Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Now Everyone Can Fly??? …..conveniently?

I have encountered a few mishaps with Air Asia in the past recent years. I don’t know about others, but one thing when I use Air Asia, I buying due to its affordable charges and as consumer, I am suppose to trust their services. However, Air Asia being the Airline of the Year 2007, didn’t deliver their promises well. Or maybe it is my bad luck with them, just simply unfortunate for me.

We have been using Air Asia for the past 3 years to go to Sibu when we went back to Kapit for Chinese New Year. On all the occasions, I have encountered some “pieces of bad luck”! Guess what, we used MAS in the end.

1st incident: Partly my carelessness. I keyed in wrong mobile phone numbers. As such, we had their excuses on unable to reach me over my mobile phone on changes of schedule to earlier time. The funny thing is that the wrong number is only lack of one digit. 012 886 xxxx. I missed out the number “1”, which in any rational person’s mind, they would know that the missing number is “1”. Furthermore I didn’t received any email or fax on the change of time, although I stated my office contact number, fax number and email address correctly in my online booking.

2nd incident: We reached the Air Asia counter 1 minute late than their required time (i.e. 40 minutes before departure), and guess what! We were denied of our seat! What a big hoo-ha in the airport, and complaints from my hubby to the personnel. We also have to be in long queue of the waiting list as everyone rushing for the flight back home.

3rd incident: I received SMS 1 week before our departure from Air Asia centre on time re-schedule. Our initial time of 1050am changed to 1010am. This is pretty acceptable. We don’t mind the early time. Our express ferry to Kapit departing at 12.30pm on the same day. A day before our departure, I received a call in the evening from Air Asia centre confirming the SMS and change of time. However, on the day of departure, I received another SMS on postponing of flight to 135pm! What the ****?! For those people like us that have urgent matters or other trip to make, this is very absurd.

After the above incidents, I have to think twice and thrice before booking any flights with Air Asia again! I wouldn’t want to encounter those unpleasant incidents in the airport and have to double purchase our flight with the other airliner. Yes, the air fares are very cheap, but then again, if we been keep denied of the punctual flights, it is more like we been cheated on the services that we should be receiving. We are paying for the flight, but again we have to abide to their unreasonable schedule.

For those that been using Air Asia and going to continue to use them, just make sure you have a good luck with them and able to bear their cancellation, postponement and re-schedule. Maybe it is really my luck of not to use them. I have enough of Air Asia for time being!


Jen's Place said...

I never had good experience when flying with Air Asia. For every trip, I will always prepare myself for flight delays or any other un-necessary heartache. The service and schedule is totally unreliable and I dont even trust their sms notification.

I too experienced whereby I call to confirm the sms notification time the day before and when arriving at the airport, the flight is delayed for another 1-2hours! Really frustrating.

The worst was the most recent flight that I took last year. We were being shuttle from one gate to another. Understandably, alot of the passengers were really angry but the Air Asia personnel didnt even bother to apologise. Just state that it was mis-communication. What the hell, how can anyone park a big plane at the wrong place!!! geezz!!

I k now that they are cheap fare carrier but this does not give them to right to provide lousy service! They demand that we must check in in 45min before departure time but they are not able to keep the actual departure time!

Rose's World said...

jen, understand ur frustration. We were also in the state of nearly "explode" ourselves if we didnt control ourselves.

They may be the best low budget carrier, but definitely not the best service provider.

daphne said...

that's really bad!!!! looks like their management needs work man. holidays r suppose to be a stress free event but it sounds worse!

Billy's Mom said...

I heard about their bad services before but never think it's that terrible. But MAS was pretty unreliable too. I had bad luck with MAS twice last year when I fly to Labuan. They cancelled the flight without even notified me and the reason was its a last minutes cancellation and will put me in the next flight 4 hours later. Sitting in the airport for 4hours with a little baby wasn't really enjoyable...haha! To make thing worst, I accidentally packed my son's diaper bag in the luggage and noticed it way too late. I asked the airline people for diaper, as I knew they have it for international flight. At first they said don’t have any but later called different department (Golden Club something.) and finally had some for me. Same thing happened when we went back to KK three days later, the flight delayed again for 2 hours and we arrived in KK after midnight. What an experienced.

Rose said...

Daphne, yeah what a way to start a holiday, right?

Billy's mom, really uncomfortable travelling with a little boy and some more delay in flight! ggggrrr! so far, we are lucky to get the next flight via MAS on all occasion. Yeah, i heard that MAS also not that reliable too! susah!