Monday, August 3, 2015

Scrumptious Oinks!

I were excited to come here for a Sunday lunch. Could not remember I have been here before but never mind. As long as there is air-conditioning, I am all for it.

First time you notice when you are here is the wall pictures. All are cute piglets. And that is why this place is named Oinks! The main dish is pork!

For those in alcohol, there is an alcoholic bar that serves beers and liquors.

I would not mind dining at the outside section of the cafe since there are ceiling fans but definitely not during afternoon hour. Too hot for my comfort.

So we opted for inside section which is cooler and more private since few tables in there.

Warning! Everything is big in Oinks! So sharing is highly recommended unless you have big appetite.

Even the drinks were served in big tall glasses such as juices.

Our first main was Spaghetti Carbonara. Simply a crowd pleaser. I were impressed by the creamy carbonara and delicious bacon bits. Could not get enough of this scrumptious Spaghetti Carbonara but I think I got to watch my waistline.

On the other hand, I can't say I enjoyed this Piccata Milanese. Or probably my unfamiliarity of Italian cuisine. Initially I planned to order German knuckles but for my kids' sake, we went for Piccata.

This Italian chicken recipe called for a crispy Parmesan crust but it was not crispy at all.  The meat was dry and not much seasoning to it. I do not really enjoyed it even with the sweet dipping sauce. However different story for the mash underneath the Piccata. The potato mash was creamy to my liking.

Probably I should have asked for different dipping. Maybe something more piquant.

We also have this Ham and Cheese Omelette breakfast set for sharing. Scrumptious platter, don't you agree? What fault could we find in a very traditional American breakfast set? Positively none.

So if you are a pork lover and love big portion, I am sure you would enjoy dining in Oinks! I do not mind coming again, maybe next round for its German knuckles but it wouldn't be any time soon. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Something else

We went to Nanyang Food Court last Sunday before our church service for breakfast.

Hubby loves the kolo mee here so he suggested to come here. This round, I tried something else.

I have this delicious fried mee hoon with prawns for RM6.00.  Love its wok hei fragrant, and generous amount of fried eggs and seafood. I do not mind coming back for its fried mee hoon. Maybe next round I have it with clams instead.

Besides his kolo mee, he also went to order something else that morning. A special bowl of beef soup wothout noodle (sup sapi) RM7.00 from a Malay food stall.

Hubby liked it but he did mentioned it was slightly lacked of that beef flavour in the soup. Maybe it would tasted nicer if cooked longer so the meat would be more tender and soup more flavourful from all those beef. 

Anyway, it was a good breakfast to start off our Sunday!

And on Tuesday, I came here to buy lunch and decided to try the chicken rice stall. Packed a pack of steamed chicken rice for myself while kids have roasted chicken rice.

Surprised that they packed using those brown wrappers instead of styrofoam packs. Not many do that nowadays. Felt like those olden days where common practice was sellers wrapped chicken rice in a transparent wrapper and then newspaper. Lol.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Tick tock

Yikes!!! How fast could time go? Just a blink and it is already end of July! Gosh! Where have all the times go to??

How was your July?

For me, July was full of events. We had an eventful Hari Raya holiday where we were busy entertaining a friend and same time we were the tourists in our city.

Kids had their bout of sickness this month and for Jamie, he has some long recovery time from his cough and sneeze. I dread when he is sick because he is one stubborn boy. He does not want to be fed with medicine. So that is why he takes longer time to recover and both me and him have sleepless nights.

And this month got to be one of the driest months as we were hit by dry spell so we have been visiting the pool quite regularly. However, thankfully the weather has cooled down since last week as we were getting more rain lately. As matter of fact, it rained the whole afternoon here. Rather cold today.

Hubby has decided to do something with his lumps on his back. It has been long overdue but glad he finally get down to it.

What is in store in August??

Expecting another busy month. Jan will have some school exam as well as sitting for her music theory exam.

And I have joined a Book Travelling Project and for the first time, we will have our book exchange next month. Am looking forward to receiving books from other members and get to read them.

