Friday, January 11, 2008

The Spring Experience

Nice attraction on ground floor (water flowing effect from ceiling to pool)

The crowd is getting heavier

Spring flower trees beautified the whole shopping mall

Nice lamp pieces hanging from the ceiling

Church choir contributing to opening of The Spring

Felt refresh woke up on a holiday yesterday. Just in the mood for shopping. I was mumbling to myself that I need to shop for little gal’s CNY clothes before I pre-occupied with other CNY preparation (see my list for coming CNY). I bought a couple of dresses and tops last year (yes, I am early bird as I buy when I saw one that I like, and I hate pushing and compete with the crowds in shopping centre when the festival is getting nearer).

Anyway I SMSed my sis, suggest her to check out the new shopping mall! The Spring! Very near to my parents’ house, so I picked her up on the way. We were caught in a traffic jam on the way to the shopping mall, which is very Kuching-like culture. Those “kiasu” crowds were even earlier than us! Hahahah! And that make us 1 of those kiasu crowds too.

We managed to park our car at a proper space although it is not a designated parking space! As long as it didn’t block other traffic and cars in the basement car park, it is fine to us! By the way, the parking was full, took us quite a while to find a space to park. By the time we went into the shopping mall around 1030am, there were huge crowds in there! Gosh! What time those people here in the morning??

I feel I was in one of those shopping mall in KL and Selangor. That is what Kuching residents have been deprived of for so many years! Now I can save flight and time flying to West Malaysia just to do my shopping list during those Mega Sales month! LOL.

The place was packed with crowds, we didn’t really finish walking around the centre. Bringing little gal with us was a mistake, as she was very restless and kept asking her mum and aunty to carry her. If I didn’t bring her, I think I will shop till I drop! Blame on her dad that want to sleep and sleep the holiday away. Cant blame him, he has been playing computer games called “Empire Earth” the night before till 5 something in the morning.

Anyway, I manage to buy little gal some Power Puff Girl clothes at The Parkson. RM10 each for her blouse, I bought 2 of them. Another dress for RM50.90. It looks like it can be a blouse too. Maybe a dress for little gal now, and when she is bigger, she can wear it as a blouse! *wink*

We left the shopping mall around 1130am. I was not satisfy since I didn’t get anything for myself, so I suggest to my sis to go to those boutiques located near by. Hahahah! Been very persistent to get something for myself yesterday, I found a nice white skirt! Yes, to match my turquoise colour blouse! Still need to hunt for jeans and pants the next round! Hahahah! My shopping spree not ended yet, just starting to warm up!


Billy's Mom said...

Wow....That's a beautiful shopping mall! :-)

nyonyapenang said...

Didn't see this mall when I was in Kuching last October. Baru buka just in time to catch the CNY crowd, ya?

Rose said...

Hi nyonyapenang! Yes, this mall just open on 10th Jan!!!