Thursday, January 17, 2008

King of Fruits

Look at the flesh! Whoa!

Wild Durian (the fruit is rounder and has sharper thorns)

The king of fruits, durian is a rather mysterious fruit. Its overwhelming smell yet tasty flesh attracted and detested by many. One would never believe that with such smell, it can create a unique fruit. Isn’t nature a funny thing to understand?

It has been ages since I taste the king of fruits. My family is a durian lover, especially my parents. I remember when I was young, they will buy many durians home (sometime 10 fruits) during durian seasons. They will drive all the way to Serian or along Matang road just to hunt for nice breed of durian. My mum loves those wild durian (its thorn is more sharp and small in size than the normal durian). Wild durian’s flesh is yellowish in colour and the smell is even more pungent than the normal durian!!

It has been more than 10 years since the last time I took durian. Part of it I grew sick of the fruit! Partly maybe my other family member grew sick of it! They were no longer that excited when there were durian season, and seldom buy the fruits back.

On the trip back to Kapit last month, the durian is back and it is in abundance!! RM15 for 10 fruits! How cheap is that!!! My father in law was excited that we went back so he keep buying and crack the fruits for us. The uniqueness about Kapit’s durian is that it is pure breed. Meaning no mix breed. Totally wild breed. As such their durian is smaller in size!

For those durian lovers, you would know that after taking durian you would need to drink some salt water to “get rid” of the heat. Too much of durian, you will fall sick. Hubby and myself fall sick and have sore throat from taking too many durian! LOL! To get rid of the heat, you pour yourself a glass of salt water. 1 -2 tsp of salt would be enough. After stirring the salt, pour the water into one of the shell of the durian. Drink directly from the shell! So be careful when choose a shell to drink from!
As to get rid of the durian smell from your hands, simply let an empty durian shell run over the running tap water, then wash your hand over it! The smell is gone!


Sue Sue said...

Aiyor durian again. My kids had the durian for the whole week and I can't stand the smell. Yucks !

PEARLY said...

woooo I havn't had it for 2 years heheh the last time I had whenI went back to my sister wedding . too expensive in UK so Never buy any woo now looking at the picture make me miss durian la xxxxx

PEARLY said...
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bigfish_chin said...

Gosssh... How come the Durian's shell so SHARP ah?!
Issit bcos those are Wild Durian ah?

Rose said...

Sue, hahahah! you must be already fed up with the fruits! Whoa cant understand how children love and cant stand them??

Pearly, maybe you get your sister to courier some over to you?? Hehehehe! Durian saleable or not in UK? Ang mo take them?

Bigfish, yes, those are wild durian, so the thorns are sharper. Slightly difficult to crack open them due to the longer and sharper thorns. But I didnt taste them, cos I never like the smell of wild durian! Phew!! I only take those normal durian.

Jen's Place said...

Havent been craving for durian for awhile. Guess like you, am tired of it already.
p.s. Want me to tapau prosperity beef burger for you???