was non-halal outlet that opened for business this year.

The place looked decent and clean enough and after looking through their menu, we decided to settle our dinner there.

We ordered a hot pot (moo kata) with pork and chicken set.

Soon, the stove came with the hot pot. Grill plate in the centre and shallow pot surrounding it.

And then, we were served with 3 types of dipping sauce.

Then, a plate of sirloin pork and chicken and another plate of mixed vegetables on our table.

So, without further ado, the cooking started. The kids did the cooking and mostly they enjoyed the cooking process more than eating. They were so happy to cook our food for once. Mummy and daddy just sat and enjoyed the food that they cooked. It was incredible to have them cook and serve us for a change. ^^

Worried that the set wouldn't be filling enough, we also had a plate of pad Thai, which was alright and sweet. They also served a small sauce of chilli flakes in case we wanted extra spice in our pad Thai. If you are wondering why the noodle looked messy, it was because it has been "tampered" before I took a shot of it. Lol.

If the pad thai was sweet, their pineapple fried rice was opposite. It was spicy. They added curry to the rice so the strong presence of curry in the fried rice.  I din't enjoyed it much. To me, I prefer sweeter pineapple fried rice, not curry taste. Maybe they had gone overboard with the curry in it.

Anyway, it was a change to have something different. A different cuisine once in a while. I don't mind. I like variety and find it is fun to get everyone to cook their own food. 

Soi 19 Thai BBQ and Steamboat is located at Level 3, Vivacity. Opposite Seoul Garden. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Couple of days

It was the first day of the month. We went to our Sunday mass as usual.

Right before it started, my dad called me to ask us to collect kacangma later. So after we were done, we went over to collect our share.

My sil's confinement kacangma was nothing but wine, motherwort herb and ginger. Loved it so much that not a single drop of its bitter soup gone wasted!

Kacangma or motherwort chicken

We, Hakka would cook and give out kacangma and few red-dyed eggs to families, relatives and close friends after the baby's full moon. Right at the end of the one-month confinement period.

However, my sil did her give out few days early so my parents and brother could personally delivered them on Sunday. They weren't at home while we were there, so I helped myself to a big container of kacangma. We had it for dinner that evening and the next day. ^^

A couple of days later, together with my dad, we went to TM to apply internet line for the office. We were early so the queue was short and we were done with the application in no time.

Dad wanted to get medicine in Tabuan Jaya so we drove all the way there, and after that we dropped by the house to visit my mum. Dad asked us to go for brunch in Ah Yen Cafe in Wan Alwi road.

In the past, I usually had noodle from the kolo mee stall but I spotted a curry noodle stall there. Dad said the curry was good and he enjoyed it. So, I ordered a bowl to try.

RM6 per bowl. Amazingly, the curry broth was nice and spicy. More like Thai curry with a strong taste of lemongrass. I loved its roasted meat the most. So tasty and went well with the yellow noodle and curry. I think this is the best curry noodle that I have tasted in Kuching.

I added the lime juice to my curry to reduce the spiciness. I didn't tasted the sambal though as the curry was spicy enough.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Frame and stockyard


The 2nd Rainforest Fringe Festival that showcasing the beautiful and the best of Sarawak is currently held in Kuching from 6 to 15 July 2018. Last Sunday, we also acted as tourists enjoying the confounding festival around the city.

We started off our lovely Sunday with the delicious kolo mee breakfast in Kim Joo. Then we had a short walk in the quaint and quiet Ewe Hai Lane and saw this quaint frame maker shop.

Apparently some of the shops around here have a small banner hang in front of their shops, introducing the history and nature of business. We found it a good move to promote their stories to the international tourists.

A banner hanging in the front

And while we were busy reading the description on the banner, the owner of the frame maker shop came out to greet us. A friendly 88-year old uncle in white singlet who came from GuangZhou in 1945 to Kuching via Singapore. The same uncle as seen in the banner!

The old uncle could only speak Cantonese but luckily my hubby was fluent in the dialect so both had a wonderful time talking and joking. The uncle was reminiscing on the olden days when he came from China and showing off the timeless newspaper articles on his shop.

The men were cracking a joke

After bidding the uncle farewell, we went to our Sunday service. In the afternoon, we drove to Borneo 744 in Bintawa to visit the first Big Bad Wolf book sale in Kuching.

We have never been to this part of Kuching as it is an industrial area. Blessed the road signs showing the direction, otherwise we would be having a hard time finding Borneo 744.
The stock yard

Used to be a factory or warehouse in the past, now it has turned into an exhibition hall. Still, the feature of the warehouse is there. The place was so lovely with events and crowds. o longer a deserted warehouse in a nowhere land. And even more surprisingly, we found many interesting stuff, and old and vintage there.

We bought a pack from the popcorn truck

Into the warehouse

What to eat, guys?

Used to carry some goods during its day


Container cafe

Wooden window

A drawer

The stock yard as they named it, was a food court on one side of the warehouse. We hang out for few minutes at the food court, admiring the confounding decoration of the place with old, recycled stuff as well as industrial materials. Then we walked over to the other side of the stock yard where the BBW was located.

We came for this sale

Fiction novels


Children books

A part of the Rainforest Fringe Festival, the BBW was packed with mostly parents and children scouting through the books. Not a big display; just bite-sized book sale as it claimed in its advertising materials.

After grabbing few books and paid for them (luckily no long queue at the cashier at that moment), we walked around to check the other arts and culture exhibition.

Made from soda can lids

Soda can lids bra, anyone?

Arts workshop

I love this tapestry

Busy carver

Carved art

Local-made shirts and bags 

Handicrafts of bags, baskets, weaving 

We didn't spent long in Borneo 744 as the weather was very warm in the afternoon and the boys were restless after they got what they want.

After been to here and there that Sunday, we spent the rest of the day at home, hiding away from the scorching July sun. And everyone got new books to read and enjoy.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Come back

I said, I wouldn't come back here because the place was packed and the new supermarket, Everwin has opened. However I had to eat my words and did so not so long ago.

It was a weekday, the last week of the school holiday. My 12-year-old girl had her tuition in school that day so left me and Jay at home in the morning. Jay wanted kolo mee (as usual!) and he specifically requested to go to 38 Food Street. I wasn't particularly interested to go there but for my son's sake,  I had to accommodate to his request.

We reached there slightly after 11am and we managed to find a decent parking space right in front of the food court. Maybe it was a weekday, so the food court wasn't so full and we were able to find a table to have our lunch.

The last visit was when I had chicken rice and Jay had to wait so long for the kolo mee to be served then. Before that I did tasted the kolo mee and it wasn't that good and authentic.

I was more clever this round, asked the stall how long that I would need to wait for the noodle. Thankfully not long as they whipped up all the queue. So my boy had his kolo mee in quick time while I went to this char chu (stir fry stall) named Chai Shu which is next to New Satay House.

My lunch? This nest of crispy noodle! Yes, tomato crispy noodle. I was actually a bit disappointed when my noodle was served as it wasn't what I expected. Dull-looking tomato gravy unlike some that serve with more tomato (red or orangey in colour) thicken gravy but to my surprise, my noodle gravy tasted good when I tasted a sip of it.

Not too strong with tomato base but just enough flavour to dip and mix the nest of deep-fried crispy egg noodle in. I quite enjoyed the noodle except I prefer them to omit the livers in it. But it was worth the price paid (RM6.50).

I also ordered fried rice with egg (RM5.50) for Jan's lunch. Bet she enjoyed it as she finished the whole pack.