Monday, January 14, 2008


My eyes nearly popping out from their sockets at this time! I cant barely hold them open any longer! Sigh! Hardly have a good sleep last night. Went to bed around 9something then woke up around 12something in the morning and there go my sleep!!! Click here to find out why.
Then little gal woke up around 1something in the morning and asked for her feeding. So, like a zombie, making her milk and feed her. I didnt even have the energy to change her diaper. Luckily she went back to her sleep and I tried to get down to my own sleep! Hardly able to do it peacefully with my darling hubby at my side! I think I want to get those ear muff soon before I am deprived of my sleep.
Now I wish for something refreshing to wake me up! I dont drink coffee so I wouldnt be making any coffee for myself. I am fine this morning, must be because of the meeting and reports that need my attention so I didnt feel tired at all. After lunch, the metabolism going low and make my head dizzy and heavy!
What I want right now is tea.....a cup of hot mint tea.


PEARLY said...

after work have a small snap get hubby to look after the baby and get some rest poor mummy xxxxxx

nyonyapenang said...

Pity you are a light sleeper...every little sound also keeps you awake.

Sue Sue said...

Poor lady. Go back early and have a good rest!

janicepa said...

same same here.. kekeke... i dun hv hot mint tea.. but i've got a coffee machine in the office..

too strong.. !! better not ! ;P

Rose said...

Sigh! If only I can trust my hubby to look after her! Wonder when she going to wean off her night feeding? She is going to be 2 years old soon. I thought kids this age wouldnt be asking for milk at night??

Hye said...

Go back to sleep.. that's the best thing to do because if you feel dizzy all day, you will just ruin your day :D

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