Friday, March 28, 2008

Where is my money?

Alright! The day has finally come! Pay day! Everyone rushing to the banks withdrawing their hard-earn monies from their saving accounts! I followed few colleagues to a bank this morning to withdraw some money!! (boss not in, so we take some time off to do some personal thing! :p) Thought we could save some time in queue as we expecting longer queues during lunch time. Then again, what ever time of the day, it is still a long queue at the bank e-banking section! A guy in front of me taking his sweet time to withdraw money from not one card, but 2 cards! I guess he noticed that I am waiting at the back (very patiently actually, I did not look otherwise), he let me use after 2 withdrawals.

After done with my withdrawals, again the same guy taking over from me! Gosh! Now that make me notice who he is! Or what he is, to be exact! He must have so many ATM cards left! As waiting for my other colleague’s turn, I just stood at the side watching those people waiting in queues. As for that “many ATM cards” guy, he continued punching numbers and putting monies into envelopes! Wow! What a thick stack of monies in the envelope! Not that I want to watch but cannot help looking at him! How many victims' atm cards he holding this time round? Hmm.

Ok! Enough gossiping about other people’s business! I was just thinking to myself about the money that I have just withdraw! Gosh! I have a lot of things to get suddenly I cannot decide what to get? New purse (in replace to the stolen one), new handphone (although I got a new cheaper type of Nokia phone from hubby), and not to mention other household stuff! Not forgetting my credit cards, loans, household expenses and bills etc! What is left?? Nothing much, I presume! Every month the same old circle, all over again! Just today I realized that money is never enough! Not much to save and left for yourself after withdrawing the money from the ATM! Sigh! I have to say that the richest day of the month is also the poorest day! Why I said so? That was the day you see your account’s money increase from nil to something and you go excited! Excited you seeing the figure goes to 4 or 5 digits (for some people). Also on the same day, you get that 4 or 5 digits to pay out your debts! So it is also a paying day! So pay day equal paying day! And you back to square one! Get it?


PEARLY said...

oh dear , this morning I am the same calling to the bank and check my pay in my bank and start to pay my bill by phone by the time I finish making payment to all my bill I ask my balance ...... alamah nothing leave in it . same same la in UK in everywhere I guess poor ppl like us each day I am praying to win the lottery but I think god never hear those poor prayer.
have a nice day dear xxxx

PEARLY said...

sorry is me again I have a awards for you my dear xxxxx

Hazel said...

hi, rose, thanks for dropping by. u have a nice blog.mind to exchange link?

Linda said...

Wow...I wonder if that guy you saw is stealing people's ATM cards and withdrawing money from them. I don't think I know anyone with so many ATM cards! Normally they would be from different banks anyway. Wouldn't it be crazy if you see him on the news a few days later reporting him as a fraud?

U.Lee said...

Hello Rose, I was over at Pearly's place and noticed your 'Rose' callsign.
I have always love roses, or ahemm, ladies with the name 'Rose', so kaypoh over.
And Rose, your this blog took my breath away! Holy Smoke! You sure got a beautiful blog scene. Ahaa, bet you the romantic kind of lady, huh?
Rose, I have not seen you nor shared a cup of coffee with you, but like your posting, very eloquent, and entertaining.
Can see you a gourmet cook too. Wow! With a name like 'Rose', and a gourmet cook? Bet your hubby sayang you to bits, huh? Ha ha, you have a nice weekend, Rose, stay cool, UL.
ps, if I had a daughter, her name would have been Rose.

Monica said...

hehe..I totally agreed, back to square one! oh well. That's not the most important thing in life. Right?

Nick Phillips said...

ATM's are supposed to make life faster but half the time it make it even worse!

I've had the same experience with this guy who was like doing about 257,000 transaction on the machine that people were actually starting to scream at him, me included ... LOL!

Dav DiDi said...

Absolutely agree with you !!!

The richest day is actually the poorest day of our life.. like you, on the pay day, i usually need to take money to pay car loan, ptptn, credit card, give my dad, etc etc etc .. wahhh .. when pay everything .. alamak ... no money liau

Amei79 said...

im sure that guy is either "loan-shark" or the kangcu.

Ya, now a day, money no enough...somemore everything is raising in the price.