Friday, August 22, 2014

A quick food hunting

We went to the Borneo Cultural Festival 2014' s food fair yesterday. Thank god for the afternoon rain so it was not so hot. And we were there very early so we could find parking and less crowd! 

We only went to the Chinese food stall. Did not visit the Malay and other stalls. Check out some food pictures I took!!

A lok-lok stall

Taiwan sausages in cooking!

So-called Kuching sio bee and other dim sum. RM1.00 each for sio bee. Tasted alright.

What was she having here? Ice cream? Cake?

It was from this stall. It was actually a pudding. How creative of them making it looks like a flower garden. We also tried out the cheesy potatoes. Good to eat when it was warm.

Oyster omelette for RM10

How mine look like once cooked and packed!

Take note there would not be any stage performances this evening as a mark of respect to the victims of MH17. Today is declared a National Mourning Day. God bless the souls of the victims and may they rest in peace.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A bit of a chocolaholic

I have a love and hate relationships with it!!  Want to know more??  Read on....

Hubby has been to Labuan last week and he bought some chocolates home. We have not yet finished up the chocolate in our fridge and now we have some more to add to the stock!

What's in my fridge?!

He knows I love chocolate.  I am a bit of a chocolaholic (if there is any such word added to the dictionary!). However I do not eat it in abundance.  Because too much of a good thing is not good either.

So when I am in the mood (good or bad), I will take few bites of chocolates.  It does help in the mood swing.  And you know how chocolate melts if you hold it in your hands for too long?  That does not happen to me because I ate them quickly.  I prefer them melt in my mouth than dirty my fingers!!

There is nothing great but to sit down on the couch in front of the tv, munching on some chocolate.  I love dark chocolate, or those with nuts.  My kids also enjoy chocolates too, but they usually prefer the nougats.

I also hate it because it adds inches to my waist-line.  And it tasted so good that I cannot stop myself from wanting it more!

So, I love and I hate it at the same time!

Do you love or hate chocolates?  Or you are also in the same status as I am? 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

At the backlane

Thanks to Suituapui I have found a coffee shop that actually serve nice Sarawak kolo mee! When he told me about it this morning, without delay I dragged my hubby along to this old coffee shop behind the Sibu courthouse.

And wow! I did not even know there are few coffee shops there. Never been to this part of Sibu, so cannot blame me!  Lol!
An old aunt, in her 80s cooked the noodle in this old coffee shop (next to a bike shop). We had its kolo mee (RM3.50) which was good and they added a lot of minced meat but rather salty.  Too much msg, I think.  But we loved that they also served sliced chilli in soy sauce dipping. Very generous with the sliced chilli.

Texture was good as it was not overcooked

And we also tried its liver soup (RM10.00) with some fish balls, dumplings and other innards too. I always love clear soup where I can see its ingredients, so this one was my kind.

A bowl of yummy abundance

Don't you like the dumpling in soft and silky skin? The soup was alright but should asked the aunt not to put too much pepper in it. Lol.

Yummy dumpling

Overall, we enjoyed our kolo mee breakfast which was hard to find in Sibu! *wink* We will bring the kids over this weekend for the kolo mee.  I am sure they would love it.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Talk on breakfast

On weekday, each of us have our own breakfast time. My girl with school starts at 710am, she will first have her breakfast by herself. Something light as she is not a breakfast person. After send her to school, I will get to prepare myself a breakfast before walking up the boys.

Jay and Jamie have their morning milk. Sometimes Jay will eat a toasted bread depends on his mood. Hubby will eat around 8am before off to work.

But on Sunday, we make it a routine to have everyone together on table for business. We chat, share news and enjoy good breakfast outside. Sunday is also my off day so kitchen is close!

Yesterday was not exception. Everyone got up early around 7am. Even it is Sunday, the kids get up early. It was a very warm morning yesterday.  So we dropped by Noodle House for breakfast. Not many places with air-con open for breakfast here so this place was a good option as it has air-con and it opens at 8am.

I had its aloe vera lemon drink. Great to quench my thirst. Maybe ate too much spicy food the night before at Payung Cafe so my throat was not good yesterday.

Yummy and cooling drink

This was my first time tasted its mee sua chicken soup. It was good. I actually enjoyed it. The soup was sweet and they gave 2 big chunks of chicken meat. Definitely filling for me.

