Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rice and crackers

This place used to be called Terminal 5 Cafe (above Hua Yi Tang, in one of the shops that is the same stretch with Everwin supermarket in Jln Pahlawan) but not so sure when a change of ownership took place.  A new proprietor took over and re-named it S-Point. I am not so sure what "S" stands for. Maybe Sibu? Or something else.

It just happened that my sil knew the new proprietor when we went there the other night. Everything looked the same as I can remember. Been there only once last year. 

This cafe was nice for hangout and meet up but not much on the menu compared to the previous one before the new lady takes over. But good news is she has imported cold cuts like palma hams, pepperoni and salami. Must try out the salad one of these days. :)

We were early and their very first customers that night. So basically we had the whole place to ourselves. The kids were happy as it has air-con and free wifi. So they can played games and watched online movies without bothering me and my sil much.

Not much in their menu but noticed they have umai. Interesting dish to be served in such outlook!

Let's get on with our food. I ordered my usual drink, warm honey lemon.  Great for a chilling soul on a cold rainy night.

My SIL had its nasi lemak special, one of its signature dishes. Like the presentation. Look at the generous spread of fried anchovies and peanuts. I always prefer the little anchovies as they are crispier. This nasi lemak came with bbq chicken wing which was juicy. I know because my sil gave me her chicken wing. lol. RM6.90 only. Not too bad for such price.

The kids shared this grilled chicken rice at RM8.90. The chicken was alright. The only non-spicy dishes (under noodle and rice categories) that the kids can eat.

As for me, I had its tom yam seafood rice.  Taste wise it was good but not much ingredients. Few squid rings and a couple of prawns. RM9.90 for my meal.

Noticed something about the 3 dishes? Right, other than we ordered all rice meal, all our dishes came with crackers at the side. Must be the cafe's trademark. So, that is why this post is named as "rice and crackers". *wink* At least the kids enjoyed the crackers. No oil smell and they were pretty crispy.

Monday, September 1, 2014

We're looking forward to

Glad that August was over. It was a month of surprise and heart ache but everything is behind us now. I can't believe that September is here. There are few things that I am looking forward to this month.
*Picture courtesy of Google*

My baby Jamie is going to be 1 year old this month. And as I mentioned before, my brother is getting married early this month. Finally! And we are going back to Kuching for the event. You can say, this big sista wouldn't miss this event for the world!! I just love weddings!  And this is extra special, as it involves my brother and I get the chance to take part in organising and helping around. (In other words, I can "kaypoh" around)

Marking 2 big dates in the calendar. 9th my brother's big day and 11th is my Jamie's birthday.   I have bought the return air flight back in February. Only RM834 for 5 of us as Air Asia had offer that time. And we are going to take family portrait too in Kuching. Yes, a studio family portrait to commemorate my 10th wedding anniversary.  Nice way to remember my anniversary, right?

So look forward to our one week holiday in Kuching.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Miscellaneous Picture #25 : The weekend

Weekend means "kai kai" time for my family. Have breakfast, and shopping. Shopping for a wedding present for my brother. And putting on my best heels for a great weekend!

 Had breakfast in Aloha. Tried its RM3.30 fried kuaw tiaw! Yummy!

Mooncakes are in abundance at this time of the year. Mid-Autumn falls on 10 September this year. Tasted a couple of mooncakes so far.

It is our National Day today! Happy 57th independence day, Malaysia!

Friday, August 29, 2014

My new read + NoQ Store book discounts for you

Yes!  Finally my new books from NoQ Store have arrived!  I have been hanging onto the mail box for quite some times, looking out for my mail.

Here is my loot from the online bookstore of Times Publishing Group, one of the most reputable names in printing, publishing, distribution and retail in the Asia Pacific. With over 14 million titles, there are many reads for everyone!

Ranging from best sellers novels, parenting, fiction, biography to children books, you would definitely find some titles that fascinated you!

I told you guys that I have been searching high and low for this 2nd series of the Warriors of Mist and I found the novel in NoQ Store! How delighted to find it, and some more at cheaper price!

Synopsis - For centuries, the five legendary warriors of the mist have braved many battles shoulder to shoulder, but now they must divide and conquer as lone champions against evil. In this book #2, Duncan is drawn to an isolated abbey which rumored to hold the answer to fight against the temor unleashed by the evil Duke Keirthan.

This novel is as good and exciting as the first novel. Had read few chapters now and I am totally hooked by the story line. But I am dreading reaching the end of the book because it means I have to wait for the next part of this utterly spectacular series! Now I am looking out for book #3 (Honor's Price).

I think I would not be going to the bookstores anytime soon as I can easily access, search and purchase any books right in front of me. There are so many books that I want to buy!

Free shipping when you made purchase of RM50 (for West Malaysia) and RM120 (for East Malaysia). Your books will arrive at your doorstep within 7 - 14 business days.

Now, a good news to share with my blogger friends and readers! You are entitled to a 15% discount on all purchases at NoQ Store when you use the code KUCHING upon checkout. Discount is valid from now till 31 December 2014.

So, what are you waiting for? Happy book shopping!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Packing and throwing

These days I spent most of my times with the kids. Jan is revising for her exam which starting middle next week. Both of us are recovering from our sickness.  We also experiencing bad weather lately; look like the monsoon season is getting nearer.

