Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Recycled Desk Calendar

Every year my office will get a lot of complimentary desk calendars from some of our clients and suppliers. By end of the year, we will discard them away since we would not refer to them again for the following year. Isnt it so? Hold on there, DO NOT throw your desk calendar away.

You can recycle them and turn them into something useful. I learn this creative idea from a magazine. Fell in love with the idea when I read it.

Reluctant to throw away a nice desk calendar that I like, I used it for this project. Simply cut 4 slits on the calendar and insert the edges of your favourite photo into those slits!! Ta – da! It turns into a photo holder. Not only 1 photo holder, but 12 or more photos under a holder. You can even decorate the side or jot some messages on the calendar.


janicepa said...

tht's very thoughful!!

Nick Phillips said...

That's a cool idea. I wish I'd read this post earlier before throwing my old desk calendar away ... LOL!

Billy's Mom said...

You are sooooo creative!!!! Its look nice. Great job, kawan!