Friday, January 25, 2008

Lesson from my little gal

Been on this earth for slightly more than 30 years, and yet I find that I have something to learn from my almost 2-years old daughter. Life can be as simple as it gets from their perspective view, yet it is us the adult that make things so complicated. Why don’t we get down to simplicity of what life can offer you:

1. Dancing when you feel like it
- Just put on that music and dance yourself away. Put down your hair and dance like nobody is around.
- Haven’t you notice when there is music, your little ones would dance the night away and don’t care how they dance?

2. Fun is key to life
- We are taking life too seriously sometimes that we forget why we are on this earth! Life is too short that we don’t remember and put some times to have some fun. So let have fun and enjoy the moment to fullest. Little gal just take everything lightly and having fun on everything, not thinking of any consequences of her actions.

3. Do not worry about other people thinking of you
- Don’t care what other is thinking of you. You cant satisfy everyone right? So stop worry about others. It is what you think of yourself is matter here.

4. Continue learning
- Like little gal, learning something new everyday. Little gal’s face will light up when she learn new things. She still enthralled by her old toys and books, which make me wonder that I should not take certain things for granted
- Enrol in new classes that you have been postponing for many years. Learn new skills.

5. Be happy with who you are and what you have done
- When ever little gal is able to identify certain items, read her ABC and count 1 to 10, she needs a little compliment to go with it! A simple clap and saying “well done” is motivating enough for a young girl to continue to achieve more.
- Be happy with who you are as you are different and unique by yourself. No one is the same!
- When ever you achieve something, be proud of yourself. Reward yourself after each achievement. You deserve a reward, may it be monetary or non monetary form. Not only rewarding yourself makes you happy, it is good to motivate you to go further.

6. Do and say what you need to do and say
- Life is too short and sometimes we take things and people for granted and only realize it when it is too late.
- Appreciate the people next to you, always let them know that you appreciate them by saying “I love you” and “thank you”.
- When ever little gal say “Mommy, I love you” it lighten up my day no matter how stressful and tired day I have been through! Think what effect it has on other people when we say those magic words??

Ralph Waldo Emerson:
Life is a succession of lessons, which must be lived to be understood.


SportsChatz said...

Yeah Rose, it's true that v hv 2learn fr kids sometimes. I read an article b4 saying that "when u r failed, u just gotta see how babies learn 2walk, they climb & stand-up and try 2walk again whenever they fall".

Nick Phillips said...

Kids, they sure know the real meaning of life don't they.

Happy weekend to you Rose.

drNO said...

very nice entry..and quite true indeed..:)