Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mr Ho's Fine Foods

(This is a non-halal post)
This is long due post, nevertheless it is still not too late to publish it out. Nothing is late when come to food and more food! Good food need to be shared with other, right? LOL!
We had a nice pre-Christmas dinner at Mr Ho's Fine Food in Crowne Square last year before we off for our holiday. It is exactly in front of the Crowne Square open parking bay. You wouldnt be able to miss it.
I have heard of its roasted pork. We planned to order but as the portion is rather big, we decided not to order since only two of us eating it. The prices are rather dearly, I have to admit. Menu wise, it is mostly pork, as that is what it is cater for.
Hubby ordered Pork Chop and Bratwurst, while I had its Mixed Grill. Turned out, both dishes look the same to me, with additional of lamb chop and sweet 3-layer pork on my plate. After the dinner, both of us have sweared not to have any more meaty food! Must be the portion, as we were nauseous taking too much meat! *wink*

They also sell and serves cakes and wine to go with your food. They also sell imported items such as hams, sausages and cheeses.

Mixed Grill (RM27.90)

Pork Chop & Bratwurst (RM22.90)

Mashed Potatoes (RM5.00)

Longish Dining Area (facing car park)


nyonyapenang said...

Hi Rose,

Heard so much about this Mr Ho's Finefoods but I have not been o the outlet in KL. Hearing from you, the prices looks OK hor? And oh ya, I read about their Christmas Turkey....roasted and complete with stuffings and all; for about RM60 per kg.

Thanks for dropping by my place. Do pop by again, anytime.

Happy 2008 to you and family!

Rose said...

I not so sure it is the same franchise as in West Msia. the portion is rather big, so offset this and that, the price is ok. Just that not much food selection in the menu. ;p

Yes, I will pop by ur place from time to time....uninvited! hehehe!

Happy New Year to you and family too!

MamaBoK said...

We never order Mixed grill .. coz' it is really ALOT of meat.. ;)