Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Here we go, again

Read somewhere in one of Suituapui's posts on this tomato kuaw tiaw in Good Happiness Restaurant, so last Sunday when we were here for dim sum, I ordered this dish.

It was really good. A very big portion although we asked for 1 person portion. The tomato sauce was not too sweet yet too sour. Just nice. And it had many ingredients in that big plate!

This deep-fried fish skin was our first time and it was nice. It did look like soft shell crab when it came. And tasted like it too. Went well with the dipping.

Hubby wanted to taste the lo mai kai. It was alright, according to him. I did not taste it as I were enjoying other dim sum like this deep fried prawns rolls.

We had other dim sum like steamed pork ribs, har kau and this steamed paus.

That  day we were there before 9am and by the time we finished our breakfast, it was almost 10! Gosh! This was not a delightful meal as we waited so long for our food. Almost lost our patience as those waiters and waitresses were in daze and confused. I think something was wrong with their system and queues or they had a new captain that day! Simply unacceptable.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On Monday

Hubby was called to go back to Kapit for a family affair yesterday so he took the earlier express out at 530am. Of course he slept in the 3 hours ride. By the time he reached Kapit, it was over 8am and he sent me pictures of the wharf.
It was still early then otherwise the wharf would be bustling with people and activities.

He did send many pictures back. One of them was this intriguing old wooden Chinese house. It belongs to a relative. I always love to look at old wooden houses since I were young. Not much of these in Kuching now. But there are still some to be seen in Sibu!

Hubby supposed to just go and back in a day but he could not make to the last express yesterday so he spent a night in my in-laws' house. As of this post, I am actually waiting for my princess to finish her school so we can go and pick him from Sibu wharf. ^^

By the way, Jan's application for school transfer has been approved and we received our copy yesterday. The school helped us to submit to the local education department and they were even kind enough to send copies to the Padawan education department and primary school in Kuching. Save me a lot of times! 

We had heavy downpour yesterday afternoon. Nothing unusual but not seldom we got to see rainbows after the pours. However we got a chance to see one yesterday! And the kids were telling stories about rainbows at the back of the car when we spotted it. 

Look at my youngest! He is a writer, I told my hubby. Loves to hold pencil. If he could get hold of one, he will never let it go. He is going to be 14 months old in 3 weeks time. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Home of good food (and dogs!)

Booked this place a week in advance. Heard from others that they served nice pizza so I brought along my sil and kids on Thursday night to try it out myself.

Contact numbers for reservation

Found their information from the internet but not much reviews from those who tried it.

It was not hard to find the place. We found it correctly at first turning.

Map of the home-based business

Just look for the "Husky for sales" stickers on cars parked in front of the semi-D house. 

The owners have so many Huskies around. And the friendly owner even shown us his pups and dogs. These 2 adorable pups are only a week old. And they are for sale!

Mostly  huskies but he has other breeds of dogs too. Like this dog, forgot to ask the owner the breed name. I think it is Chow Chow. He was just like a guard dog, stayed there watching over us.

Surprisingly all the dogs were very tame and quiet when we were there. The only time we heard them barked was when we were standing at the gate. After that all were quiet and mind their own business around the house or cages. The dogs were well trained and clean. My sil who is a dog lover could not help but pat and carry the pups. She nearly bought one!

Okay, the mouth-watering part is here. But firstly, let me introduce the owner cum chef, Josef in his kitchenette.

Cheesy pizza

I ordered 3 dishes that night. First one was its ham, capsicum and baby corn pizza. Our pizza was out from the oven and ready in 10 minutes time.

Never tasted baby corns in a pizza before but trust me, it was tasty. The pizza was good. I love the thin crust, the fragrant cheese that he used. My kids were enjoying it too. My girl helped herself to few slices. 

Lovely seasoned lamb chops!

Next was this super juicy and tender lamb chops. We enjoyed this very much too. The meat was well seasoned and the garlicky brown sauce was great as well. I think he added the oil from all the grilling to the sauce to have such tasty gravy.

Medium-cooked beef cutlet

Last but not least was this medium cooked T-bone steak. I seldom eat beef but I have to recommend this steak to you. It was delicious. It came in a big piece but I requested to be cut into smaller bite pieces for our conveniences. I like it medium cooked as I would not want it to be bloody red and raw. It came with a pepper sauce which was great too. Nothing goes wrong combining beef with peppery sauce.
Loved the baked potatoes too!

It was an enjoyable evening. The lady owner, a local was very friendly and we had a good time chatting with her while her hubby was busy in the kitchen preparing pizzas for take-away.

If anyone looking for a good Western cuisine, this private enclosure is a good choice. They have a table set up in their compound so a reservation is necessary. And of course they cater to take-away too. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Big fat plates!

Did not know where to bring my kids for dinner one night but after discussing and bribing my kids, I finally decided to come back here for dinner. In case you are wondering, both kids wanted chicken rice but I were not in mood for it. So the mummy won in coin tossing and decided on where to eat. Lol!

