Monday, May 20, 2019

Our dinner after

It was almost 6pm when the movie ended. Maybe we ate too many popcorns, none of us were that hungry. Since we were not so hungry we went to this outlet for something light. 

Thai boat noodle. I always wanted to try this Tuk Tuk Thai Boat Noodle since it opened last year but only got the chance to try it that evening.

Nice and colourful wall decoration and wallpaper, it did brought the feel of Thai lifestyle to the outlet. 

We did not order many and did not know what to expect. So three bowls of beef broth and one of tom yum broth for our boat noodle. 

I had the tom yum noodle while the other went for the beef flavour. The tom yum was nice, not too overwhelming, just nice. The beef was tender and almost melt in my mouth! 

Hubby also ordered this kao lao beef to try.  Too strong for my liking. Lol. 

To wash away the strong flavour, I had this fresh coconut juice. Nice on any warm day, which we are experiencing lately. 

That was our dinner after the great movie. And we had an early night that day as everyone was exhausted from the long Sunday. 

Friday, May 17, 2019

Pho Master

I ain't a pho master neither do I fancy Vietnamese cuisine that much but I am all out to try new dishes and challenge my palate. 

It was the case not so long ago when we walked by this eatery in Vivacity Mall. We were to catch the Avengers:Endgame movie but it was 245pm slot and we decided to settle our lunch before enduring the 3 hours long movie. 

Pho Master wasn't full so we took the table right at the front of the shop. Nice and simple decoration in the shop. I loved the wall decoration of the Vietnamese leaf hats. 

Teardrop shaped lanterns at the front of the shop. And by the way, it is a non-halal shop, so they do serve pork here!

Quite extensive menu with description in English for better understanding of the dishes and drinks. 

Vietnam is well known for its coffee but unfortunately I don't drink coffee. My man does and he ordered its milk dripping coffee. Slowly waiting for the coffee to drip into the cup. 

Soon our first dish came to our table. Lemongrass pork rib with broken rice. It may looked nothing but once you bite into the rib, it was tender and robust with flavour. We loved the pork rib. 

Vietnamese beef pho (pronounced as 'fur') was our choice and it was not a mistake to have it. The beef slices were tender and melt in your mouth. The beef broth was flavourful. 

We ordered few appetizers to share around, namely the deep fried spring rolls. Chicken meat in the roll but watch out, it was hot! 

And this crispy crepe with shredded chicken, prawns and vermicelli in it. 

Mini pancakes were nice appetizers, with crispy pancakes and prawns in them.

Lastly was the fresh summer rolls. Vietnamese cuisine wouldn't complete without those fresh prawns, chicken, vermicelli, beansprout, lettuce and basil wrapped in paper. 

A nice taste of Vietnam for us. It was quite an enjoyable lunch. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Next to the market

I used to go to the Kenyalang Park wet market to buy my ingredients and vegetables with my mum. A once-a-week date with her.

Then I started to help my dad last year and I seldom find my mum out for market and breakfast. I ended up going to Sungai Maong wet market to get my stuff. Since then, I have been going there and get familiar with few of the vendors. 

On Labour's Day, I asked my other half to accompany me. As driver and extra hand. Lol. I need to buy a lot to fill up my freezer since I need to replenish the meat. So after getting all the necessary meats, hubby suggested for a breakfast at this coffee shop which was next to the market. 

Since we had never try this place out before, I guess it was a good idea to do so that morning. 

Sungai Maong Cafe, properly named. I saw only 4 stalls operating, such as the yue tiaw, kolo mee and kampua, laksa and fried kway tiaw stalls. It wasn't that packed that morning. 

I settled for Sarawak laksa as it has been a while since I had it. Luckily it was a good choice. The laksa turned out nice. 

RM5 for this normal serving. Just nice for me. And I also bought some yue tiaw home, so I got to take one piece to go with my laksa. 

Hubby went for the kampua. Sorry, no photo taken but he commented the kampua was good. As authentic as those in Sibu. 

