Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Miscellaneous Picture # 85: Harvest

My chilli plants started to bear fruit last month and my first 2 chillies that I harvested

Weather has been good for the lime tree as it bears more tangy fruits for me

Aloe Vera and growing babies in a pot

Screwpine plant at the backyard growing healthily 

Also at the backyard, a new addition since last year. Lemon tree. Growing higher now but couldn't get away from those pests that keep eating its leaves.

Not a harvest but a plant that grows like nobody business in my garden. Cut and keep this baby indoor for greener effect and decoration.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Which one do you like?

We dropped by 38 Food Street for lunch, just me and my girl last week.

Chinese New Year songs played at the background and thankfully it wasn't so loud that it irritates ears and spoils the mood to enjoy a decent meal.

I asked my girl what would she like for lunch, and she replied me 'ayam penyet'! So that stall shall it be.

Ta-da! Our lunch. RM10 each, we had our different order that day.

My girl faithfully had her nasi ayam penyet, which she enjoyed very much but she prefer the one from Nanyang Food Court better. 

I opted for its nasi ayam bakar which I tasted once and I liked it.  It didn't turn out bad and I enjoyed it with the sambal dipping and its lovely soup.

I prefer the ayam bakar than ayam penyet. The thigh was more flavorful and moist. Totally not dry. Crispy skin but moist and tender meat inside.

So, which one do you like more? Ayam bakar or ayam penyet?

Friday, January 18, 2019

Before she goes

Most of the days, I cook lunches at home.  Starting this year since Jan is schooling in the afternoon. 

Sometimes I would bring her out for lunch together before she goes to school. For instance the other day, we dropped by this coffee shop in Green Road.

My girl wanted salad chicken rice for lunch that day so she got her wish. RM4 salad chicken rice. 

I like it's fried chicken very much, I usually order that to go with nasi lemak if I buy from the stall here. It's chicken rice is moist and well seasoned.

But that morning, I went for the steamed chicken rice from the Chinese chicken rice stall. Also RM4 for my lunch. 

I loved its rice. Very fluffy, fragrant and vertical reminded me of the old time. The way Chinese chicken rice should be.

The steamed chicken was nice as well but usually not enough for my rice. Or probably the rice is of bigger portion, and my chicken finish up before my rice.  But for RM4, it is a good deal.

That was our early lunch that day.  

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Maid at home

These days, I am a maid at home, preparing and cleaning for the coming Chinese New Year.

I did some dusting and spring cleaning lately. I done a good job in clearing my fridge few days ago. Some were left way inside that I didn't know. Lol. Need to reorganize my fridge more in the future!

Most of the job in the morning when it was quieter with Jan helping me here and there whenever she could.

While clearing my dry pantry, I noticed this cat peeping on me from across the neighbour's house.

It sure enjoyed up there. 

I ordered this sofa cover last month and it came in not long ago. Something to cover my poor torn sofa. 

Still thinking to change or re-wrap the whole thing but for time being, I am happy with this sofa cover for the festive season.

Still more to do and prepare for the holiday. For now, I am doing a little by little every day. Don't want to exhausting myself out.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Not far away

Chinese New Year is not too far away if you are looking at the calendar. 3 weeks sounds long but trust me, it isn't.

Last weekend, we did some shopping in the mall. Mostly for me, Jan and my man. We had bought the boys' stuff last year so it was our turn to buy new clothing and shoes.

We spent half day in the mall, walking and shopping till we drop! 

The decoration in this mall wasn't ready yet.  Maybe if we have time, we will drop by again and by then, the decoration would be in full force.

We spent most of our time in the departmental store. By the time we were done, it was late in the afternoon and everyone was pretty tired from walking.

We went to Kuching Flavours for our late lunch.  The place wasn't full then so it wasn't long queue to collect our food.

Simple and fast lunch. Ah Suan Chicken Rice. Steamed drumstick rice for me.

And cangkuk manis with egg as side dish.

My girl went for the fried chicken rice.

After lunch, we went to catch a movie. Aquaman!

By the time we finished the movie, it was around 630pm. On the way home, we stopped by this road side house's kolo mee stall for a quick dinner.

The road side house just before St Garland school, Batu Kawa for its special kolo mee and big bowl of dumpling soup.

And our loot of the day. It was a fruitful outing, I have to say. ^^

We had done with the new clothing. Next, would be some goodies and tidbits shopping. Another day for that.

Friday, January 11, 2019

New calendar

It has been over a week since the new school calendar started. 

