Thursday, January 3, 2008

Clothes for children

Toddlers and young children thrive on activities. You shouldn’t curb them too much or you will stifle their creativity and sense of fun. One of the main reasons I think why some parents do not allow their children to play is because of the clothing they are wearing. Some parents dress their children up like they are little dolls and then they are unable to do anything but sit and look pretty.

That is not a way to bring children up. Children should be given a time to be a child and time to “behave”! There is no better time to be a child than when they are children.

Clothes are divided into play clothes and “going-out” clothes. Play clothes can be anything from old t-shirt of yours to even strained clothing of theirs. Or you can get the really comfortable clothes (with no brand in particular) for them so you wouldn’t put a dent in your pocket when they get all those stains on their clothes. You will also not feel as bad as when they spill food all down their front.

As for going-out clothes, there are so many choices of nice branded and no-branded clothes in the market, you can get them at prices as low as RM20. I bought two going-out dresses for my little gal for Christmas, and they were pretty cheap. RM19.90 each. They look presentable and comfortable too. Since children grow pretty fast without you realizing it, my suggestion would be not to stick too much to branded clothes. As long as your children look good and comfortable in them, it is the only matter to you.

With our Malaysian climate which is particularly humid throughout the year, clothes for children must be airy for them. Unless your children are always in air-conditioned rooms, I believe you wouldn’t want your kid to be sweaty playing in their clothes. Once they are comfortable, they will act like children. They will have more freedom to run and jump.

Children love colour. It would be rather boring if you are getting your children everything in white! I remember my MIL told me to get all baby clothes in white. Easy to spot stains and dirt and you can just bleach them to clean them away. Of course, been an obedient daughter-in-law, I obeyed her by buying some white clothing for little gal when she was a baby, but then I cant resist on buying those cute and colourful baby clothes too. Research shown that children learn faster and have more fun learning when they are surrounded by bright colours. Why do you think toys and children’s books are always so colourful?

Many people complain about how fat their children are getting. Maybe the clothing they put on could be one of the contributing factors for not getting enough exercise. So change them out of those stifling clothes and then watch them play!

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