Thursday, September 21, 2017

In the house

Rojak + Ais Kacang = yummy dessert

This place called Ah Kee Dessert is operating from the corner terrace house just before the Stapok Utara bridge (opposite of SJK CH No 6 primary school). Many reviews and recommendation on this home-based business but I had never checked it out till one day. It was not hard to spot the house as there is a small sign board saying "ABC". 

But on one afternoon when I felt like having ice kacang, it was closed. It was one of the afternoon over the one week school holiday last month when I dropped both Jan and Jay for their arts tuition.

No "ABC" sign hung out so I knew it was closed that day. The following week, I wanted to try again but again, I did not have the luck.  It was closed again! On a Monday. Oh well, never mind. I could always try again another day when I am passing by this house.

The lucky star was on my side the next day.  It was raining that day. It was the UPSR week.  Jan was sitting for her Pra-UPSR exam (Primary 5) so she did not have any afternoon school tuition or extra curriculum that week.  We were 3rd time lucky when we saw Ah Kee Dessert was opened when we were on the way to drop Jay at his arts tuition. So after sending Jay off, together with Jan and Jamie, we went over to the house for dessert.

There was a drizzle that afternoon so it was not too cold or stuffy to have some light bites there. The stall and seating were in the porch.

A friendly aunt was mending both stalls with the help from her daughter. No customers that time so I had a good chat with the friendly aunt while enjoying my dessert.

We ordered a small plate of rojak for sharing besides the ABC.

RM3.00 rojak

RM3.50 ABC

The shaved ice dessert was good; it was not too sweet although it looked like it. It was refreshing and refined with many goodies to be taken on any warm day.  There waa few longans, sweet corns, cincau, cendol, coloured sago and red beans for that extra texture and bites. Glad that I were sharing this dessert with Jan because I did not think I could finish it all by myself.

As for the rojak, the rojak paste was thick and tasty with generous topping of chopped nuts. If only they gave more rojak paste, it would be perfect for me but this was good enough.

Many other cold desserts to choose from. That would be another time, another day.

And yes, I did come back the following week. Could not resist the cold dessert and this time, I bought home a cup of ang tau peng (RM2.50) and big pack of rojak (RM5.00).

Check out their Facebook page or for direction and location, click here.

Address: Ah Kee Dessert, No 81, Jalan Stapok Utara 1, Taman Stapok, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak.

Operating hours : 1030am to 4pm daily except Monday (off)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

From the market

When public holiday falls on either Thursday or Friday, I would usually ask hubby to go to the weekly pasar tani in MJC. And that was what happened when we had a 5-days long holiday which includes Thursday and Friday as well.

We went to the pasar tani on Thursday, spending a good 30 minutes scouting and buying stuff. We got some vegetables, fishes, parsley plants and snacks. 

The market was packed with people. It was a holiday so it was as expected. But what was more awesome was there were many stalls than before. Some new stalls that I have never seen before. So, the next day, we went back for our 2nd round.

The kids love the yue tiaw as well as the cucur sayur (vegetable fritters) that we bought the day before, so we were going back to the same stalls for them.
Cucur sayur

However as it was Hari Raya Haji, few Malay stalls were not opened and one of them was the cucur stall. So another day for that.

Some snapshots of what we could find in the market.

We bought mostly fried snacks home that afternoon. There went my diet!!

Yue tiaw and apam balik

Fried mushrooms

Keropok lekor


I like cherries the most. Refreshing to wash away the oiliness after eating some much fried stuff. And made me missed Europe too. ^^

Monday, September 18, 2017

Grilled pork, the flip way

I had this pork neck shoulder sitting in my freezer for quite sometime so I decided to put it to good use one evening. 

My lemongrass is growing well into a bush behind my house. Then Vietnamese cuisine came into my mind. Why don't I cook my steak the Vietnamese style?

The ingredients were very simple. Pork steak, lemongrass, sugar, some condiments and I have a tasty steak for dinner.

Bought a new flip pan not so long ago so this was my first cooking with the new flip pan. The old one was smaller and much shallow than this new pan. So I can cook more with it in the future. ^^

250g pork neck shoulder, cut into smaller size about 2-3inch width
1 stalk of lemongrass, minced
1 tbsp. garlic, minced
1 tbsp. shallot, minced
1.5 tbsp. dark soy sauce
1.5 tbsp. light soy sauce (or sub with fish sauce)
1 tsp black pepper
2 tbsp. brown sugar
1 tbsp. cooking oil

1. In a bowl, mix dark soy sauce, fish sauce, black pepper, brown sugar, oil with minced lemongrass, minced shallot and minced garlic.  Add in the pork steak and coat both sides well with the marinade.
 2. Cover with foil aluminum and leave in the fridge for at least an hour or more.  Before cooking time, take it out from the fridge and leave for about 45 minutes to cool down to room temperature.

