Saturday, May 28, 2016

Can you feel the holiday?

Yes and yes! School holiday is here! Everyone (especially the kids) screams with joy and relief. School is out and a long 2-weeks holiday is right on.

And you must be wondering why I am up early today where I should be cuddling in bed. Well, one thing for sure. The kids are up, mummy is up too. *wink*

Today would be a busy Saturday.  A little packing is in the list. We will be going somewhere for a short break.  Will update you guys on our holiday soon. 

In the meantime, I leave you with some shots that I took few weeks ago. A Gawai decoration in Tun Jugah Mall where they showcased the traditional Iban musical instruments.

And another nice decor set up in The Spring Mall.

Selamat Hari Gawai!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Honey lemon with minty twist

It has been freaking hot over here during the day and one could not think of anything but way to cool yourself down.

For us, this chilling and refreshing honey lemonade with fresh mint leaves drink works wonderfully on warm day. And I had a mild throat discomfort few days ago and this drink works well to soothe my throat.

600ml warm water
3 slices lemon
2 tbsp raw honey or add more to taste
Handful of mint leaves

1. Add everything in a teapot with sieve.
2. Let everything sit for few minutes before serve.
3. To serve, add ice cubes in a glass. Pour the drink into the glass and topped with few mint leaves.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Not so little

It was my weekly breakfast day with my mum. Did not know what to eat but I need to buy some apples as gifts for Teacher's Day (which is celebrated in school today), so I suggested to mum to go to 101 Premier, Jalan Kempas for breakfast. After breakfast, we could hop into the supermarket for fresh apples.

We never had high hope to have breakfast in Yeow Kee and true to our words, the coffee shop was packed to max!

We decided to try the coffee shop behind it. It was called "Little Cafe". A corner coffee shop. Never been there before, but I did remember that someone told me once that the kampua there was good.

There is a kampua stall, kuih stall, kolo mee stall, fried stall and this noodle soup stall in Little CafĂ©.  Business was not as good as the other coffee shop, but they do have decent food to offer. Mum and I tried the noodle soup stall because we both felt like having soup that morning.

The photo of the fresh fish vermicelli soup looked delicious on the stall, so I went for it. RM7.00 per bowl.  So luckily when it came, it was not so little and the soup was nice.  They added some chilli and chilli flakes to the soup, so it was rather spicy beside the sweet and sour taste. So much vermicelli and I hardly could finish it up.  Only wish they could add more fresh fish fillets to it.  I have 2 slices of fish and few fish balls beside the beancurd cubes, tomato wedges, vegetable and salted mustard.

After our warm breakfast, we went to the nearby supermarket to get some groceries. My not-so-little boy was more than eager to help me pull the basket around. At least he did not helped himself to the stuff and toss into the basket.  I know some kids do that! For time being, he is just too happy to help in pushing the basket around.

On Monday evening, while hubby was on leave, we brought the kids to a movie treat.  They have been waiting to catch The Angry Birds movie so I pre-purchased the tickets online that morning.  It was a weekday, so did not expect many people.

Everyone had a good laugh and surprisingly, it was a very entertaining movie.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


It was a Sunday when we dropped by here for a quick breakfast before heading to the church.

I thought of having something from Indian stall such as roti canai but they only had rojak that morning. So I went for its normal Indian rojak.

It has been a while since I have a plate of Indian rojak. Hubby and I used to go to the famous Muhammed Kucei rojak in Batu Lintang back then for breakfast. Just the two of us. Alas. Now with kids, we hardly go there. Kids don't eat those food.

Normal Indian rojak (RM4.80)

So this Indian rojak could satisfy my craving for the sweet and spicy rojak. The assortment of sweet vegetable fritters, taufu, half slice of hard-boiled egg, shredded cucumber and beansprout in a pool of spicy and sweet gravy. Slurp.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Miscellaneous Picture #54: wheels

Those wheels displayed on the bookshelves in hubby's office room. 

I like this miniature bicycle

The bicycle and motorbike were bought from Indonesia

Meant for the boys but since they are bad keepers, we keep the Beetles safe on the bookshelf

And these are the wheels that roam in the house

Friday, May 20, 2016

Done with exam

Finally!! The school exam is over and everyone could have a breather this weekend and the weeks to follow.

They may be done with the exam, but not school works, dictations, tuitions and afternoon classes. Everything is usual except lesser schoolworks. And not a big deal if they laze around the house doing their own things. My kids. You wouldn't believe what they do.

The eldest loves to stay in her room, either reading her story books, colouring or texting on her phone. The second one just like a young scientist or inventor, sticking or putting stuff together in his room. As for the youngest one, he is the noisiest as his shriek could be heard from far away, and he tends to disturb whatever the other 2 is doing.

Think tank

Holiday is in a week time. Need to plan some outing and playdates for the kids. Something to keep the kids occupied and happy besides staying at home. After all the hard work that they put in for the 1st half of 2016 school calendar, it is at least what they deserve. *wink*

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dressed up for buffet lunch

It is that age that most of my friends are married and have kids by now.  And I were equally happy for a girlfriend of mine that she has finally found her love and settled down.

My girlfriend got hitched this month and last Saturday, she held a buffet lunch at her home. 

I attended the buffet lunch with my kids; we were actually car-pooling with another friend and her kids that morning. Both husbands of ours were busy that day so it was a no-husband affair.  *wink*

And I wore this dress that I bought a couple of years ago for my bro's wedding.  I think I presently fit better in it than 2 years ago where I still have not shed those post-baby fat!

A little accessories and a simple make-up; and I were ready to go (party) with the kids!

It was a nice morning with a light shower, but the bride shone brighter and everyone had a jovial time catching up and enjoying the food.

A page in the wedding album

Door gifts for guests

The lovely gift

Spread on the buffet table

Congratulations, my dear friend. May your days filled with wonderful blessing, joy and love.