Friday, February 5, 2016

Looking forward to the weekend + Happy Chinese New Year

So looking forward to the long weekend. No waking up to my alarm buzzing me, sheer unhurriedness, no schedules to attend to, indulge in food and good companions, and have fun and good time with my family.

But CNY is just around the corner so would do some last hour cleaning and preparation at home this weekend. 

And what a surprise to receive a greeting card from our CM!!  A lovely gesture of him by sending cards around.

I am going to take a mini break from blogging as it is time to recharge and spend some quality time with my family over the holiday. So, thank you in advance for your lovely visits and comments.

Wishing all my blogger friends and readers 
a "Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year" and "Gong Xi Fa Chai"

Thursday, February 4, 2016

You are our favourite

It was last Sunday. A week before CNY. It was a gloomy day, the weather looked lazy and dark but everywhere was jammed and alive.

People rushing for CNY and we noticed many people at the mall. Must be those coming back from abroad or other places for the celebration.

That morning, I asked hubby what's for breakfast and he replied me "Our favourite". Immediately I knew that we were going all the way down to Jalan Padungan to one of our favourite kolo mee coffee shops. Huan Lok Cafe!

One of the best served kolo mee in the city. Old school style and taste. Indeed, you are our favourite kolo mee.

We actually came here the week before and we were back again for its delicious kolo mee. How much we love our Kuching's signature  noodle! ^^

We were served with spoons, chopsticks and saucers of chillies dipped in vinegar after placed our order with the aunt who cooks the noodle. Anyhow the kolo mee tasted so good that we won't need chillies to go with it.

You need to be patient waiting for your noodle as they take their time to prepare the noodle. Cook one bowl at a time so it takes quite sometime to serve 4 bowls on our table. Of course we let the children eat first as they are not fast eaters.

Our simply delicious bowl of kolo mee!! On top of the springy noodle, it was garnished with seasoned fried shallots and minced meats as well as the char siew and few greens.

And we couldn't resist ordering this bowl of kiaw soup (meat dumpling soup) too. 

Our delightful Sunday breakfast to start off the day.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

No more

We have survived four weeks of school. Everyone is getting used to sleeping and waking up early by now and I am glad for some quieter moment in the mornings.

Since schools have started, both Jan and Jay have their sleep around 9pm on weekdays.  I'm rather strict about their bedtimes. No more staying late watching tv or playing.  They need to be up by 6am to take their breakfast, bath and ready for school which starts at 7am.  Luckily the school is just a minute drive from our place.

Jamie on the other hand, has been sleeping very late and some nights, he would wake up once or twice; whining and reluctant to sleep again. This has beenb going since early this year. Some more, he has a peculiar request; he wants to sleep with lights on!

In the middle of the night, he would wake up and request for the lights to be turned on!  So for a month now, we have been sleeping with lights on when he wants to sleep or wake up at night. Sometimes I would switch it off when he dozes off while some nights, I would dozed off before he did, leaving the lights on. 

So, with the nightly interruption from the little one, I felt pretty tired during the day last month because of not enough sleep and need to get up early before the kids do. No more afternoon naps for me most of the time since I would be busy with their afternoon tuitions and activities.

Call it that stage or anything, Jamie who is 2 years and 4 months old is getting very stubborn and strong-headed. He never listens to our reasoning when we say "no". Just hope this behaviour will go away or change when he starts his kindergarden classes.

Luckily for me that I do not cook lunches.  I cook breakfast and dinner on weekdays and dinner on weekends. For lunches on weekday, I would go out and buy for me and kids. So in the morning, I could get some rests (if Jamie leaves me alone!) or do some housechores.   

On one Friday, I came to this coffee shop.  It was around 11am and the school was going to end by 1130am.  So I looked for some quick meal and decided to give this chicken rice stall a try.  My kids tasted its steamed chicken rice once.  I think it was fine, nothing spectacular or something to shout about.

Somehow the food pictures in front of the stall attracted me that day.  I actually told myself that I would not want to try the food from this stall but at the back of my mind, I decided to give it a second try.  Turned out that I should have stick to my initial decision! 

I ordered a nasi ayam penyet for myself while the kids had its nasi ayam goreng.   Thought it would be fast, but Jamie and I have to wait around 5 minutes to get our order done.  The middle -aged uncle and aunt were taking their time preparing our food.  But I guess it was alright since they looked friendly and earning their hard living from selling food at coffee shop.

My nasi ayam penyet (RM8.00) was not that impressive.  The chicken was soft and not too dry but lack of spices and seasonings.  The sambal was not spicy at all.   They gave few slices of cucumbers and cabbages underneath the chicken thigh.

They served this yellow-coloured rice.  Maybe they used turmeric for the colouring and fragrance?? The rice was soft though.  I actually enjoyed the rice more than the chicken and sambal!

The kids' nasi ayam goreng did not looked that good but at least both kids ate their meal. 

No more buying from this stall.  It is not that the food was that bad but somehow I do not feel it is value for money.  I could get a better food at such price from other place.  All well, at least I tried it out and know now.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Miscellaneous Picture #49: January favourites

January has been a busy yet exciting month. Glad that it is coming to an end, because I am so looking forward to a shorter but festive February. Woohoo!!

