Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Japanese lunch On New Year

After escaping from the Boulevard-mania at 41/2 Miles, we went to Ajitsen in Crowne Square for its Japanese food. It is pretty hard to find food in late afternoon, as mostly closed down around 2pm and then re-open at 6pm. Fortunately the F&B outlets in Crown Square open and cater to those late lunch eaters like us! *smile*

Ajitsen is located on Ground Floor, near the main entrance. It is a non-halal outlet. Check out what we have ordered. Darling hubby was having ramen. The soup was nice (of course, lots of MSG in it! hahaha), with big tiger prawn tempura, beef and vegetables. I had mixed seafood rice as my throat still unwell! Sigh! Very ironic to order such dish in a Japanese cafe! We also ordered meatball in sweet sauce, and a small platter of sushi as our side dish.

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