We also shared this big plate of fried taugeh kway teow. So big that we could not finish it. RM5 for this lovely fried kway teow.

As for the kids who stayed at home, we bought them breakfast. Kolo mee and fried kway tiaw, which ever they desired. 

I would not mind buying breakfast hone from here whenever I come to buy my stuff at the market. Just a stone throw away from the market. And the food tasted decent too. 

Monday, May 13, 2019

At night

After the kids had their swimming lesson and took their shower, we went to Lok-Lok for dinner. The last time we were here was last December when Jan and Jan went to Sibu.

It was a nice, windy evening to have lok-lok but we worried that it may rained so we seated at the shop front.

Hubby and the boys picked whatever lok-lok that they fancied while Jan and I went for nasi lemak. I remember that the last time I was here, I went for Mee Jawa but it was too spicy for me. This round, I tried its nasi lemak. It wasn't that spicy. The chicken curry was nice but the anchovies sambal was spicy. A hint of fragrance in the rice which was soft and fluffy.

Overall, it was nice and I enjoyed it. Even Jan also liked it. No complaint of spiciness from her, that was a surprise.

The lok-lok that the boys picked. Some were cooked in hot water while others are reheated.

When asked whether they liked such dinner or not, the boys immediately said yes and much better than eating dinner at home. Geez! Indirectly, they wanted to complain about my cooking some more?!

Friday, May 10, 2019

Wanted for breakfast

One morning my man asked me what I wanted for breakfast, and I replied him "American breakfast". It has been long since we had that kind of breakfast. I was kind of missing such palate. 

The only place that I knew that served such classy breakfast is Feast N Furious Cafe. And since we had never been there for breakfast, we decided to go over that morning.

It was before 9 am when we reached the cafe. 3 tables were taken. We found a nice table for 5 of us and after looked through the menu, we ordered our breakfast with the waiter.

We noticed that more bikes and accessories were displayed since our last visit. The place was more or less the sane but with more display. 

Our first order was club sandwich (RM16). Beef bacon and cheese in lightly toasted bread served with crispy fries. A wonderful starter.

Hubby and I each had big breakfast (RM16). Long chickem frankfurt with well seasoned beef bacons and potatoes. Served with garlic bread, baked beans, sunny side up eggs and greens. The kind of breakfast that I like and want on a lazy Saturday morning.

My girl was been adventurous that morning, she wanted egg benedict for breakfast. Well prepared poached egg on top of beef bacon and toast (RM14).

A lovely American breakfast for a change. Not our usual, typical local breakfast that we often have. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Pox, endgame and in-between

The little one was down with chicken pox and it took him such a slow road to recovery.

One problem led to another. After chicken pox, his wounds were infected. Last Friday, I took him to see doctor and it was confirmed of bacterial infection. As you are aware, Jamie has a very sensitive and dry skin. Many attention needed to take care of his hypersensitive skin.

So he was given antibiotic and more cream to take. After 5 days course of antibiotic, his skin looked better and most wounds have healed well. 

He was absent from school for 2 weeks and you bet, how happy he was. But you could imagine why he felt a little melancholy when he was sent back to school early this week.

Nevertheless, it was a relief that he is up and well again and I am going back to my normal routine. 

Last Sunday, we went for a movie in TGV Vivacity. What else but the Avengers:Endgame, the much talked movie at the moment. Not a happy ending but a good one. Ok, no spoiler from me anymore. 

And talking about ending, hubby and I are currently addicted to Game of Thrones! Yes, you heard me right. We were late in catching up the GOT fever but we managed to finish the Season 1 to 7 (uncensored). We started to watch last month during the Easter holiday. And that was over 2 weeks ago. Now like any GOT fans, we are waiting for the final episodes of season 8.

I didn't really follow the series, but my man was really binge into chasing the series. He watched till late at nights and I couldn't followed him. I caught up in between the drama when ever I could.