We have been here 2 months ago and since then, we did not go back. However I read from a friend's fb a week ago on how good was its nasi lemak so I were tempted to try. I always have a soft spot for nasi lemak. ;)

So here was our order that day....

I had its black jelly with mixed fruits. Not too sweet although I believe they used coconut milk and the only fruits I could see were watermelon and honey dew.
Next our starter arrived! Sausage bun for RM6.90. The kids enjoyed it. Just hot dog stuffed bread that coated in crumbs but a great snack for children.

Alright! This is a bomb! The taste is alright; nothing to shout about. I believe they did not use much MSG in the cooking so it was neither salty or too tasty. But what really shocked me was the portion! HUGE! This fried rice with sliced chicken (RM7.90) was worth ordering. Enough to feed 2 adults! Liked the fluffy rice grain that did not clump at all.

There! The dish that I have been coming for! Their nasi lemak special! Looked good, right?

They have a whole fried chicken wings, a sausage, 1 whole hard-boiled egg sliced into quarters, salted peanuts, sambal and a salted fish! I know not many places served salted fish in their nasi lemak. So this is a bonus for me! I like salted fish in my nasi lemak!

Verdict? Priced at RM8.90, this dish is value for money! I can taste the coconut milk in the rice. Sambal was good but I would like it to be more spicy.

There you are! Our big fat dinner!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A little Friday story

It started off with a mouse chase and ended up we locked ourselves outside the house. So funny when think back!

The story goes like this.

Jay wanted to take bath after school so he went to the bathroom at the back. Few second later he came to me telling me there was a lizard at the back. Ok, it was just a lizard. Nothing to be scared of.

So I followed him to the bathroom and as we almost reached the bathroom, a little mouse dashed out from a wooden shelf, much to our shock! It ran just in front of both of us! 

And my 1st instinct was to close the kitchen door to prevent it from going into the house. By the way, our bathroom is outside the kitchen in the back. 

So I tried to spot the mouse but could not locate it. After bathe Jay, we wanted to go back in and then we discovered the door were locked from inside! Oh dear! Jay must have opened the door wide till the lock hit the wall and I did not noticed it because in the hurry to shut the door!

So all the shouting to neighbour were not successful. We were shut out for a good 20 minutes. No phone, no help and it was hot. Jay was still wrapped in his towel and I were frustratedly hot with sweat! Finally I managed to locate a hammer, and I started to hit the door knob as hard as I could. After few hits, I broke it loose and managed to turn the latch to let us in.
This was the shot from inside. And my bil has to help to fix a new one that evening. 

As a consolation to myself, I change my old wallet to this!! Hubby bought few weeks ago and I only used it on Friday. No more overload in my new wallet. Only keep necessary stuff in it. *fingers cross*

In the evening, I had this yummy Cantonese fried mee hoon in SCR.

And I got a Merlion stamp for a special gift and a spot in their lucky draw.

When I called my hubby on my little mishap at home, he just laughed off and even jokingly told me I am always have that unlucky events with locks! I have locked myself or the doors somehow been locked few times in the past. I don't know. I hope I would lock myself again!

Hope you enjoy my Friday story. *wink*  To a fabulous weekend!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Vinegar-braised pork for dinner

Another non-halal food post. ^^

Found this recipe from A table for two while I were browsing around, thinking how should I cook a slab of pork belly that have been in the freezer for a week.

Well, I love vinegar-braised pork trotter but never cook it myself. Since this recipe called for pork belly which I have in hand, might as well I gave it a try. I had all the ingredients except dried chillies and star anise (I seldom use or usually omit). It still tasted good and appetizing!

The recipe did not called for blanch but I did blanched my meat to get rid of the impurities. And I cut the sugar to 1/4 cup as I do not like it too sweet.

Not hard to cook so why don't you give it a try?

I used this caramel sauce brand

Looking good and tasty

Verdict? Yum yum! Great to go with white rice. Although I would like it to be darker and thicker.

Click on the link here for recipe. Happy cooking!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The way I like

I used this Porkies luncheon meat one morning to cook fried rice since there was some leftover rice.

The luncheon meat looked good with 80% pork as stated on the can. For my fried rice, I have chopped some garlics and shallots, 2 eggs (beaten) and cubed luncheon meat.
Of course, the white rice which I have loosen to get a fluffy fried rice.
Firstly, I added the garlic and shallots into heated oil. Sauteed for a while till fragrant then I added the cubed luncheon meat. Stir well till cook. After that I pushed the ingredients to the side and tossed in the beaten eggs. Turned and broke the eggs and mixed with other ingredients.
Added in the white rice and mixed all well in the wok. Added salt and soy sauce to taste. As the kids were having it too, I did not add any pepper.

Dished out and served warm. My kind of fried rice. Could it be any simpler? I think not. I like it this way!

By the way, today is World Food Day! Say Yes to healthy fresh food, say No to wastage; and support global movement to end hunger!