Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Radiant yourself for CNY

I love to put colours on my face! Tell me, which women do not like to look pretty? There is a saying that goes like this “There are many dumb women in this world, but not a single ugly woman around”. Meaning to say that every woman would like to make themselves pretty and good at all times. I strongly believe this saying also apply to young girls as I have some evidence to support this belief!

When I have dinners or special occasions to attend to, I will put on extra effort to apply more colours on my face. Otherwise for normal day, I will just put on my foundation, powder and lip gloss only.

I have been patronizing Artistry brand from Amway for the past 5 years, and very satisfy with their range of products. I even attended its skin care and make up courses to further enhance my skill. Through those trials-and-errors, I have learnt to perfect my make up skills.

Following is my basic tip to have that radiance for any occasions:

1. Foundation and powder
Applying the foundation after moisturize your skin. I usually wait 10 minutes after moisturizing my face before applying the foundation to ensure that the moisturizer has fully settled in my face. Use foundation that nearing to your skin tone colour. It should look natural and match your skin. Use foundation sponge to smooth the foundation over your face. Apply loose face powder on your face after all the make up to set them on your face.

2. Magic stick
Dab a tiny amount of concealer onto your face and under eyes to cover any flaws and under eye circles.

3. Radiant eyes
Apply eye brow colour first. For natural look, the colour of your brow pencil should match the colour of your hair. Never use black as it can look too severe on your face. Apply with quick, light strokes upward, then blend in with eye brow brush. Fill in between hairs where needed.
Next would be eye shadow colours and eye liner. There is choice of crème and powder form, I prefer powder form. The trick here is to use both crème and powder to have a lasting eye shadow. I usually use neutral or bright colour for my eye shadow, but then again depend on clothes that I wear too. Finish up with mascara. Wiggle mascara blush back and forth to ensure lashes grab the most mascara colour from the wand.

4. Blush is a must
Brighten up the face with blusher over apple of the cheeks.

5. Supple lips
A touch of lip gloss can lighten up a tired and pale looking lips. Apply lip liner first followed by lip stick and lip gloss.

Anyone interested to share their tips? Please feel free to email me or leave your comment! I would love to hear your beauty tips as well. :)


bigfish_chin said...

Woowwww... so fast hor... CNY is right at the corner. To be honest, dunno why this year K.L is so much quiet. Looking forward to go back East Malaysia too leh ~ Sabah!!!!

Rose said...

Is it? Quiet in KL? Here is the same, I dont feel the CNY mood. Not that festival anymore! Hahaha!