Saturday, March 8, 2008

Weekend Menu #6

A simple and versatile dish of all time!!

When think of what to cook and eat at home with not much food ingredient to use, I guess most of you would opt for the simplest cooking in life! Or rather for those that lazy to think of what to cook, maybe you would call that fast food number and request for food delivery services! LOL!

As I only cook for 2 person (hubby and myself) most of the times, I usually opt for simple cooking. Nothing extravagant. The simpler it is, the better for me! I am lazy to go through those recipe books of mine and start reading and following its step-by-step procedure.

So, here I am again, cooking the simplest dish! I believe the Chinese have a great fondness of fried rice. When mention the name ‘fried rice”, you would start drooling at the thought of warm rice with eggs, char siew and vegetables. It is also pretty versatile dish in the sense you can have it anytime of the day, may it be for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper! I mostly love my fried rice with anchovies, long beans, egg and char siew. Other common condiment used would be salt, pepper and soy sauce.

As I was faced with lack of ingredients in my kitchen this morning and do not want to waste the overnight rice, I have to think of a creative way to make my fried rice appetizing enough for dear hubby. He is one hell of a choosy eater. He was not like that when we dated, but I guess I have been pampering him too much with my cooking that now he started to demand more of my food!! LOL.

For this weekend fried rice, I used eggs, anchovies and spring onion as my ingredients. Simple right? Too simple, I dont think I need to provide recipe for this dish. Just base on your perference on what you want to add in to your rice. My fried rice looks rather dull, not colourful enough! You can hardly see the eggs as I stir and pour them onto the rice to coat it, turn the rice into golden colour. For added flavour, add in salt, pepper and soy sauce to taste! Voila! Time to indulge in my fried rice!!

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Luthie said...

That fried rice really make me hungry!