Friday, January 11, 2008

Blog For Money

I have been blogging for 1 month plus and have met new friends online. They are all amazing bloggers and their blogs are simply awesome. Been avid bloggers, not only they have interesting blogs, they have been able to earn extra income by blogging too. One of the online services that provide such opportunities to fellow bloggers to get paid for blogging is Smorty.
Smorty is an online service that act as messenger channel between advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers are able to promote their products and services online to bloggers. Blog advertising has become a useful tool in reaching millions of thousands of online users with growing use of internet services. Simply use the services of Smorty and have millions of bloggers to help you in advertise your products and services on your behalf.
As for bloggers, you are free to write your own comment and opinion on their products and services! Good thing is you get paid to blog!! If advertisers like your posts, they will pay you for blogging about them! Isnt it fantastic?
So what are you waiting for! Register yourself either as advertiser or blogger with Smorty today. A good way for advertisers to Advertise on blogs and bloggers to blog for money. I have register mine, how about you?


Hye said...

Hello Rose,

Here's the link of the award photo.

See yah!!!!

janicepa said...

they never approved me ar.. huhuhuhu

Rose said...

I still got problem getting my posts submitted. Kept got error! dont know what wrong. So my posts havent been reviewed by them yet! Hahahah! Dont know what went wrong, still finding it out.

How come they didnt approved you?

Sue Sue said...

Wah congrat welcome to smorty. They really pay oh!
Try to copy the post html that you write.