Thursday, January 3, 2008

Study? Again?

Study? Again?

I were taken aback when my mother-in-law asked me this question last week. The conversation as follow:

MIL: Do you plan to further your study? Like getting your Master?
Me: Er, not at the moment.
MIL: I guess so, don’t think you have the time to study with a naughty little daughter
Me: Yes. Maybe when she is older and I have times for myself, then I may take up my

Alright, just to be frank with myself, I have never thought of furthering my study after completing my Degree studies 9 years ago. Reasons are practically logical:
  1. I have a fearfulness feeling of studying after finish my final Degree paper. Maybe because I have been studying too hard before for my examination and also studying without hardly enjoying and playing around. Like the saying “All Work and No Play makes Jack a dull boy”. Correct me if I am wrong. A normal person would start schooling at the age of 6. Imagine studying for the next 15 years???
  2. I just want to enjoy life as a young adult from age of 21! Do I need to explain further? *wink*
  3. Now married with a young kid, I don’t think I can squeeze some personal time for myself. I have work to do and family to take care of. At night after work, I am half dead, lying in the bed, prefer to either watch DVD or read novel.

However with online and distance learning, I would love to re-consider the option of obtaining my Master at my own pace and time. Darling hubby has plan for me to be a full-time SAHM in the next 5 years, getting me to stay and look after the children at home. Isnt he sweet or what? Or poor me? *laugh* Maybe I can consider taking up Master since I would have more time then.

For the time being, studying is not in my agenda. Maybe before I reach 35? Afterall, to me everyday is a learning day and there is no age barrier to pursue for education. It is the determination that is important here. For now, I don’t have these determination. Family and work are my priority for the time being!


janicepa said...

hehehe... Happy New Year to you too !!!

Jen's Place said...

This is talking from experience. Once you get started, you will not feel all those things that you mentioned. I can tell you that studying for Masters is not the same as we studying for degree. Masters will have less memorising. Basically, it is recap of what we learned at degree level but now we are suppose to be more wise n use real life situation to solve problems/questions/ assignments! (WINK!)
And believe me, once you restart your learning engine, your desire to learn will grow ^_^