Friday, January 4, 2008

The Busy Person’s Guide to House Cleaning

As a working mother, time is what I lack of. Busy at work during the day, and after work, pick up little gal and rush home. Luckily I am not require to prepare dinner over weekdays (I do hope I have the energy and time to prepare nice food for my family), however there are some chores I would need to do when I am at home. Prepare hot water for little gal’s night feeding, clean and clear her toys and messes, tidy up the bedroom, and picking and folding laundry are parts of my routine after work. I have try my best to have a clean and mess-free home for my little gal to play and stay in. These are not impossible with the following tips that I have follow. The tips are rather useful even for the busiest person like you:

The Bedroom
The biggest chores in bedroom – picking up laundry piles, vacuuming and dusting.

The least I do: is to vacuum and mop it once a week. However when I feel my feet itchy or uncomfortable, I will mop the floor immediately! *laugh* I have an OSIM air purifier that I switch on each time I am back from work for at least 2 hours. I hope with it, it helps in filter the particles in the air and lessen any allergy-aggravating dust circulating around the room.

To be even safer: Launder pillows, quilt and comforter sets fortnightly.

The Kitchen
The dirtiest area in the house as less people use anti-bacterial products in kitchen, but mostly in the bathroom.

The least I do: Clean the cleaning sponges and replace them once every two months. Wash dishes after each meal. I hate seeing dirty dishes in the sink, especially overnight. Not only dirty, it also attracts ants and other pests too, which is double work later! Once a while, clean and clear expired or rotten food items/ingredients in the fridge.

To be even safer: Swab the fridge and kitchen door handles with anti-microbial detergent daily to cut down on trading germs. Clean the sink, countertops and cutting boards with an anti-microbial spray after preparing each meal. Let the detergent sit before wiping with a damp paper towel.

The Living Room

The least I do: Clear the remote control, keys and newspapers away, as my little gal loves to play and mess with them! We would need to organize a “searching party” every time we couldn’t find them. Sweep and mop the floor, and clean the windows once a week.

To be even safer: Clean the remote control, computer, mouse and keyboard with disinfectant spray/wipes once a week, as those items are certainly teeming with germs at all times.

The Bathroom
This room ranks second as the biggest germ pool after kitchen.

The least I do: Wipe sink, clean toilet bowl twice a week with anti-microbial cleaner.

To be even safer: Wash bathroom every week. Use after-shower spray regularly to prevent milder and grime from building up.

Happy taking care of your house, friends!

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