Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby anyone?

A friend of mine was keen to get herself pregnant this year! She is of my age, and very keen to have first baby this year. Anyway, I advised her to take a lot of iron folic and have healthy diet such as more vegetables, fruits and fish in preparation for her pregnancy. I also told her not to rush and pressure herself too much as it is not easy to get yourself pregnant, trust me!! The more you want it, chances that you wouldn’t get yourself pregnant!

You must be well-prepared and informative about pregnancy too. What to expect during the 9 months duration, pregnancy complications, what to expect during labour pain or what options you have if you opt for caesarian and natural birth, baby care and post-pregnancy care. You will learn more about your new body as you go along your pregnancy term and post pregnancy term.
I am very fortunate to have a smooth sailing pregnancy term, without any complication. Besides putting on 18kg during my pregnancy, I didn’t have any morning sickness and food craving. The only gain (besides the weight) is I got myself a sensitive nose. I don’t have a sensitive nose prior to my pregnancy. Even when a colleague commented on someone’s BO (Body odor) or funny smell, I wouldn’t be able to detect those smells easily. However after giving birth, I develop a sensitive nose that was brought from my pregnancy period till now! How funny can that get? And yes, my feet size is 1 size bigger now, from 5 to 6!

I had my Caesarian, as no one believe that I can give birth naturally without much pain! LOL! My tummy is really big for my size and height, so I do understand my family’s concern in my giving birth process. They didn’t want me to go through double pain, of natural birth and Caesarian should I unable to deliver naturally in first place. Should you ask me whether I would opt for Caesarian in future birth, I think I would. Just don’t want to think of those long hours labour pain, and get it over with with the operation. Wake up in your ward bed and find your baby right by your side! Some may commented that birth is different or incomplete without going through those labour pain and natural birth, but after hearing so many stories on it, I would still opt for Caesarian! LOL.

Let me share with you some stories encountered by some people that I know. A colleague of mine gave birth to a baby boy prematurely few weeks ago. She has some complication and doctor needs to operate her. She was into her 6th month, which makes the baby very premature and need observation and medical attention. Another friend of mine into her 8th month, has to go hospital for an IV fluid administration few days ago as she has food poisoning. Luckily she is doing fine now. Doctor even recommended to her that should her condition worsening, she may need to be operated. Scare a shit out of her!! LOL! A cousin has a breech birth for her first baby as her baby’s head was not down when she was due. She did not hesitant to opt for caesarian for her second baby as she did not want to take such risk again.

Everyone has different symptoms and experiences during their pregnancies as everyone is different. My symptoms may not be the same with others. Some may have it but other may not. Anyone care to share their pregnancy or birth experiences here? If you don’t mind, of course. :p


drNO said...

interesting story, and life experience.
yup, everyone have different symptoms. even morning sickness varies from one person to the other, and even varies from one pregnacy to the other.
This is my 3rd pregnancy, it's a bit like my first but totally differ from my second. I am so envy those people who doesn't experience morning sickness at lucky they are...

Windy said...

Hi Rose - first of all, thanks for sharing my blog with your friend.

I am not a mother, and hope I would never be (at least, this is what I think at the mo). Right now I think I'm still young, I don't think I am ready to handle children, would like to have my career and earn some money first. But I know that one day I would have to have a seriously thought about it... Well, I will worry about it later!

Rose said...

DrNo, I am pretty lucky that I dont have any morning sickness and problem during my pregnancy. I didnt even have any high blood/protein which some people encountered especially nearing to due date. Like you said, it varies from one person and even from one pregnancy, so I dont know whether I will be that lucky again in my next pregnancy? hahaha!

Windy, you are welcome! You have any interesting blog, so it is good to share with my friends! :)you will think of having children once your mother instinct comes! Trust me! For now, just enjoy your life! Believe me, your life will not be the same and normal once you have children! hahaha!

janicepa said...

i will oso go for the C sec if i ever have the next bb .. cos i dun wan to go thru the pain ler..

like you .. just wan to get it out and wake up with bb .. kekeke

InspiredMumof2 said...

My pregnancies were quite smooth except for the first one I had pre-eclampsia. It is high blood pressure and because of that, I had to stop working. It is dangerous to the baby, so it was a swift decision to quit my job.

Both pregnancies are natural with epidurals. Although with this pain relief, I can still feel my labour contractions but less traumatic :-) My 2nd pregnancy's labour was more intense, as the baby was out in 4 hours of labour! Both babies are so pink when born. Natural birth pain feels just like your tummyache and you need to go the loo. I know alot of mums-to-be or singles are scared, but of course there's no prizes for enduring the pain. Epidural is a good alternative too.