Thursday, December 13, 2018

All we did on Saturday

It was a cold and wet Saturday last week. A lazy day as I didn't cook at all that day. So all we did was relaxing, eating out and watching tv. 

But I felt slightly blue over the weekend as I was still recovering from my cough. 

In the morning, we drove all the way to the old part of Kuching for a nice breakfast that we haven't had for quite sometime.

Kim Joo for its tasty vinegar noodle and comforting mix pork soup.

The rain continued when we finished our breakfast. We didn't mind the rain as it wasn't that heavy and we could enjoyed a short walk under such nice weather.

In the afternoon, we went to Lee Coffee Shop in Green Road to buy our takeaway lunch. Hakka lui cha!!

Our RM5 lui cha with so much healthy goodness but horrible and bitter soup. I couldn't even take too much of the dark soup. For those who could tolerate high bitter level, this soup is definitely for you!

In the evening, we went to a friend's house for dinner. His baby's full moon dinner. Hakka tradition with traditional kuehs and dishes.

Tray of delicious dishes spread on the table.. well as home cooked dishes such as curry, kacangma and red- coloured eggs.

But first, we indulged in some mee suah. Loved the mee suah and the tasty chicken soup. My man would agreed with me as he took 3 bowls of it!

And we were also served with home-cooked sweet dessert; namely snow fungus soup and pumpkin with sago soup.

That evening was Kuching's annual Christmas Parade. Meant to join it this year but our plan was cancelled last minute due to our dinner invitation. Hope we really could make it and join in the parade next year.

Monday, December 10, 2018


One fine evening, we had lok-lok for dinner. Just the three of us. Jan and Jay has left for their long holiday.

Once a very popular night spot, Lok-lok in Ban Hock Road. I don't remember when the last time I came here for dinner or supper.

The weather was nice and cooling as we had rain that afternoon. We prefer to sit under the roof to avoid rain but luckily no rain when we dined there.

So many choices. Self-service where we choose the sticks we wanted from the trays.

After done with the choosing, we passed the sticks to the staff to cook. They will serve directly to your table.

Our dinner that night. The food was fresh but the best was its chilli sweet dipping.

We also had this spicy mee jawa to share around.

Overall our dinner was RM60+. Something different from our usual dinner. Don't mind having it once awhile.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Loitering in the mall

It was last Monday when my girl and few of her good girlfriends had a meet up in the mall. They decided to go to Aeon Mall for the date, fun and lunch.

Christmas decoration was up and the mall was in the festive mood.

The children took some shots along with the decoration but prior to that, we had our lunch together in the food court.

I tried a new stall this round. Briyani stall. I ordered nasi kerabu with ayam masak merah (RM9) since I didn't feel like having briyani.

My RM9 lunch. The chicken was spicy or maybe I had a sore throat that day, I felt it was too spicy for me. The rice was alright but not much. Just enough for me.

After lunch, I left the girls to their own way and came back to pick Jan at 4pm as agreed. She had so much fun loitering with her friends in the mall, you bet. I am sure she would miss this bunch of friends but at least they can keep in touch through phone.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

In his good hands

After Gunung Gading National Park, Lundu, we drove to Sematan. Less than an hour drive to Sematan town and we reached this Medan Niaga on the left. 

Hubby has been to this food stall few times with friends. He highly recommended this stall for its tasty and fresh seafood.

The stall operator was a friendly man. He remembered my hubby well. We left our lunch in his good hands.

The operator served us his special chilli padi dipping. Super spicy; good for those who can endure heat.

We were served with this stir-fried Kailan with big prawns. 

Then came this big plate of fresh big prawns. I like my prawns this way; just steam them. 

Under his recommendation, we had the peppery kampung chicken soup. Very warm but too much pepper to my liking.

Everyone gave this deep-fried  parrot fish a big thumb up. Very good, sweet and delicious. And I got to learn some tips from the stall operator on how to cook it too. ^^

Lastly we were served a small bowl of stinky beans (petai). My second time tasting petai. I enjoyed them with the chilli padi dipping.

Overall our lunch was RM100 plus drinks. With full tummies, we headed back to Kuching.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

A short hike

It was the start of a long year end school holiday. Our very first school holiday activity was to go on a road trip to Lundu and Sematan last Saturday.

We started our day with breakfast in Batu Kawa old town's famous meatball and kolo mee roadside stall. After filling up our tummies, we were on our way to Lundu. A slow journey there as along the way, we were delayed by a serious car accident and many big trucks driving on the road. But we reached Lundu town safely after over an 1.5 hour drive. 

Our destination in Lundu was Gunung Gading National Park. We missed out during our year end holiday last year.

We meant to see the biggest flower there  as a friend came back from there told us on the flower but we missed it by a day or so. Died off. Better luck next time, we hope.

We had a short hike to the first waterfall but as we hiked up the steeper path, it was becoming difficult as the rocks were slippery and wet. We abandoned our plan and decided to headed back. 

We enjoyed the greenery of the reserved park and weather was just nice to go outdoor.

Hope to come back and see a real and live rafflesia.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Off to high school

My eldest has graduated from Primary 6 and that's mean she would be going to high school next year.

She is exactly as tall as I am now. Gosh. We even share our shoes as we both are wearing the same size. Not to mention I am passing some old clothings (jackets, cardigans and smaller size tops) to her. Maybe soon she will share my dressing table! ^^

It freaks me out but at the same time, how proud and excited I am for her. She worked so hard for UPSR exam and did well in her school. This morning we went to collect her UPSR results slip. 5As, 2Bs and 1C. Well done, girl!

Hope she will learn more and meet new friends in the new school.

All the best in this new transition, my girl.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Not that nice

Everyone would remember the catchy song of this Chicken Rice shop from WM. And my kids would sing and giggle to the song when it is played on the radio.

It has its outlet in Vivacity Mall but we never did tried it out till a week ago.

It was a Tuesday and a public holiday so we went to the mall to catch a movie in TGV. After the movie, it was almost 2pm and we decided to settle our late lunch in one of the eateries. 

And we chose The Chicken Rice Shop since we had never given it a try and the place wasn't so packed.

After placing our order, we were served with our cutlery in this chicken basket.

Not long then, our dishes came out one by one. We had the set for 4 person for RM65.90 which consist of bbq chicken and roasted chicken as well as a plate of bean curd with crunchy toppings and a plate of stir fried bean sprouts.

The set also includes this plate of appetizer, pai tee. They were nice with the spicy dipping.

The kids had rice to go with the chicken but the adults decided to go with noodle. I went for the steamed chicken noodle which I enjoyed as the noodle was springy and seasoned.

If you asked me, would I be back again for the food? Maybe not. I much prefer to go to other eateries in the mall than having a chicken rice. 

Overall I thought the meats didn't wow-ed me. Our local outlet, SCR served better chicken rice and outside Chinese chicken rice tasted better and cheaper. Just for the sake of trying that afternoon. At least we had tried the chicken rice.