Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Boulevard Big Signboard

Departmental Store

Scene from Hypermarket

Check out the queue in front of Kenny Rogers!

We went to Boulevard Shopping Complex, the latest shopping haven in the city! And guess what! It is jam like hell! It had been opened for a week now, and still big group of people flowing in. We need to go into the basement carpark and look for parking for about 20 minutes, and then squeeze with a hive of people in the shopping complex! Pretty scary! I never know we have so many population in Kuching city! LOL! Well, Chinese said "new toilet", so people love to try "new toilet"!
We initially planned to go to Kenny Rogers for late lunch yesterday, but after seeing the long queue in front of the outlet, we decided to leave! Hahaha! I think we were hardly 20 minutes in the mall??? Wonder when this mania going to stop?

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