Monday, March 17, 2008

Huang Ti Hua (aka Emperor Flower)

I love flowers! I love roses, lilies, orchids and daisies. Now I have grown an interest in another type of flower.

Have you seen an Emperor plant before? I have and the first time I saw it, I was fascinated by its big white bud.

My mum has a pot and it was growing “fruitfully” every year with its majestic flowers. 9 flowers grown out from the leaves last Saturday. I remember to take some photographs of the flower buds when I was there. Sorry, I didn’t stay overnight to watch the buds open up. The next day, the flowers die off. I remember my mum said when she was young, she and few aunties and uncles will stay outdoor surrounding the plant to watch the buds bloom and die off in a matter of minutes!!

It is a myth (or belief) that Emperor plant bring good luck to the growers. So the more flowers it has the prosperous you are!! It is also to show whether you have green fingers (hands?) because it is not easy to grow it. As for me, I dont have green fingers, so I prefer to enjoy looking at my mum's flower garden rather than growing one! ;p I said I love flowers right, that does not mean I love to grow them! LOL.


Zooropa said...

I love flowers too but same like u, I don't hv green fingers! BTW, a tag for u to let us know how quirky are you? hehehe...


Nick Phillips said...

That's a pretty weird looking flower. I've never seen one quite like that before ... Looks a little scary to me ... LOL!

Rose said...

Dora, ok, I will check ur tag out! Thanks, my friend.

Nick, yes, it is rather a scary looking flower! Like the movie where the giant flower can talk and eat people up! Bluek! Too much of scary movie for me! hahaha!

PEARLY said...

is really lovely I never seen one be4 now you sharing with us I am so surprise such a lovely flower only last for min .

the next time you must sit and wait for it bloom .
have a lovely day .
I am on my way to work now and will be a terrible day for me IS MONDAY .
I hate it :(xxxxxx

Rose said...

Hi Pearly! I also dread Monday, bcos meeting day! Hahaha!

yes, the flower is very mysterious in the sense that it bloom for few minutes (usually nearing to midnight) then die off! It guess that is why it is called Emperor flower. You can only see (or never see) the emperor once in ur life! The flower is actually pretty big! Something like lily, longish and big white petals.

janicepa said...

this is really a nice flower.. i havent seen thise type of flower b4 neh ..

Rose said...

Janicepa, maybe you need to hunt for it at those orchard if you thinking of getting one pot. Not so sure how how much per pot, but mum got it from a friend. So she has been growing it for few years now.