Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Baby No 2

When we happened to meet my relatives or hubby’s side of the family at any family’s gathering, the most frequent asked question would be “When the 2nd one??” Then followed with “Better be fast, get it over with. Don’t you want to have 2nd baby since your daughter is almost 2 years old?” We will either go dumb, smile or just reply “Let it be”.

With all those people poking the same question make me stop thinking of 2nd one! Yes, I know my little gal is lonely sometime. Pitiful looking at her playing her toys alone and when she met some children her own age, she will greet or hug them. However I think she is pretty much happy at the moment. She gets all the loves and attention from her parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles. She was pampered so much with gifts and cares. I am not so sure how she will cope with news of new sibling. She does get along pretty well with other children particularly elder than her. However there was few occasion where she reacted “differently” when we carrying a baby (younger than her) around. I heard that some toddlers get over-reacted and jealous of new sibling in the family.

Not that I don’t want to have another baby, but I don’t want to pressure myself too much. Isnt “Let the nature takes its place” sound great? God gives us the most precious gift, which is life. We cannot force or beg for it.

So for those who been asking the same question or is going to ask me, please stop there! I don’t want to hear the same question again! I will announce to the world when I get myself pregnant, so why don’t let it be for now.


Jen's Place said...

haha!! I think I am one of those person that ask you when 2nd one?? Sorry!! heheh..yah, let nature take it course...u n hubby still young..shoudnt worry too much about it lar...
p.s Slap me next time if i ask u similar question..hahaha

janicepa said...

haha.. let it be lah . kenot rush gah ..

next time plp ask u just say .. living expenses very high