Jay is in Primary 4 this year. So more subjects, more to learn and a start to curriculum activities. Jamie will be in his final year of kindergarten. Geez, time really flies.

As for my eldest, she is adjusting well to the new school and meeting new friends. Jan's classes start from 1230 to 6pm weekday except Friday is from 2 to 6pm. So she has time in the morning to sleep slightly late and do her stuff.

No tuitions for her, let her enjoy the transition. For now, she is happy to spend some alone time at home (meaning, no brothers to disturb her!).

I got to spend more time with each of my kids these days. Morning with Jan, then afternoon with Jay when he doesn't need to go to tuition while I try to spend more time with Jamie when he is home in the evening.

It could be a long day on weekdays when I need to chauffeur my kids around from morning to evening. But it is worth it. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A new stall

When we visited 38 Food Street on New Year, we noticed a new stall behind the Penang Pork Noodle stall. A Filipino stall.

Operated by a lady named Maria, it opens for business less than a month ago. Few dishes on the menu.

One afternoon, my man wanted lo bak rice and we happened to remember this new stall so we decided to give it a chance. Never try,  never know, right?? For a start, we had its lo bak rice.

Our take away RM9 lo bak rice. It was surprisingly nice; the pork belly was well marinated, moist and tender.

We were given 3 dipping sauces but we hardly use as the braised meat was good enough.

Taste-wise, it was nice and we don't mind having it once a while. Price-wise, I could go someplace and have a proper Chinese lo bak rice. 2 plates some more! 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Noodle on New Year

That was what we had for breakfast on New Year day. Noodles for everyone.

It was a cold and wet New Year. We went to someplace nearer. Initially we wanted to go to Everwin Kopitiam but the place was packed. So we adjourned to the food court few steps away.  38 Food Street.

Special Penang pork noodle (RM10)

My man went for the Penang pork noodle, which was flavourful but I wasn't so keen on the black soy sauce noodle.

This is the Penang food stall. Few varieties of pork noodle to choose from.

kolo mee (RM4)

The children had kolo mee each. The youngest started to eat a bowl himself although most of the times, he couldn't finish it all.

Cantonese fried kway Teow (RM6.50)

Yours truly had this Cantonese fried kway teow. I expected my noodle to be fried more fragrant with that wok hei taste but overall it was nice heaping serving. 

That was how we started our New Year. With breakfast. ^^

Thursday, January 3, 2019

New kid on the block

I hope I would be able to blog more this year. Expecting a busy year, chauffeuring my kids around as they would be in 3 different schools, with Jan in afternoon session.

If for the past few weeks I had not been blog-hopping and visiting your blogs, I apologize over here. Had been busy and didn't have time to visit and leave comments over the holidays. But I bet I would be able to make time again now that the kids are back to schools.

I have told you before that a Sibu-owned supermarket, Everwin opened for business  in Kuching last year. It has been many months now. And they also have shops just a few stone throw away from 38 Food Street, Batu Kawa.

Some said it is a steamboat shop but not so long ago, Everwin opens a food court at that vacant lot. Look like they are venturing into eatery other than supermarket in Kuching.

The new kid on the block, Everwin Kopitiam. Very bright and colourful, just like its logo.

One morning last week my man woke me up early. Before 6am. He is getting older, hardly sleep long. So after sometime, we decided to venture out for breakfast. The kids were sleeping and we didn't want to wake them up that early since it was sti'll their school holiday.  So both of us went to check this new food court out.

It was too early for me, so I ordered something light for my tummy. Roti kahwin. RM5 for 2 thick slices of lightly toasted bread. I actually prefer thinner roti kahwin but this would do.

My man smell the nice fragrance of fried kway teow from the Penang fried stall when he walked around the food court and decided to have that for his breakfast!

Lovely plate of fried kway teow with an egg on top for RM7. Nice Chinese sausage, fresh cockles and bean sprouts to accompany the well-fried noodle. My man enjoyed it very much.

As for the kids, we bought kolo mee for their breakfast.

Another day, we will bring them here. A new decent food court in MJC.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Miscellaneous Picture. #84 : not the end

First of all, good morning and Happy New Year!

2018 has come to an end. Today we are welcoming the new year.

Some random photos that I took back in 2018. My first random photos post of the year!

Dog statues in Willow House, Green road

After highlighting and perming my tresses

On the last Sunday of 2018

Christmas dinner in Kenny Roger's

Playing boardgames 

My eldest's classroom during her registration