I did a bit of packing this week. Getting started was hard as we do have a lot of stuff. However I am trying to be rational here. Not going to get carry away with sentimental stuff. I done with a box of books, another with clutter of small stuff and reusables.  And I also managed to sort out and pack the kids, outgrown clothings in a suitcase. Thinking of giving away to their cousins when back to Kuching.

I also threw many stuff too especially the kids' toys. Most were spoiled, torn or unfunctional. So now their toy basket is not so full anymore and I do not need to worry about Jamie picking on bits and putting into his mouth. And how glad I am that I did some spring cleaning and packing. Jamie just have 2 wandering hands and you just got to keep everything away from him!

Talking about Jamie, he is getting active and naughtier. He is sure handful. More demanding than his older siblings. And now he is the one messing around the house. I have to clean up after him. 

It is not easy to keep the house clean and tidy. One minute I may have a mess-free corner but the next minute I turn away, it will be nothing but kids' stuff.  But I always tell myself, keep it real. Life with 3 kids is never mess-free. But at least I try right? 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Raise (and rest) my voice

Not a great week so far. It started on Monday! It didn't run very well, as matter of fact, it started off really bad for me and Jan!

Jan was sick and down with tonsilitis on Monday. So she did not go to school for a day. Her voice totally gone when she woke up in the morning. Some more she had dry cough so it would be good for her to rest at home. I don't know why, every times Jan is going to have her school exam, she will fall sick!  The anxiety??  Stress?  She doesn't look anxious or stress to me.  Still have time to catch up on tv and sometimes caught her watching tv while doing her school works!

And Jay did an unexpected thing on that day. Some more on his birthday! He is a playful child, we know that all along but we never expected him to be so curious and cheeky. He really pushes my buttons to the limit!  He is smart, but sometimes he can be very cocky. Want to know what he did?  He played with my contact lenses and disposed them when I were taking my nap. What would be your reaction when you suddenly saw an open and empty contact lenses cases?  I were dumbfounded for a while! 

Of course I knew it was him and started to question him.  Raising my voice on my 2nd child on his birthday!  I know it was bad enough but what could be worst that scolding and spanking him?  After a while I calmed down and thought all this through.  Maybe being a 5-years old is all about curiosity and experimental.

But he seen I put and cleaned my contact lenses before and he knew what in the cases. But what made him do it? What trigger him that day? I wish I knew because I really do not have the answer at all.

I used 2 different degrees of contact lenses.  Disposable contact lenses.  I just changed the new pair last week.  And it happened that one side was the last one.  I haven't purchased new one because the optical shop near my house did not have the stock.

Luckily I have my glasses otherwise I would be half blind for the rest of the afternoon.  But I never like to drive with my glasses as I get dizzy easily.  Don't ask me why, but I am not used to drive with my glasses. But eventually I got my replacement but different brand as the current brand I used was currently no stock due to price hike.  Maybe I may need to change my contact lenses brand if I could not find them available in the optical shops.

But what would you do if your child did second time and ignore your instructions?  Yes, that what Jay did!  He nearly peeled off the sealed pack of my new contact lenses even after my 1st warning!  OMG! Did it looked like he was seeking revenge on me? Please God, give me strength and show mercy on me!!

So, after an eventful day I woke up the next morning with a husky voice and sore throat.  I must got it from my girl.  And all those voice raising to my boy, I ended up losing my voice.  It does not get worse with me discovering I have an ulcer last night. :(

So I will have to rest my voice and throat for few days.  So no adventurous food hunting for time being.

I forgave my boy for putting me into such difficult situation but I will never forget it.  Thinking back it was rather funny and I do feel sorry for Jay. :) Today would be a better day, I know! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

A-Plus for our birthday

After read post on this restaurant from Suituapui early last week, we dropped by this restaurant for my birthday dinner last night. Ahem, yes. I am one year older but my family  still celebrating my birthday. Well, it was not all the times I got to have my birthday in Sibu, right?

Last year we had the celebration in Fisherman Restaurant which served good Sarawakian exotic dishes. As for this year we had it in an old Chinese restaurant instead. I am a typical Chinese who loves her Chinese cuisine! *wink*

But the most important was that family came together. Did not plan for anything special as hubby just landed yesterday morning. So we thought of having a simple Chinese dinner.
Happy birthday to us!

As always for the past 5 years, we celebrated my birthday together with Jay as his birthday is just a day from mine. One shot. No need eat twice! Lol!

Ok, back to our dinner. We ordered something different when we were in A-Plus Restaurant last night since it was our first time there.

Fried mee sua - we liked this very much

Braised pork trotter with cangkuk manis - very tasty but I think they overdid with the salt last night as the veggie was a bit salty

Fish maw soup - which hubby loved very much

Deep fried pork belly in Thai sauce - nothing  to shout about as the meat was tasteless as they just pour the sauce on top of the deep fried meat

Drunken prawns - not bad, very sweet and the gravy was flavourish

Red wine steamed fish - better eat it fast before it turned cold!

The dinner costs around RM160.00 excluding drink, which we thought it was normal as we have 2 seafood dishes.

And my birthday present from hubby?  He managed to get me a last minute present from Kuching airport yesterday morning! Lol!
Another Chanel to my fragrance collection