Sunday, April 19, 2015

Miscellaneous Picture #38: In the garden

One evening after a rain in my mum's garden. Love to go out, breathe the air after a rain and look at the beautiful flowers. And green is good for the eyes too!

These lovely cactuses are from the kids' ex-nanny's house. Could not help but admired them.

Ok, there is something from my garden. This little pineapple plant is sprouting fruit. Cannot wait to see the little pineapple soon.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Meet over coffee

I joined this FB group of Kuching mamas late last year and for the first time, I met up with some lovely and friendly mamas and their cuties few days ago.

Photo credit here

I brought along my cutie pie for breakfast in this cafe. Coffee Clinic! I believe they opened a year ago and heard it serves great coffee and fresh sandwiches and cakes. So for coffee addicts, you can check this Coffee Clinic out for your coffee shots!

I quite like the set up of the cafe. Very wood-y look. They really used a lot of timber and coupled with the wooden floor, it gives you that rustic feel while you are enjoying their wide selection of coffee.

Chai spice latte

Okay, I know you may wonder what I have here since I do not drink coffee. They have other hot drinks and smoothies so there is something for me.

Unfortunately coffee is not my "blood" type!

I had its hot chocolate but mostly went into Jamie's tummy. Did not order food since I already had mine earlier before dropping by here.

Hot chocolate (RM8.50)

Let's look around the table at what we have.

The breakfast of smoked salmon and egg fit for sharing. The above was Benedict Smokey Salmon. I forgot what was the name of this breakfast set below. The smoked salmon was pretty salty, review from other mamas. I personally would prefer fresh salmons. ^^

It is fun to meet up with new friends, get to know more and learn from each other. We talked mostly on parenting, kids, and those wifey stuff. Never knew I would enjoy myself much as basically we hardly know each other.  And Jamie also enjoyed his morning breakfast and got some attention from the mamas.

And you know what? I am looking forward to the next date! ^^

Thursday, April 16, 2015

While we were here

Last Saturday morning, we went to Khoo Hun Yeang street for breakfast. Long long time did not come to this part of the city, where the old blend with the modern times. Old colonial buildings still standing strong and old coffee shops still around amidst the new structures and developments mushrooming in the old town.

Photo credit here

We had our breakfast in Rooyi Cafe, one of the old coffee shops in Khoo Hun Yeang street.  Of course it has been renovated and look new after all these years.  I have been there few times when hubby worked somewhere there few years ago. 

First time for the kids. We ordered kolo mee (RM3.00) for each of them. Looked good. They said it was nice and they liked it.

This special bowl of Sarawak laksa (RM7.00) was for me. Tasted good but not much laksa paste for me. I would like it to be more fragrant and spicier.

Hubby has this kueh chap cheng for RM6.00 to go with his kolo mee. Nice in my own opinion.  Many goodness in the sweet broth, no wonder he enjoyed it very much.

After the breakfast, we made a stop in hubby's office.  Spent our morning there.  The kids made themselves entertained in hubby's new office.

Playing word search but they looked so professional sitting on those chairs!

Waiting patiently for daddy

For lunch, hubby walked to the exclusive and grand Plaza Merdeka for the newly opened franchise outlet, Burger King.

 Photo credit here

Hubby queued for almost an hour for the order, thankfully me and kids waited for him in the comfort of his office. Yes, Whopper for me and chicken burgers for the kids.

It has been a long time since I tasted Whopper. I finished up the whole burger and was full!! Did not like the fries as they were cold and soggy by then. 

When asked my girl, she said it was good but she still prefer the burger from another international franchise. I had to agree with her in that.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Give me eggplant, and I cook

I happen to bump into this Sarawak Tourism site.  Look what I found! Sarawak Top 10 iconic food poll done in 2012. This would be very outdated, not too sure of its ambiguity; and someone should get it done on yearly basis. I am sure Sibu Kampua, Hakka kacangma or Kuching oh-chien would be in the Top 10 list. 

Oh well, if you ever come to Sarawak, you would know what to eat and buy back. ^^

Talking about the iconic Sarawak food, last week I cooked this special Sarawak vegetable that was ranked 8 in 2012 for the first time. My very first attempt! 

You know I am not a huge fan of sour food but this terung asam (sour eggplant or the Chinese called it terung Dayak) beats me to my statement. It is definitely one of my favourite sour food. Hubby bought some on his drive from Sibu to Kuching more than a week ago. Don't ask me why, I never cook this eggplant before and hubby assume that I can cook and bought quite a bagful!!

I gave half of them away to my mum as she loves this vegetable. She usually cook with fish in spicy anchovies soup. The other day I saw an awesome recipe in Coffee Girl that incorporate chicken and terung assam.

For my 1st terung asam cooking attempt, I were not so adventurous, so I used prawns since I have some in the freezer. Here is my simple spicy and sour prawns with terung asam.

Cut the terung in wedges.  Wash off the seeds and put aside.

Clean and devein the prawns.

Spice ingredients include lemongrass (slice the bottom part only), belacan, minced garlics, sliced shallots and chopped dried chillies.

In a wok, heat up some oil and add in the spice ingredients. Saute for a while till fragrant then add in eggplants.

Pour water into the wok, lower the heat and cover the wok with lid. When it simmers, open the lid and add in the prawns. Stir occasionally and let it cook for few minutes till prawns turn colour and egg plants are soft. Add salt and sugar to taste. Stir and off the heat.

Serve warm with white Bario rice!