This month, we started some works and spring cleaning to the house. Everyone was working together to make the house cleaner and tidier. Hard work mixed with fun for the kids.

Cleaning up the doodles on wall

CNY is just a week away. Time really flies very fast. I don't know where it goes but because we are busy with schools and other commitment, we do not really prepare much for this year's CNY. Partly blame on the bad economy too. ^^

Red Greeting Card from Sharon

By the way, a special thanks to Sharon from Singapore for this lovely card.  You are very sweet, my dear friend.

Butterfly sticker

Don't think it was flew by this cute butterfly but it took over 2 weeks to reach me. Nevertheless, it arrived safely. Thank you once again, Sharon.

Rain or shine?

Weather has been crazy this January. Don't know whether it is going to rain or sunny. Some day, it would be those gloomy cloudy sky greeting us the whole day. Not a great time for laundry. And luckily I do not need to fry any crackers (keropok) this year so no need to dry any under the sun.

Japanese roses

On the other hand, my flowers and plants in the garden do not complain much about the weather. They are growing well although one or 2 pots were dying off.

Jay in class

Back to school for the kids. Jay is adapting well and has few friends now. Now he is seated just in front of the teacher's desk. Either he is naughty or he is in need of attention. Lol.

One of his favourite things-to-do in school is going, buying food and eating in the canteen. On 1st week, he has gone to the school canteen during recess and buy his own food eventhough I packed his snack box. Sigh! I think RM5 per week would not be enough for him. He even spend on his friend and shared crackers (keropok) with the friend!

Choco muffins

I did managed to bake this month. Only once. Better than none. Not so perfect but these chocolate muffins were edible.

That's my wrap for January!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cutting it short

The thing I fear the most! Being sick!!

Have been sniffled since Thursday. Took some flu pill yesterday and as to this morning, I am still recovering from it. It was just out of nowhere; caught the flu bug on Thursday. Maybe got it from kids. Everyone is either cough or sneeze. Oh well. Better sick now than on CNY.

On a good note, I got a hair cut the day before.

Finally, I dragged my legs into a salon and have the most deserved hair cut!!

This lady has been busy with kids that she did not have any time to pamper herself. Oh well, CNY is just around the corner and that is the biggest excuse to get one. 

My poor tresses need a good trim. I had it trimmed last August and there was some curls and colour so this round, I got them all chopped off. All straight and black now!! (Of course, you don't count those few white hair desperately growing on my head!)

A little adventurous by getting short side bangs this time. A little odd at first. Not used to having side-swept bangs, maybe.

That is it. My new hairdo for the new year.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Shop and clean

Last Saturday, we spent our morning shopping for CNY. A little late for food shopping this year but we did our shopping for the children's new clothes and canned drinks earlier this month.

We went to our favourite hypermarket around 9am and it was not that crowded. We spent nearly 2 hours going through the aisles and get some groceries as well as CNY food at the same time. 2 shopping carts to fulfil our shopping list!

We got a box of the mandarin oranges.

And a kuih bakul (nian gao or sweet sticky rice cake) and 2 packs of dried pearl mushrooms. 

And our stocks of snacks ready for the visitors!!!

And I also got myself this pack of goodness! My favourite nut!! Could not stop munching on them in front of the tv while drinking my favourite alcoholic drink, Shandy! Too bad it is so expensive for a small pack.

In the afternoon, we did some cleaning around the house. I cleaned up one of the bathrooms, hubby cleaned the backyard while kids were busy cleaning the walls that stained with doodles. Everyone was "gotong-royong"; that is the spirit. ^^

Just when we thought it was time to relax and catch some movies, we experienced an-hour blackout in the evening! We were in the dark!!

So we basically had our candlelit dinner that night but luckily the blackout did not last too long as the boys started to get fussy and hot.

More cleaning to do before the CNY. No maids or cleaners for me, so I would have to do a bit of cleaning day by day. Don't want to get myself exhausted.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Food for him

My man has been on low carb diet for past 5 months. He did lost some weights along the way but with those year-end dinners, he gained some back. It took a lot of determination on him part to go on diet as it is not easy.

In the morning he takes some oats before going off to work. Other day he would have sandwiches, and on weekends, he would have breakfast outside with us but usually nothing heavy or high calories.

He joined a MLM last August and took their supplements and meal replacements. For first 2 months, he had to eat steamed breast meats, carrots, broccoli and hard-boiled eggs. He managed to do so for dinner for 2 months.

Then the menu got better. He can have grilled chickens or fishes but he could not take breast meats anymore. You know breast could be tough and tasteless even you grill them.

So I give him chicken thighs. Of course he will peel off the skin and take the meat.

When he is bored with grilled chicken, I will make soup for him. Like this nutritious black chicken soup.

For vegetable, I alternate between carrots, broccoli, cucumbers and salad. Last month, when we went back to Kapit, my MIL gave us a big container of her hand-made anchovies sambal. 

We love the sambal; fragrant, tasty and mild spicy. It tasted good with cucumber. ^^

Sometimes hubby ate sambal with his egg. He never take egg yolk so I have to discard the yolk for him. 

Now, there it goes. The menu for my big man.