Monday, January 14, 2008

Your Online Store

One of my new year resolution is to find a new source of income besides having a 8 – 5 working hours. I told darling hubby that I am interested in having a small business, probably a boutique. However due to uncertainty and capital needed, I have been holding this business idea for quite some time. Nevertheless I am still determine to support my family by looking for new income sources.

I was browsing through the web during the weekend and bumped into this particular website called Ashop. It is an online shopping cart software, offering millions of people opportunity to own their online businesses. Its award-winning software assists you step by step in setting up and designing your own shopping cart with a small monthly investment. Not only that, you can have your own customized design as well without much hassle!

Try out Ashop ecommerce software as you can get 10 days free trial with no credit card charges before fully committed yourself to it. Have your own business freedom and in charge of your administration and store front in a comfort of Ashop ecommerce software.

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