The past 2 weeks, I have been cooking more at home. Cracking my head thinking of the menu as some food Jamie couldn't take. Because of the "pantang". But glad that was over and we got to enjoy dining outside.

Kids are going to have their mid-term exams pretty soon. Another busy and stressful time for me. In case I don't get to visit and comment much in your blog, you know that I have my hands full. Till then, see you guys around.

I couldn't wait for the school holiday to begin!!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Finally, I did it!

One day my hubby was commenting that I have never cooked chicken curry for him. The creamy chicken curry that we could easily find and enjoy outside.

We are blessed to live in Malaysia where we could enjoy different kinds of curry, from Malay curry, Nyonya curry, Indian curry to Japanese and Chinese curry. 

Now back to my hubby's comment, I don't cook curry at home. Other than my dry chicken curry, I hardly cook curry at home. So after been challenged by my man, I decided to cook chicken curry. 

I don't like those lengthy recipe with many ingredients for my first time curry attempt, so I went for the easy method. 

Surprisingly, it turned out good and my man was impressed and happy with it that he asked to have this chicken curry included in my monthly dinner menu! So, a thumb up from him. Yes, my home cooked chicken curry. Finally, I did it!!

I used this curry powder. And kampung chicken for leaner meat.

400g kampung chicken, chopped in biteable pieces
3 small potatoes, cut in wedges
1/2 big onion, sliced
5 tbsp curry powder
100ml coconut milk
3 tbsp cooking oil
3 cups water (or more, if prefer)
Salt to taste

1. In a pot, heat up the cooking oil. Add in onion and let it saute till fragrant and soften. Add in curry powder and stir fry till mix well and fragrant.
2. Add in chicken pieces and cook for a minute or so before add in potatoes and water.
3. Let the water boil, the lower the heat and cover with the lid and let it simmer for 30 minutes or till chicken is cooked and tender.
4. Add in coconut milk and salt to taste. Let it cook for another 5 minutes before off the fire. Serve warm.

Simple right?? I told you so! 

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Saturday misc

The lovely sight when we were in Petra Jaya last Saturday. I love looking at the trees lining up along the road, shading us from the glaring sun.

Sarawak State Library never stop to amaze me with its white structure overlooking the serene lake. Good for a peace of mind.

The kids had fun in BBW in Mydin Petra Jaya. 

After a long time of book shopping in.BBW, we went to the food court for lunch. Clean and neat food court. 

For our first visit, we went for nasi kandar from Nasi Kandar Line Q. Great for those who want to challenge their spicy palate!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Fun learning with Little Hippo books

I have been busy at home since Jamie stays at home. He doesn't go to school for over a week now. He was infected with chicken pox. 

So, what does he do at home? Others than disturbing me, playing my phone and watching tv, I am glad that he manages to read some books. Last week, he received these awesome Little Hippo books from Big Bad Wolf.

Known as "magic books" that "comes to life", BBW is Asia's exclusive seller of Little Hippo Augmented Reality Books! 

Suitable for 1 to 5 years old, the books were attractive and well illustrated. Make a lovely present for young children, don't you agree? 

All I need to do is download the free Hippo Magic App in my smart phone. And my tech savvy boy will point the phone to the book cover to download the "magic". 

His favourite book has always been The Three Little Pigs, so it is natural for him to choose that as his first book to read and play with.

He just point the phone to the Hippo Magic symbol (above), and the characters come alive and talk to him! He could touch the characters, colour, find hidden objects and even play musical instruments!!

Any kids would be excited to read and play with their favourite characters. I know my boy does. I have never seen him so keen to read books. At least the books keep him busy for quite some time while I could have some me-time and do my house chore.

If you are curious on how the magic books work, here is a short video for your reference.  

Collect all 13 titles, each sold at RM15. Now available in BBW Kuching book sale in Mydin Petra Jaya till 5th May 2019.

*** The books were provided to facilitate in my review, courtesy of Big Bad Wolf. I am merely expressing my feedbacks. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.***