And my other dishes included yummy omelette and another Sarawak's iconic vegetable, cangkuk manis!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thinking of you

It was a Monday and most coffee shops and food stalls are off that day. I were thinking hard on what to buy for lunch as usual. No problem for the kids as they could settle for kolok mee or chicken rice for lunch. As for me, being bored of having the same stuff almost every day decided to look hard for something different that day.

This was where I ended looking for my lunch. Expert Food Court in MJC. I hardly ventured to that food court as some days, it could be hard to find parking. Luckily it was a Monday, so no problem with that.

Initially plan to take-away the Chinese economy rice from Amy Fast Food but it did not opened on Monday. I quite like the fast food there but very pricey.

After going around the food court, I ended up with this. Curry chicken rice. Wow! Felt like I hit a jackpot or something like that because not many places have a curry chicken rice food stall. Must give it a try so I tapau-ed a normal pack home. 

I immediately opened my packet to check on my lunch once I reached home. Double wow! It reminded me of my favourite curry chicken rice.

When I were young, I used to go to one of the backlane coffee shops for curry chicken rice in Palm road. After many years, the daughters took over from the parents and they have operated in 2 different locations in Kuching now. One in King's centre and another one in Ban Hock road. The last time I tasted theirs was in King's centre before I moved to Sibu. Since then, I did not go back as heard it was very expensive and portion was lesser.

My favourite curry chicken rice consists of tasty char siew, steamed chicken, a fried egg, and long beans that goes well with piping hot white rice and tasty curry gravy.

The curry chicken rice that I tapau-ed from Expert Food Court the other day was not bad. RM5.00 and they have a lot of rice and meats in it. They are also generous with curry gravy. I only used up half of the gravy.

That is how I like my curry chicken rice. Flooded with curry gravy and dig into it. Taste-wise, almost similar to my childhood's favourite. Quite enjoyable, brought back memories of the past. :) Well, I don't mind eating it again. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Menu #68: mini bread pizza

When you have kids, you have to constantly think of new and creative meals to attract them to try and eat. 

So it was another weekend and me being stuck with 3 kids at home, thought of what for lunch. Then I thought of mini bread pizza that I made a couple years ago. Bread pizza or pizza bread, you called them. To me, it is pizza topping on bread. I have few stale bread slices so the idea of using them up gave me the thought of making bread pizza for us.

This round I re-invented my own recipe. You can click on this link for my original recipe.

I used up this tangy and salty Edam cheese with overwhelming smell for my bread pizza.

I grilled my bread slices on both sides with these chopped Edam cheese on a pan. 

Then dish out and ready to add in the topping. Since I have leftover tomato puree from my shepherd pie, I used a tablespoon or so on top of the bread.

And grated parmesan for the top after add all the ingredients.

My main ingredient was these pork sausages which are too salty to be eaten alone. So I soaked them for few minutes before chopped them up. I also used some sliced button mushrooms.

In pan, heat up butter and when it melt, add in pork sausage and button mushrooms. Cook for few minutes before spoon them onto the bread.

Bake in oven for 4 minutes.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Our Sunday story

In this country where we are incredibly blessed with humid weather, we could have so many outdoor activities to do such as camping, zoo visiting or a swim in waterfall.

However I must confess here that I am hardly an outdoor person. A true city girl through and through, as my hubby used to describe me.

So you would noticed that I mostly brought my kids to air-con places or some place with lots of shades and would not hang out too long under the sun. I leave the extreme outdoor activities to hubby's planning. 

Our breakfast in Chen Fa

On Easter Sunday, I brought my sis and 3 kids for a ride in the city centre. But before that we stopped by 101 Premier for breakfast.

Then a short walk in Taman Sahabat (Malaysia-China Friendship Park). Thought could let the kids feed the fishes but no one sold the feeds so we did not get to feed them.
1st time here for the little one

Walked on the stone path

Then as we were heading to our next destination, I received a call from my dad telling me that he was heading to my house! He brought my favourite uncle and aunt from Singapore to visit us! So we diverted back to welcome them. By the time, they left, it was almost Jamie's afternoon nap so we stayed at home, let him sleep while we watched some DVD.

In the evening, we drove down to the city. At least not so jam by then. It has been a while since I ventured to the centre of the city. I brought them to a place which is equally interesting. And cooler too.

A book sale! Pre-loved English books from USA, which was thrifty and what I looked for. Held in The Hills mall. Thank god there was not many people in the books sales. Almost dinner time, so I guess that was where they gone to. 

We can browse around without sweating and squeezing with big crowds. The kids get to exercise; walking and running around and making fun of themselves. I have been to this pre-loved books sale few times and bought most my and kids' books there.

This time is no exception since I missed out on its previous sale end of last year.

Yes. Filled up the book rack well but did not buy much since hard to do so with the boys running around.

Few days earlier, I kept the old novels in a storage box. Not enough to fit all the old novels in the box but at least can clear most of them out from the rack.

Before we left The Hills, we had dinner in Sugarbun and I had its eco-fish with rice.

Tempting and juicy fish. Love its crispy skin yet sweet and soft flesh that went well with the spicy sambal dipping.

After that, I sent my sis home and we headed home. My girl cannot wait to read the books that she chose while I managed to catch the Maybank Malaysia Open men's double match. ;)

Never seen my Jay was so keen on books but he squeezed this fun game book into my cart before I paid. Well, he was hooked to the book for some time. I am happy that he shown some interests in books. I do not mind splurging on books for my kids; better buy books than toys for them. 

And what did Jamie do? He started to do this act and I could not help but laugh at how enjoyed he is!

That was how we spent our Easter Sunday. A relaxing yet fun Sunday.