Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What is your cartoon character?

It feels like a tagging week lately with I am doing a lot of tagging from fellow blogging friends, which I am not complaining about! I love doing those tags, honest! This is to show that my fellow blogging friends want to know me more and always think of me when doing the tagging. This time is from Jen’s place and her cartoon character quiz.

Jen wants to know what is my cartoon character in this simple 10 questions quiz. I am a Charlie Brown. Isnt it great? He is one of my favourite comic strip characters. Oh well, the verdict looks pretty true to me. Simply describe me well as a person.

Easily fall in love but loyal and serious when in a relationship. (As for falling in love with darling hubby, it took quite a while for me to fall for him, and my love for him still remains strong! *wink*). A very homey and family person, loves to call back home checking out on my family’s updates and gossips. I do have a lot of friends but only few close friends where I can gossip and trust to keep my secrets.

So, what is your cartoon character? I am not tagging anyone this time, so everyone is free to try and passing the tag along. Check it out at Jen’s Place. She insisted on highlighting the answers which I didn’t! hehehe!

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Jen's Place said...

hehe Charlie!! That is a nice cartoon character to be:)
Thanks for doing the tag