Saturday, June 25, 2016

Local fruits

Today, for the very first time, I've tasted nasi goreng dabai (black olive fried rice).  I got my fried rice from this Foochow fried stall in Ice Buddy Cafe.

Taste-wise, it was sweet and well-fried; enough wok hei.  The dabai made the fried rice slightly purplish and sweet but I liked the taste.  RM5.00 to satisfy my curiosity.  *wink*
In case you are wondering how "dabai"(local black olive) looks like, this is how it looks like.  I finished up my equal share of frozen dabai in my freezer when my freezer failed to work few weeks ago. All defrosted and ready to eat when my freezer was malfunction. 

Last night, my dad and mum fetched us for a late supper and shopping in Emart Hypermarket Batu Kawa.  As usual, they have the daily night market in the hypermarket car park so we had a look around on what the vendors were selling.  So many local produces on sale!
Like the local mango (above) which taste sour and great to go with belacan; and below jungle produce. Don't ask me what are they called because I am truly naïve about them.  Maybe someone would be able to shed some light to their names.
We also spotted bamboo shoots, midin and sweet potatoes too but I did not took any photos as busy keeping an eye on my 3 kids.  So many people walking around too so it was hard to take good photos. I did not buy anything from the night market but my parents bought home some bamboo shoots, mango and sweet potatoes.
I love walking at the night market.  Used to do that a lot when I were young where we went to Satok market. Prefer to walk at night as it would not be too warm; seeing those vendors and people busy negotiating prices. My favourite spot in the Satok market??  The wild animal area!! If lucky, one can see bats, wild boars and other exotic animals. Alas, those were the days.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Once upon a cafe

My mum suggested to have breakfast in this café few days ago.  Of course I obliged to her request.  For one, I have never stepped a foot into this café before and secondly, I heard and read so much reviews on the food; both good and bad. 

Mum has been there few times and she likes the food and the environment there.  And what we love the most is that it opens as early as 8am daily (opens 365 days, as it claimed), so what a better and nicer cooling café to sit and enjoy our breakfast?  Away from the warm morning sun.

Serve no pork and lard!

We were the only customers that day.  It was around 8.30am, so expected no crowds then. We basically had the whole place to ourselves. After placing our order, I had a quick walk and look at the café's wall.

Spotted my mum and Jamie??

Like their table stickers

This café is a something.  It is simple; nothing extravagant in set-up but its wall is what distinguish it from other cafes.  One would be busy looking through all those wall pictures; old pictures of actors and actresses, comic strips, old movies and singers and so forth. I guess that is why the name of the café.  Once upon a café. A café where you could sit back and enjoy the time, with its 90s ambiance.

I had its tomato noodle special (RM9.90) that morning. A very big plate of crispyly fried noodle in the sweet and sour tomato gravy. They brought the fried chicken later instead of putting them on top of the dish.

I were glad that they served the fried chicken separately as I could not finish them and had to order take-away.

Mum had its fried mee hoon (RM6.50) which was very delicious-looking too. 

We were both stuffed from the noodle dishes that morning as the portion was big for us. I would love to come back to taste its nasi lemak.  Mum said the nasi lemak with curry was good. Looking at the flyer, the photo of the nasi lemak curry chicken is tempting. Another day, another time.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bazaar of food

Together with a friend, we dropped by this Ramadhan bazaar in Emart Hypermarket, Batu Kawa like how we did last year.

However this year, the bazaar is smaller than last year.  Nevertheless, they have varieties of food to choose from, unlike where many stalls sold the same food last year.

Let see what I bought for dinner that afternoon.

RM2.00 fried kway tiaw for Jay

RM2.00 fried mee hoon for Jan

Snack of vegetable spring rolls and sausage rolls (RM1.00 for 3)

RM2.00 roti telur

RM1.00 deep-fried squid

This Kelantan famous rice dish, nasi kerabu for me (RM5.00)

And I think this was something unique that I have never seen before in a Ramadhan bazaar.  Deep-fried crabs!!!  If I am not mistaken, it is flower crab.  RM10.00 for 2 big-sized crabs.  My friend and I took one each so we could taste the deep-fried crustacean.

Turned out, it was good.  Nice and sweet flesh.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Spoon of each

On one Sunday afternoon after our church service, we came here for lunch.

Spoon Cafe & Restaurant located opposite The Spring Mall in Jalan Simpang Tiga serves wide spread of seafood, local and Western dishes to cater to your taste and preferences.

Spoon Cafe opens everyday from 830am to 1030pm. 

It was my first dining in this cafe and waiters and waitresses were friendly and eager to serve you. Hubby has been there few times; he commended the food was nice and reasonably priced.

I spotted the ulam midin on the menu so I quickly placed order for this local vegetable.

It was good. Hubby and I enjoyed it very much. A bit of spiciness, then there was the sweet and vinegar in the ulam. Midin was crunchy and appetizing; a lovely starter.

Jay went for its Cantonese fried mee hoon. He couldn't wait to dig into his plate. 

The brother may be more Chinese where as the sister is a big Western lover. Fish N Chip. Jan never go bored eating this.

I spotted claypot chicken under the chef recommends page and my first thought was "Wow! Clapot chicken rice. Long time did not have it". And yes, somehow at that moment, I thought it was claypot chicken rice. 