3. Heat up about a tablespoon of cooking oil in the flip pan.  Then add in the steaks (minus the marinade ingredients).  Close the lid and let it cook for about 5 to 8 minutes.  Flip over and cook for another 5 to 8 minutes till the meat is cooked.

4. Serve warm.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Absolutely authentic

Sang nyuk mien. The iconic food of Sabah has its first shop in iCom Square Kuching.

The shop is opposite to the row of shops where Tupperware Brands is. From Pending, you will see Sugarbun on your left when you reach iCom Square and from there, you turn to right and drive all the way to the end of the road. If you use Jln Datuk Abang Abdul Rahim, you could see it at your right hand side when approaching iCom Square from the back side.

This shop, Wang Xiang Sheng Rou Mian is located at the same row with Level Up Fitness.

Sang nyuk literally means "raw meats" in Hakka. Don't worry, the meats were not to be eaten raw but it generally means that the meat was from fresh raw pork.

They have many choices to choose from but each bowl of noodle will be accompanied by their lovely, tasty bowl of meats soup.

I went for the white noodle to go with my soup. The noodle is not like kolo mee. It is yellow noodle; bigger and chewier.

The meat soup was the star here. It was good.

Generous thin-sliced pork which melt in my mouth. So deliciously tender and smooth, it did not taste like pork. I thought it would be fish meat if I did not know it better. The soup was nice; sweet and well-seasoned from the sliced meats, intestine and liver.

Hubby had its soy sauce noodle. And he specifically requested another small saucer of fried pork lard to enhance the taste! So sinful, I know.

The way to eat sang nyuk mee?? Dip the meat in the chilli sauce and fish sauce. Eat with your noodle. I love the spicy chilli dipping. Really "syiok".

Of course they do sell the chilli sauce in bottle but we did not buy any. We hardly use it at home.

So if anyone want to taste the Sabah sang nyuk mee in Kuching, this is the place. Even a Sabahan friend commented its taste is as good as you could find and eat in Sabah. Absolutely authentic sang nyuk mien.

Address and contact as below.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cup made simple

Carbonara pasta is one of my favourite pasta.

So it was understandable when I bought few cup of this pasta snack of carbonara sauce when I were in Belgium. Made in Belgium, this is something I don't get to see or buy over here.

Upon opening the cup, you could smell the cheese and cream. Just add hot water till the marked line, close the lid and wait for 5 minutes or so.

No need to add anything else. All in the cup. The chopped bacons, chives etc. Hardly could read the details as all in foreign languages.

After 5 minutes....looked and smelled nice.

Pour onto a bowl and I had this creamy carbonara pasta for a hearty meal.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Alleycat & his birthday

It is Jamie's 4th birthday today. Yesterday we had a little celebration for him.

After church, we went to The Alleycat Cafe in Jalan Song Thian Cheok for a birthday lunch.

The Alleycat Cafe is in this building. It is just a stone throw away from one of my favourite kueh chap place in Kuching.

Hmm. Why the name alleycat?  Reminded me of the Malaysian singing band back in the 70s. However I don't think that was the reason; maybe the building was right at the end of this small road and Kuching has always been associated with cats, hence the name "alleycat". Well, this was just my guess. No one know.

I love the setting of the cafe though it was not a big place. A cafe cum bistro. The place was tastefully decorated with many interesting props and stuff. Some were vintage and some were fun to be seen.

Whilst we were waiting for our food, we entertained ourselves with the clown wig that placed on our table. Everyone was enjoying themselves with the wig by taking photos. Of course I were the photographer (as usual).

At first the birthday boy was reluctant to put on the wig but after seeing his older siblings put it on, he did so and posed for me.

One could upload photos to their instagram account but yours truly does not have one. 

The food finally came! First was the spaghetti bolognese. It was good. The sauce was nice and generous.

Spaghetti Bolognese (RM25.90)

Next was the American Fish N Chips. They have few choices of fish n chip, namely Italian, Johnny English, Sawadee, Mexican and so forth but we decided to play safe and go with the American version.

American Fish N Chip (RM28.90)

And everyone enjoyed the crispy batter yet moist fish fillets with parmesan cheese. I like the tartar sauce that come with it.

Finally was the BBQ chicken pizza 11". Something different from our usual flavours of pizza. It was thin crust and the pizza was fine to me.  Not bad with generous toppings (smoked bbq sauce, chicken, onion, mushroom and pepper) but it was nothing to shout about.

Bbq chicken pizza 11" (RM29.90)

Overall, we enjoyed our lunch there. The staff was friendly and the food was big in portion.

I like the song lyric on the receipt. Very creative.

In the evening, we had a simple cake cutting for the birthday boy. He chose his cake theme. Spiderman! I never knew he likes spiderman.

Happy birthday my spidey boy!