Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Used to be

I went to Thompson Corner, Jalan Nanas for breakfast with my dad one morning.

It was a cold morning; hardly can felt any warm from the sun. So that morning, both of us wanted something warm for our tummies.

Dad went for the Claypot noodle. I used to love the claypot noodle here but each time, I would ended up burning my palate. Lol.

That morning, although it used to be my favourite dish, I didn't ordered that. I went for Foochow mee suah.

Love the mee suah as the soup was sourish from the wine. I did enjoyed my breakfast that morning with my dad.

And I bought home some yue tiaw for snack. The yue tiaw still taste the same.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Good enough

We went to 38 food street for brunch on a Wednesday. Just me and my 2 older kids. 

Before that, Jan and I were at my parent's house helping my mum with my young niece. My bro's wife gave birth to their 2nd daughter that morning. So, I were there for a while helping her with my niece and packed and brought food to the hospital.

After dropped the food and had a peep at my new niece, Jan and I went to pick Jay from his tuition. 

We dropped by the food court for brunch as Jay was hungry. It was around 1030am and the place was packed. As usual, Jay went for kolo mee while Jan and I had chicken rice from Authentic Chicken Rice stall.

My girl had roasted chicken rice.

Roasted chicken rice (RM5.80)

Where as I went for its steamed chicken.

Steamed chicken rice (RM5.80)

We also shared a small plate of stir-fried bean sprouts.

Bean sprout (RM4.00)

It has been a while since we had Authentic chicken rice.  The rice and chicken were good enough for our tastebuds but I loved the chilli dipping.

In the afternoon, I had one of these bak chang for tea break. My sil's mum made them and gave some to my parents.

I don't really celebrate the Dragon boat festival. I don't specifically hunt for bak chang during such time of the year, so I don't mind if I don't have them either. Knowing me, my mum gave me these 2 bak chang. But I liked these Hakka chang that mum gave me. Full of meats, ground nuts and taro; taste was just nice. Not overly salty and sweet. I steamed them for a while and they were good enough to go with a cup of tea. ^^

Hakka dumpling

Today is the celebration of Dragon Boat Festival so wishing everyone a Happy Duan Wu Jie!

Thanks to hubby's colleague for these bak chang that we are able to enjoy today.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Visit a village

Kampung Bidayuh Begu, a small village along Padawan road was our destination last Saturday evening. 

Actually it was hubby's company community service but we got to tag along. Everyone was to help in the village, cleaning and cooking. 

It was our first visit to this village which was on the same road to Borneo Highlands. Very long winded drive but we survived and after more than an hour drive, we reached the kampung around 3pm. The boys had a little dip in the cold stream before a heavy downpour hit us.

Heritage hall

We managed to reach the community hall without getting so wet. Unfortunately there was blackout in the village when we were there.
Community hall, currently temporary chapel

It was just over a week of Gawai festival so we were there to sponsor and support the village in preparing dinner and bring joy to the villagers.

Pigeon's hole to hold letters

The food and drinks were mostly prepared by the ladies of the villagers. Thanks to their hospitality, we were able to enjoy good, home-cooked dishes.



Curry chicken

Sweet chicken

Beef rendang

Mixed vegetables

Salted fishes

Rice wrapped in banana leaf

Wrapped Rice

Tepung pulut and lemang

The ladies were very friendly. We chatted and asked how they made the lemang and tepung pulut. Lemang is nothing unusual but not tepung pulut (starchy and sticky rice, something like Chinese nian gao). First time tasted this sweet delicacy. I even packed few home and learn to wrap in the leaf.

We thanked the villagers that were in the hall and departed around 530pm. Rain still poured over us so we didn't want to stay so late as it could be dark and dangerous driving along the winded and narrow hilly road. Most parts don't have road lights so we prefer to move before the sunset.

When we left, the electricity was still down and they started to light up some candles. Hope the villagers did enjoyed the food without much problem.

We would love to come back to the village, to explore more of its nature beauty. Cave, waterfall, mountain hike and blue spring are some of its attraction that not many know of.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Not our usual

The next morning, we went to This car wash food centre for the Bishopgate mixed pork soup but it was closed. Maybe they went for holiday since it was a long weekend.
Mixed pork soup *recycled photo*

We have been here few times for our usual, the mixed pork soup. Hardly tried other food from other stalls. So since we were there that morning, we might as well tried other stalls for a change.

Dim sum

Hubby ordered 2 bamboo steamers of dim sum namely siu mai (pork) and har kaw (prawn dumplings). They tasted fine, nothing to shout about.

pathetic-looking kolo mee

However it was a disappointment for the kolo mee. The car wash owner operates and cooks the kolo mee there. It wasn't tasty and according to hubby, the fish cake was cold and not properly cooked. Furthermore the, noodle was served on a plastic plate. That was totally not the way to serve kolo mee.

Fish head soup with vermicelli

I didn't try the kolo mee as I wanted something soupy. I went for the laksa stall but not Sarawak laksa since I tried it once on my very first visit here.

This time I tasted its fish head mihun. RM10 for my bowl. Milky fish head soup. Not my usual order as I don't take milk. I forgot to ask them to omit the milk. I prefer the clear soup but my fish head mihun definitely tasted better than the kolo mee. Lol.

Never ever we would order them again the next time we come here. Sometimes a change from the usual doesn't necessarily good, I guess. Better stick to our usual. Either that or none.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

On the first

On the first day of Gawai, we drove to Kampung Bidayuh Sitang visiting a friend.

We started off from our house around 11am. At 8th Mile petrol station, we met another friend and his family before proceed in 2 cars. We used the Pedawan town to go along the smaller road but we were lost and missed the turning to the village. We were on the road to Borneo Highlands but realised the mistake and turned back to go to the right junction.

From that onward, we didn't encountered much trouble searching through the hilly kampung roads using the Google Map. Anyhow, we reached the house in time for lunch.

Loved the home-cooked ethnic dishes as well as few of Sarawak's specialties at our friend's house. 

Manok Pansuh/chicken (middle) and Babi pansuh/pork (right)

I took a little of this and that. I took a small piece of pansuh pork (pork cooked in bamboo) and it was alright to me. Not so strong in taste, so it was fine by me. I tasted stronger pansuh before and I didn't enjoy it much. This ethnic dish is very much an acquired taste.

(From top left) Hakka stewed duck, liver, and chicken kacangma

I took almost everything except the liver as you are aware, I am not a fan of liver. I loved the Hakka stewed duck (lor ark), Hakka kacangma and chicken curry. Took few scoops of them.

Chicken curry

Deep Fried pork belly and chicken wings


My first round 

After lunch, we were served with 'tuak' (rice wine). It is customary to accept tuak when the host offers so I drank 2 small glasses of tuak. Luckily I ate my lunch so I didn't get drunk easily with my full tummy. But I did felt sleepy after the wine started to take effect. Anyway, no embarrassing incident happened.

We also had a little walk around the kampung. Right in front of our friend's house was the village's chapel. The concrete path to the chapel on the hill was completed not so long ago so it was a nice walk up the hill.

But few minutes later, a sudden rain hit us and we had to hang out at our friend's house till the rain subsided.  It was after 3pm when the rain finally slowed down and we bid farewell to our house. We managed to maneuver slowly along the steep and wet road.

And it was a foggy drive down but the view was spectacular. I loved the fresh, cooling air of countryside after the rain.