But only when it came like this in a claypot, did I realised my blunder. Oopps!

However, it was nice. Warm, tasty and the chicken meat was well-seasoned. Not bad for my blunder; I did enjoyed it.

Not only that, hubby and I also helped ourselves to some of Jan's and Jay's plates. They could not simply finish theirs. So both of us have few spoonful of their dishes. Now you know why daddy and mummy grow fatter and fatter each day. Trying to finish up the kids' food so it would not go to waste! *wink*

Friday, June 17, 2016

Catching-up lunch in Cafe-Cafe

It was one of the school holiday when I met up with a friend over here. My friend has never been here before and so were I, although I used to be a fan of the Sibu branch and dined few times in the Kuching car wash outlet.

This outlet is in Jalan Song, located in Brighton Square, same row with Kolej Sunway. This is Cafe-Cafe's very 1st Kuching outlet before they opened the other car wash outlet.

We were slightly earlier than the lunch crowd and the place was not too rowdy then. My friend and I could have some quieter time to catch-up while the kids were busy with their phone games. And I could took some shots of its interior décor too.

Not so dimly lighted which is good for photo-shooting

Colourful chairs

In middle of the cafe

Love these owls

Paper planes?

And yes, here came our food. It did not take long for our order to arrive.

My friend had this creamy pasta (RM19.90).  It was so good, very creamy and appetizing. 

Next came this big plate of Mee Mamak (RM16.90) which we specially requested "no spicy" for the kids to enjoy. For me, I thought it was too sweet.

We compared this Fish N Chips with the other outlet and we agreed that the portion is bigger over here. And overloaded with chips too! It was worth the price of RM23.90.

I noticed that they have Nasi Kerabu on the menu so I wanted to give it a try.  And it was nicely served in a rattan basket.  It sure satisfied my craving for Nasi Kerabu at that moment. RM16.90 for this tasty dish.

It was an enjoyable lunch with my friend as we spent nearly 2 hours there chatting, and catching up. Hope to catch up with her soon.  Of course, provided that both of us are not too busy with kids and other commitment. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

On sickly, freezer and cut

Last week I did not feel good as down with a mild tonsillitis.  Usually I would just take those lozenges and that is it.  Unless I were very ill then I would have no choice but drag myself to the clinic doorstep.

In the clinic

Not only me that hit the virus, but Jay was also sick last Friday.  He was feverish on Thursday night so I have to bring him to see doctor the next day.  He was feverish, have tonsillitis and vomiting. However he got better on Saturday after a day of good rest and medication.  And it started again yesterday.

Knocked out after school

Jay was vomiting and feverish in school. Accordingly to him, he vomited during his BM class which was before the recess.  By right, the school should contact me to pick him up if he is not feeling well.  They did called me on the 1st occasion early of the year when he was sick, but not this time.  By the time the school finished, he was very sick and in tears. Anyway, he still have his medication from last Friday, so I gave him the same stuff.  After spent almost the whole afternoon nap at home, he is better this morning. No more fever and he could eat well, so he is off to school today.

Face mask to stop spreading viruses around

As for me, I am still recovering from my flu and cough.  Still coughing like madwoman, and I could only take the cough syrup in the evening as it would cause dizziness and sleepiness. But at least my fever has subdued.  Jay and I both have a good afternoon sleep yesterday.

Bye fridge. When will I see you again?

If it isn't bad enough, we have our fridge sent to workshop last Friday.  It has been a week now and still no call from the delivery guy to send our fridge back.  The freezer function was not working and everything defrosted.  Luckily I have my mum and a friend to thank for as they borrow their freezer and fridge to store my stuff.  Life is not so easy without a fridge.

Since no fridge (and freezer), I could only do the buy-and-cook at home.  Meaning, buy the meats in the afternoon and cook them up immediately for dinner. I do miss my fridge! 

After the cut, enjoying his reward

And check out on Jamie who had his hair cut yesterday!  Do you have any problem bringing your younger children to barber/salon? I have a problem with Jamie as he refuses to cut his hair.  But yesterday we have to coax him with a lollipop and after few minutes of crying, he finally settled down and let the barber did his job.  I dread bringing him to a barber.  Every time I must think of a way or snack to coax him to cooperate. And whenever he cuts his hair, I have to sit with him on the chair and been covered all over with his hair!  Not a fun experience! Lol!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A decadent brunch

The best time to fill up your tummy during holidays is between 10am to 12noon. The brunch time. No hurry and can enjoy your favourite Malaysian food with your loved ones.

That was what we did during the long holiday. Eat and eat.

It was one of the mornings when it rained. Weather was cooling and nice for a warm brunch with the family. 

We went to this Ice Buddy Cafe for food. Not so packed as we believe most people was away during the Gawai holiday.

The ham and egg sandwich was just right to kick start our tummy juice while waiting for our food to arrive. 

Hubby went for this tastebud teaser in Indian curry mee (RM6.00). A very hearty brunch indeed.

The kids would never be bored of noodle. So kolo mee for them. RM3.00 per bowl.

For yours truly, I tried out the Foochow fried stall for the very 1st time that morning. Ended up with this RM5.00 plate of fried mee hoon with cangkuk manis. Looked appetizing but I still think the one over here tasted better or maybe one day I should whip up my own version of mani cai mee hoon.

With a filling brunch, we skipped our lunch that day.