For lunch, we ordered take-away from Noodle House, ie Nasi Lemak and Braised Pork Belly Rice. We basically did not go anywhere yesterday other than here, sent my girl to her piano class and did grocery shopping in Medan Mall. Weather was too hot but luckily it rained in the afternoon.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Here I am, after the rain

Our beloved Sibu food ambassador, Mr Suituapui has been blogging about this wonderful place countless times and it is such a pity not to come and taste the food here before I am moving back to Kuching this year end.

Psst, I have been staying here for over a year and it was my first time stepping into the well-known Payung Cafe! I know, I should have come here earlier but just could not find the right time to be here. But finally I did. Better be late than never.

Indeed the place and food lived up to its reputation. I was totally impressed and mesmerised by its beautiful ethnic decor, friendly people and great food. If time allows, I will come back for more food experience!

Friday was my sil's wedding anniversary so she invited me and family for dinner here. Supposed to celebrate it on Friday night but hubby's flight was delayed and me and kids stuck in airport for an hour so we postponed our dinner to last night.

It rained almost the whole day yesterday and luckily rain had stopped in the evening. It was nice and cooling to dine in the open-concept of this small eatery place. We arrived here earlier before my sil and her hubby. So I had time to take some shots of the cafe.  However I guess by now, you all know how Payung Cafe looks like without me showing the photos. STP has great shots collection of the cafe. *wink*
View from inside facing the main road, Lanang road

Lovely water feature with flower petals

We ordered their best of the best as I have been told. Belimbing Prawns with spaghetti and Payung Rojak.

I am never fond of the local belimbing fruit because you know me. I do not fancy sour stuff but this is a dish to die for.  It was so tentalizing with a mix of spiciness and sourish flavour that it was really appetizing. This dish reminded me of tom yum noodle!  I were actually enjoyed this Belimbing Prawns!  Look at these fresh prawns!!

As for the Payung Rojak, it was truly something worth eating. The rojak paste was amazing and really addictive!  You just got to try it yourself then you know what I am trying to tell you! Everyone gave thumbs up for this rojak! Lol!

We ordered a bit of this and that to taste so everyone got chance to taste more.

Mushroom roll was a great snack with its crispy skin and cheese powder topping. I believe it was parmesan cheese powder that they used but I could be wrong...

Otak-otak was too spicy for our tastebud that we hardly finished it

This non-spicy Payung chicken was tender and tasty

This Masala lamb curry was a bit disappointment as we could not taste the spice in the meat. A bit bland.

However thanks to this Bangladesh lamb curry, this curry tasted better.

My girl had its Chicken Chop. Maybe because of the big plate, the portion looks small. The chop was not deep fried so she did not really like it.

I had this Turkish Milk Shake. Something different than my usual drink. Felt like having an ice-cream

In conclusion, it was a delightful dinner and a great dining experience. We really put our tastebuds to test! I enjoyed my time there.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Evening spent on chicken pizza

Some days I like simple meals. No rice but something easier to munch and yet filling. For instance, pizza!

Had bbq chicken pizza for dinner last night with my 2 kids. RM15.90 from Anson. Simple ingredients of capsicum, chicken, button mushroom and black olive with chrunchy crust.  Tasted good for a quick dinner. Of course we could not finish the whole thing, so take away the left over slices for supper. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A week later

It has been a week since he had the cast on his right arm. Still naughty and active as usual, the cast did not dampened his playfulness at all. One more week to go before he gets his cast off. I am sure he cannot wait for that day as he does look "handicapped" with one hand.

He has gone to school this week. Did not want him to stay at home because all he did was playing. Might as well go to school and learn something there. Otherwise he will have the "school withdrawal symptom" if absent for too long. At least he is happy to go to school now although he had a crying moment on Monday. I helped him in his school works since he cannot write with his right hand. He is happy as I am the one doing all those writing!

Anyway, I get back my "me time" when he has gone back to school. I can do my house chore at peace and go grocery shopping and market without dragging him along. And I get to finish up my last novel at hand this week. Worry not, I am going to get new novels soon. Will post on my new novels another day.

It has been few days I had my muesli for breakfast so once a while I will treat myself to a proper breakfast. Like laksa. I enjoy having my breakfast at home, in front of tv. *wink*