Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ggggrrr! Kids!!

My little gal is testing my sanity lately. She is getting out of control, getting worse after back from holiday. Maybe she continuing her menace from Kapit back to Kuching, thinking that everyone loves her and will accept her behaviour?! Sigh!

She loves to throw things, scratch and bite her parents when she didn’t get her way! Gosh! Even after reprimand, she still throws a tantrum, scolding you back in her language. The worst scene is that she will lie down on the floor, scream and roll on her back. Poor parents need to endure her temper.

If she misbehave, I would slap her hand (of course lightly lah), or scold her, told her not to do it. Even after the slapping and scolding, she will still continue her nuisance. Only when I am really angry and start screaming in the house, then she will start to look for cover, i.e. her dad or aunt. She will sit quietly next to them, and when coast is clear, she will “manja, manja” with me, trying to get my attention. Sometimes seeing the way she behaves to “make peace” with me really make me want to laugh and cry at the same time. She can be a little angel at a time, then a devil on other day.

Both set of grandparents finally admitted that she is slightly on a “naughty” side after encounter her tantrum! “Slightly”!? She is uncontrollable! Most of the time, when we went out for lunch or dinner, we have to take turn to eat our meal, the other partner carry or bring her around. Otherwise she will start to stand up from her toddler chair (which why I am not letting her sit now, as it is rather dangerous. Just let her sit on those normal adult chairs), grab what ever in front of her, play with them. We usually let her play with spoons, glasses, napkins or make her feed herself. Then again, after few minutes passed by, she would get bored with those activities, and start to scream and getting down from the chair! Sigh! Really a battle bringing her out dining!

A fortnight ago, I suggested to my darling hubby on having dine-in more often at home than going out. I read a book on encouraging and teaching young children on table manner. One of the tips is to set up your dining table and have everyone sit together for meals. Treat it as you are in a restaurant. Your table would have sets of fork, spoon and knife, with someone act as waiter/waitress. A mock-up presentation of a restaurant. With this set up, your children would have experience of restaurant-going. You can point out and guide your children along the way. Slowly but surely they will learn proper table manner.

Any story or tip you want to share with me? How to discipline a young and active child?


Hye said...


By the way, you have been tagged at my Space of Reality blog. Check it out :D


Billy's Mom said...

We are so lucky our son is pretty good on the dinner table now. When he was much younger he mis-behaved in the restaurant a couple times, making loud noises etc. What we did was give him cheerios or any snacks on his tray. Cheerios is the best since it is tiny and takes a while to finish. It sure occupied him for a while. Most of the time I fed him at home first or bring his food and fed him in the restaurant before our food come. Now other than his picky eater we don't have any problem with his table manners. I hope it helps, good luck!

Sue Sue said...

My little boy is same as ur girl character. We also having hard time bringing him out for dinner cos he is super active and would not sit down on the high chair for one minute. I think kids at this age tend to be in this manner. my little girl used to be like this but as she grow older now we have no problem with her. Usually she will sit down quietly have her dinner. Be patient, kids are always like this.

Rose said...

Hye, thanks for tagging me! I will get to it asap!!

Billy's mom, we let her play with all those plastic cutlery, and even let her feed herself! Only can hold her attention for a while, after that she starts to be restless! Just simply cant sit still and want to walk around. :P

Sue, hopefully she will get out of it soon! Otherwise I dont know what other tricks/treats to give her before I go insane! Hahahah!

janicepa said...

i dont have tips wor.. cos my kid still very young.. :( but my mom said i used to be like that whn i was a baby !..

mayb patient .. talk to her and make her understand and see lor..

tell me if u succeed ok.. *wink wink*

Rose said...

janicepa, better start train your baby when she knows how to feed herself! hahaha! Proper table manner