Friday, December 15, 2017

Phuket | island life

Bye Phuket

After 2 nights in Phuket main island, we were off to another island on the 3rd day. Nago Noi (Naka Noi) island.

Here we come, Naka Noi

We took a boat in Ao Por Pier to the island. Ao Por Pier itself was impressive with the jetty protruding to the ocean.

It would take a long time if we were to walk with our luggages and stuff along the pier. Luckily they have a cart transport for our conveniences.

Luggages and 2 days supplies!

Naka Noi is a serene island with magnificient seaview and we were privileged to be invited to stay in the 4 bedrooms villa. The island is just 4km away from northeast of Phuket island. The boat ride took less than 10 minutes.

Where we disembark in the island

From the beach where we disembarked, we had a little walk along the beach to the villa on top of a little hill.

The villa

Our 2-nights stay in the rustic styled villa was overlooking the beach. No internet, no phone line and no tv. Totally away from the technology for 2 nights. Just enjoy and relax in villa with a short walk to the beach.

Big chairs in front

Overlooking the ocean

Bbq with a view

Display shelf


Our room with a view to die for!

Evening came fast on us

Dinner of seafood

We had a quick fun on the beach with kids making sandcastles and we went for a cold dip with strong waves hitting us. The high tide was getting on to us.

The next day, we went for a little walk around the island. Of course more water, sun and sand. The men went for island hopping and fishing. Kids and some of the ladies (including me) stayed for an afternoon siesta.

Me, absorbing everything!

Nice serenity

Phi Phi island from far. Can you see the famous James Bond rocks on the left??

Nearer shot of the rock


Looking out to the ocean

Lovely beach

Outdoor tent

Other side of the island caters for day trip tourists

Deck chairs

Scuba diving and snorkel for rent

Fun on beach

Waiting for a bite

Thankfully the men came back with some fishes for dinner!! Lol. We cooked it Chinese style.

The catches of the day!

And our dinner was enjoyed under the supermoon. Covered by the clouds; so hard to take shot of it. Otherwise it would be bright shining over the water.

Moon gazing

We had a relaxing and lazy time on the island. Feeling the sun, sand and water all the time. Gosh. Now I wish for an island life when I retire at old age. ^^

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Phuket | Christmas and shopping in Jungceylon

We spent more than an hour in Jungceylon, one of the best shopping malls in Phuket in the evening after our day tour.

It was a pinky Christmas in Jungceylon.  Loved the coned Christmas trees.
Amazing boat display on the street mall

The street mall was not that packed when we were there. 

Our only stop in Jungceylon was its supermarket, the Big C. So much to see and buy there. 

Ready to eat packs

Fried fishes and prawns

Salad bar


Durian, anyone??

Our loots from Big C.


More snacks

Condensed milk in convenient tube

Talcum and cup noodle