Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obsess with Beauty

Every person surrounding me is very conscious of their looks and bodies. My colleagues have been gym-freak, some even consume diet/slimming teas and others can go without lunches. In every woman, I believe we are working hard to maintain our good looks and bodies. It has becomeing a part and parcel of our life. So what do you think all those skincare, and cosmetic counters, and beauty parlor are for?? Strive to been beautiful is getting even intense with massive advertisements, and not forgetting community and peer pressure and competition.

As a woman, I admit that I am also beauty – conscious, cant go out without proper makeup, attires and matching accessories. I also endure into aerobic regime to maintain my figure and aiming at healthy lifestyle. So, if you ask me if we have overdo this “beautiful” element, it is how you see it.

It is healthy to know you are aware of your body and and look and how they are, provided you are not too obsessed with them. Stop comparing and competing with others. You cant have everything the next girl has. She may be filthy rich and can have all those wonder gadgets in the world, so you should settle for the 2nd best alternative (but this does not mean you have to settle for the cheap-skate no-brand items in the market! A No No!). As long as you feel confidence and proud of your body and looks, then this is a healthy element. Too obsessed with how you look, would not do you any good! How do you know if you are obsessed with your body and look? If you always stick to the mirror for more than 20 minutes undecided what colour to put on or going through the wardrobe undecided on what to wear for the past 30 minutes, then that is a big problem. Either you want to look perfect or prefer not going out at all!


Linda said...

Hi Rose! This is very true. I think women naturally like to be beautiful, but it shouldn't be an obsession.

david santos said...

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janicepa said...

sad to say .. i m not those obsessed woman :P
something whn not in the mood i will go out even in pyjamas kekek.. not lah . but those rag clothing.. kekeke...

Rose said...

Janicepa, not too sad lah! Just that you are not too particular on how you look and what people think of you! ;p

Er, pyjamas?? No lah, the least i wear would be sleeveless shirt and short pant! I wouldnt be going out in pyjamas unless i sit in the car only! hahaha!

Amei79 said...

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