Jay's birthday is coming up so we are planning a birthday party for him. Well, we did a birthday party for his sis this year so how could we left him out? 

That is it! More to come in August. *wink*

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thin & crispy crust pizza for lunch

I seldom go to The Pan Tree in Green Heights Mall for meal. Usually I did my grocery shopping in Cold Storage and leave.

However last Saturday after we did our shopping, we decided to take a peep at the food court and see what is interesting there. You bet, this was actually our first family lunch there!

I have been here few times with friends for lunch or tea break but that was such a long time ago. I like the look of the food court. Clean, bright and staff is friendly. However, not much choices as few stalls are open.

For lunch, we ordered this stone baked pizza from Tom's. I did not know Tom's Pizza is here! Apparently they have been in business here for over a year.

What did we have that afternoon?? Pepperoni pizza, everyone's favourite.

Pepperoni beef pizza (RM22)

The thin crust pizza was great. Cheesy too but I do not mind if they add more cheese. *wink* Overall, it was nice; crispy thin crust with herbs and cheese sprinkle on top.

And since it was a very warm day, I ordered this cooling drink from the drink bar.

I think, in the future when ever I or kids craving for pizza, I wouldn't mind come here for a pan! *wink*

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Light bite

I went to this coffee shop in Jln Dogan called Big Mouth Food Centre to buy breakfast for hubby while he was in hospital last week. The hospital provides food to all the patients by the way but my hubby asked me to buy him breakfast.

Hubby wanted lek tau suan (split mung bean soup) and yue tiaw (Chinese donut) so I came to this coffee shop to buy them from this stall.

When on demand, the stall operator would made the dough on the spot and you could see how she made her yue tiaw, banana fritters and ham chee peng (5-spices Chinese doughnuts).

You would not miss this stall as you could see it from the road. It is in the pavement in between the coffee shop.

I bought 2 long yue tiaw (RM1 each). Not sure how good or crispy they were as hubby ate them.....

 ....while I went for something of a light bite such as the banana fritters. I ate all the 4 pieces (RM1 for 4), while I regretted later that I should have bought more. They were so good. Crispy batter outside but soft and sweet inside. Great to go with a warm cup of tea.

Of course, I did not forget the lek tau suan. RM2.00 per pack. It was good; not too sweet. Hubby finished up the whole bowl with his yue tiaw.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sunday post

After an exhausting yet eventful weekend a week before, we were going slowly on Sunday to recuperate.

After our church service and lunch (will post later), we stayed at home, relaxing in the comfort of our humble space.

The kids were happy to be confined at home yesterday as we bought few DVDs for them to enjoy.

And not forgetting some containers of sweet and salty caramelised popcorns as their movie snacks!

They even brought some outdoor fun inside by pretending to camp in the house. Hmm, may need to get a bigger tent as 3 is a crowd in this mini tent!!

Some times they will steal some peeps at their daddy playing games. They are a bunch of "kaypoh" (busybody) kids who could not help but disturb and some times "advised" their daddy on how to play. By the way, old habit never dies. Hubby is recovering from his back surgery but he was still up to play his computer game. One hand can play, he said.

For me, when no one was looking, I stole a little time enjoying ice-cream.....

....while catching up on what happenings in and around Kuching. That is how I love to do to unwind after a long day.

And I am super loving this cover page of current issue of KINO magazine.

That was how our Sunday looked like.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

On the back

There was a lump discovered at his back; on the left shoulder last year. And it got bigger and harder this year. Some day he complained of pain too.

Yet my stubborn hubby did not consult doctor or had it checked out early. However when another lump was formed on the back, just next to his left arm few months ago; he has finally decided to seek consultation this week.

He went to Timberland Medical Centre on Monday for consultation and finally had the 2 lumps removed on Thursday afternoon in the hospital.

The lump that next to the neck was very deep so the surgeon needed 2 incisions to take it out, hence the big patch on hubby's back.

He was discharged the next day and on medical leave for a week to recuperate.  The lump was tested and doctor confirmed it is non-cancerous fatty lump (lipoma).

Wish my hubby a speedy recovery.