Thursday, July 20, 2017

In Watford, Hertfordshire

On our 2nd day in London, we were very adventurous to travel using the tube services. We changed few stations before arriving at this Watford Junction station.

This train station is the stop for those going to Warner Brothers studio to catch the Harry Potter tour. We had few hours to kill before our slot so we went to the town centre of Watford for sight-seeing and lunch.

Beautiful and quiet street eventhough it was after 11am. The weather was warm but windy. By then, I were tanned from all those walking and sun. Lol.

Walked and walked, we reached this place in about 10 minutes time, just like what the community polices told us when we asked them for direction.

The long street of restaurants, bars and cafes as well as street food and stalls.

After exploring the street, we decided to have our lunch in this place called Malloy's. They had set lunch of 2 mains for £9.50 only. That sounded economical.

We had to order and pay for our food and drinks from the bar. 

The waitress sent the food to our table. We had cheese chicken and classic burger for our lunch.

After filling up our tummies with food and beers, we headed back to the Watford station to catch our bus to WB studio.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

London | night light

After a short nap to recover from the long flight and sleepless trip, hubby and I went for our own adventure.

We took the tube (train) to see the London Eye, River Thames, Big Ben and Tower Bridge in the evening.

By the time we reached the Eye, it was after 9pm and the day started to turn dark. Even that did not stop a big crowd of people at the park from enjoying their summer. The view from the park was lovely.

We then walked back to Waterloo Station which was about 5 minutes walking time. We had our dinner at the Black & Blue Restaurant (opposite Waterloo Station) before taking our train back to our hotel. It was after 11pm but the station was very packed with train goers. Now I knew what the meaning of "The city that never sleeps". ^^

London Eye

Big Ben and Tower Bridge across the Thames river

Ice cream truck

Waterloo station

Thames river from the park

My grilled salmon with chips

In Waterloo station at 11pm

Sunday, July 16, 2017

London | feeling the first summer day

Hi guys! I have tons of photos and adventures to share with you. Let's get it started, shall we?? So, here begins my Europe travelogue.

Flew  from KLIA on 5th July late evening, we took a connecting flight in Istanbul to London. It was the start of my first Europe adventure (hope it wouldn't be the last!). Our destination is Central Europe.

Flying time of over 14 hours and covering over 6,500 miles, I found myself in another country in another continent with different timeline and different climate. That day when we landed, everyone was excited yet slightly jet lag. I hardly slept much on the plane. I was in need of a hot shower and body massage! I wonder how could a person get comfy in a long hours flight??

London!  The first destination in our travelogue. An amazing city. 7 hours behind Malaysian time. We arrived slightly after 11am on 6th (an hour delay in Istanbul) and stuck in immigration for more than 2 hours. We immediately driven to our hotel after claiming our luggages.  However it was traffic jam along the way and it took us over 2 hours to reach the hotel.

We spent 2 nights in London, free and easy.  Our travel package actually did not started in London; we were on our own so we planned our own agenda there. However, we were given 2 nights free hotel stay plus breakfast in London. 

Ibis London Excel Dockyards was located in Victoria Docks, the Eastern of England. I took some shots of the central London while on the moving bus.

I remember this was my first meal in London. We were very famished as it was 4pm London time and the last meal we had was in Turkish Airlines that early morning.

The weather was not too warm, around 24C and we could felt the breeze while we were dining.

Our late lunch. Fish N Chip for £4.95.

We had this in a convenience store cum cafe from across the hotel where we stayed.

The cafe

Menu board


The dock from our window

And check out the view from our hotel room window. It is a dockyard indeed and how lovely was the river.

Oh yes, we saw so many old but elegant tudor style houses and building along the way. I enjoyed looking at these houses.

We caught on some sleep and also some live Wimbledon matches after the late lunch. Not going to catch the live matches in the stadium but on tv in the hotel room would do.

The day was longer here, and how unusual for me to feel the sun even at 8 o'clock in the evening!! Check out my next post on how we spent the rest of our first day in London.

Friday, July 14, 2017

While waiting for the time

Hi guys.  This post was written while I were in KLIA2 on 5th July. A little diary on what we did that day while waiting for our boarding time.

We arrived after 12 noon in KLIA2 from Kuching on that day. Our flight to Istanbul is after 11pm so we had a lot of time to kill.

It was hubby's suggestion to arrive early in the afternoon. Actually he was worried about delays etc, so he asked me to book an early flight.  It was a good idea to go early as we were unable to purchase sterling pound in Kuching as it was out of stock. So we went to change our sterling pounds in one of the money changers.

We immediately went for a body massage here in KLIA2.

We had our lunch at the food court (Quizinn by rasa). Very late lunch.

Hubby had his dose of wantan noodle while I went for briyani chicken as I were famished by then.

After that we used the KLIA transit to KLIA and yet, we had 4 hours to kill before meeting our tour group.

So a little tea break (for me, it was chocolate break as I had too much tea during the Thai massage) for both of us.

Till it was time for boarding, I took out my phone and did this post.

In case there is any grammar or spelling mistakes over here, please excuse me.  I were kind of hurry and excited at the same time. ^^

Bon Voyage.  I see you in my next post.